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It is 2016. Where is my Goddamn fairy tale?

It’s 2016. Why am I still treating every glimpse of lady-loving women on TV like it’s some sort of magical gift from the gods? Ellen came out nearly 19 years ago, Xena aired more than 20 years ago. Willow and Tara first kissed on TV around 15 years ago.

Every major western country but mine has marriage equality. Yet The Fosters is a unicorn of a show that is the best thing we’ve ever had, despite how rarely Stef and Lena kiss and how they’re pretending Lesbian Bed Death is a thing.

Grey’s Anatomy was our best hope, until Arizona became a nun and Callie dated the plot device who couldn’t act.

The 100 is great, and I love their take on sexuality, I just wish characters lived long enough for you to be able to get attached to them.

Once Upon A Time could have been the best show ever. It could have been the show that saved lives and been a beacon of hope. It could have been the show that signalled the end of the Very Special Lesbian Episode, and actually told the story their actors’ chemistry deserved.

Instead we have a montage of white bread making out, and “sisters”, and the crappiest, least lesbian Very Special Lesbian Episode ever.

And look, I might just be extra angry about this tonight because my government is launching an enquiry into whether or not the anti-bullying program teaching school children it’s OK to be gay is a waste of money, because one senator things gay sex is gross. (It costs $8million a year, while their school chaplain policy costs $142million.) I might just be angry because the first thing anyone says to me after I tell them we set a date for the wedding isn’t “congratulations” but “oh, what country are you going to do it in, or are you just going to pretend?”

Or maybe it’s because we haven’t moved forward in the last 20 years. Maybe it’s that instead of improving the face of entertainment, we’re stepping backwards. Maybe it’s because I’m sick of being in the shadows and saying nice things so I don’t accidentally offend the conservatives.

Where the fuck is my fairy tale? When is it our turn to have our stories told? When is Queen Victoria syndrome finally going to die?

Fuck hover boards and flying cars. I was promised that things would get better. 

Fuck you. Our stories are legitimate, too. And they’re a damn side more interesting than just yet another story of “average white boy wins the amazing woman because he was decent for 5 minutes”.


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