swell sharks

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Okay so I found a children's book on swell sharks are those actually a thing?? If they are could you tell me about them?

I had never heard of swellsharks until I looked them up! Here’s what I got from Wikipedia:

The Swellshark:

  • Grows to about 100 centimeters (39 in) in length 
  • Can expand its body to double its size to intimidate potential predators (Hence, the name) 
  • Resembles leopard sharks do to its spots
  • Is nocturnal
  • Sleeps in reef crevices and caves during the day 
  • Sometimes, will grab onto its tail with its mouth in a ring shape to prevent other fish from being able to attack it (I think that’s cute tbh) 
  • Is commonly found in aquariums
  • Is completely harmless to humans, usually staying completely motionless when encountered by divers

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Swell shark development sequence created for the Seymour Center at Long Marine Laboratory. These guys lay eggs in egg capsules, which they attach to seaweed. If you hold the egg case up to a light, you can actually see the baby shark wiggling around inside. It will hatch in 7.5-12 months, depending on the ocean temperature. Pen and ink on Bristol, colorized in Photoshop.

Sharknado 4: Whatever the Hell It’s Called -- #Swell4Sharknado4!

Hi! I’m Alexander the Swell. You’re probably seeing this on your dashboard and wondering who the poop I am, and why you’re even following my blog. I’m the dumbass that made that “I LOVE SHARKS!” video last year that unexpectedly exploded on the Internet, garnering millions of views across Tumblr and Facebook with the help of people that ripped the video and uploaded it to their own pages instead of linking to my original upload which has a teeny fraction of those views but it’s cool I ain’t even salty about it actually okay I lied I’m a little salty shared it with others!

So, why am I randomly stating all this, you ask? Well, I’m gonna try and keep it short, sweet, and sexy*! An idea popped in my head that I thought would be pretty funny/cool/ridiculous: I wanna get killed by a shark in the next sequel in the critically acclaimed, Oscar-winning film franchise loved the world over – Sharknado. Even if it was just a quick thing, I think that’d be a lot of fun! I’ve never done or asked for anything like this, but basically, I wanna try and use my 15 minutes of fame to maybe weasel my way into the movie, haha.

If you’re diggitty-diggitty down with this idea and this is something you might wanna see, please share this post! This is all probably gonna fall flat on its ass, but I figured it’s worth a shot! Let’s get this shit trending so that it can hopefully reach the folks behind the movie! Even if you hate my dopey-ass, this is still for you! I mean, you can potentially see me get riggity-riggity wrecked by a fucking SHARK!

Haha, thanks guys! #Swell4Sharknado4!

*Nothing in this post will be sexy – my apologies.