10 songs you’re currently vibing to ᵔᴥᵔ

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  1. whenever my boy taemin’s album gonna drop because i know that shit is going to be fire 
  2. become undone - SHINee sad there’s no audio for this
  3. sea 바다 - bts
  4. talk talk - snsd
  5. 무제(無題) (untitled 2014) - gdragon
  6. whisper - vixx lr
  7. o sole mio(오솔레미오) - sf9
  8. sleep tight - highlight 
  9. love in color - taeyeon 
  10. rebirth - red velvet 

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How Other Groups View NCT

Exo: Omg our children; so precious; can you direct me to the NCT Protection squad?; wait no contract termination

Super Juinor: wow we’re grandparents; i just wanna squish them and hug them forever; LEAVE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

Red Velvet: GO DREAM TEAM; leaders of NCT protection squad; oh yeah i trained with them

SNSD: so that kid is finally out of the basement?; congrats; who are they again

F(x): my little bros; sweg; JHONNY; oh yeah Ten was on that show with Amber

Shinee: I remember Taeil aka that kid who likes us; why am I so confused

Seventeen: IM NOT JOHNNY; I love Jaehyun so much, hes so handsome

BTS: who?

Blackpink: Thai squad; same year debut squad

Twice: Japan squad; aw Doyoung and Jihyo; i like them


SM: Mark is fully capable. How the fuck did Johnny get out of the dungeon? Aw look at the minis. Give Taeyong all the lines. Where’s whoop whoop? Ten you will be the next Henry, so much talent, into variety shows you go. Beef up security in the dungeon so Hansolo and Kung Fu Panda don’t get out. Who released the Switch MV? We should reunite DoJae. Wait who’s babysitting them? Fuck. No, don’t touch them

JYP to YG: how long until they break?

YG: idk but I want that Mark kid


The best 20 seconds of your life.

Jae makes me suspicious

Everyone in the Day6 fandom knows that Jae likes to troll people and mess with his Wikipedia page and if you didn’t know that well now you do.
I am just waiting for the day he lets it slip that he has a Tumblr. Like I just have a sneaking suspicion that he runs an anonymous Day6 blog and he is just trolling us all.