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  ALSO okay so call me a sap or w/e but every now and then while working on these comic pages I get these rushes of pure joy right through my soul and I just feel so alive honestly???

  Like it might just be at uni level but rn I’m working on the kind of project that I’ve always wanted to at what I can equate to at least a close approximation of proffessional standard and I am LIVING

What’s a Soulmate?

So I really wanted to do a Barry Allen/Reader daughter fic, although this is kinda terrible.

If you want more kid fics just tell me!

“Daddy. What’s a soulmate?” Barry looked up from his paper that he was reading -even in this modern world, he couldn’t get out the old fashioned habit- and came face to face with his five-year-old daughter.

“A soulmate?” The speedster picked up his young child that is the spitting image of him, from the hair to skin tone, and seated her on his lap, as she wore a cheeky smile.

“Yeah. Mummy was saying that you and she are soulmates.” Barry grinned at the thought of you. Y/D/N was exactly like you while looking like him. Her smile and laugh mirrored your’s and the chocolate haired superhero heart swelled every time he saw the two of you together.

“Well, a soulmate is like a best friend, but more.” Y/D/N looked up, locking her Y/E/C eyes with Barry’s and her confused little face.

“Like how you and Uncle Cisco are best friends?” Barry laughed slightly and shook his head, causing his daughter to become further confused.

“No sweetie, not like that. A soulmate is the one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else.”

“Like how Aunt Iris knows you like Chocolate Ice-Cream?” Y/D/N understood this concept but was failing to grasp what made her Mother her Dad’s soulmate if other people knew him just as well.

Barry laughed again, not noticing you walking out of the living room’s adjoining study and leaning against the room’s doorway.

“A soulmate is someone who makes you a better person. Wait, no, that’s wrong. They don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself. Because they inspire you.” Y/D/N’s face turned dreamy as she took in her Father’s words.

“The one person who knew you and accepted you, believed in you before anyone else did, or if no-one else would.” Your words caused both your daughter and husband to turn to you, a smile on both their faces.

“And no matter what happens, you’ll always love them. Nothing can ever change that. “ Barry finished as you came to sit next to him on the sofa, pulling Y/D/N into a hug.

“Do I have a soulmate?” Your daughter asked, hope in her eyes.

“Of course.” You smiled, exchanging a look with Barry. “You have us.”

Y/D/N made a face. “But I’m not gonna marry you guys.”

You and Barry couldn’t help but laugh. “You won’t be marrying anyone for a long time.”

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, how about vampire! Arthur?

Took me long enough! Sometimes, inspiration eludes me until the perfect scene pops into mind. Hope you’ll enjoy.

To you and everyone else, feel free to send in another.

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This might not fit your site standards, as I bought it at a yard sale, not a thrift store. Here’s a short version of the story that goes with it. “ TheClone and I bought this at a yard sale (from someone who bought it at an auction for unpaid storage units). You can’t really tell in this picture, but it was a pretty old medical school item, with brass fixings holding all the bits together. I sold it on eBay and part of the deal was I would deliver it for basically the cost of gas (which one could afford back then). So my mom and I went on a road trip to Florida with Skully, here.

Luckily we had a swell time. Because about an hour after we dropped our pal off at her new home, the transmission blew out in Brownie the pickup. It cost almost exactly the same amount as I’d gotten on the deal.”

Now and then I toy with making business cards where I list myself as a dealer in human body parts. Skully here is NOT my only qualification!

Got7 reaction to your first time


“Whoa baby…that was good…Let’s go again…. wha…what do you mean you’re sore?”

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“Wow…Babe..that was…omg”

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“Hehehe…that was some good stuff”

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“……so….I had a swell time…how about round 2”

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“Well you had no reason to be worried because that was so hot”

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*dabs* “Well that was fun”

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“Did you have a good time? Because I had a good time…I feel like I am a man now”

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