How Other Groups View NCT

Exo: Omg our children; so precious; can you direct me to the NCT Protection squad?; wait no contract termination

Super Juinor: wow we’re grandparents; i just wanna squish them and hug them forever; LEAVE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

Red Velvet: GO DREAM TEAM; leaders of NCT protection squad; oh yeah i trained with them

SNSD: so that kid is finally out of the basement?; congrats; who are they again

F(x): my little bros; sweg; JHONNY; oh yeah Ten was on that show with Amber

Shinee: I remember Taeil aka that kid who likes us; why am I so confused

Seventeen: IM NOT JOHNNY; I love Jaehyun so much, hes so handsome

BTS: who?

Blackpink: Thai squad; same year debut squad

Twice: Japan squad; aw Doyoung and Jihyo; i like them


SM: Mark is fully capable. How the fuck did Johnny get out of the dungeon? Aw look at the minis. Give Taeyong all the lines. Where’s whoop whoop? Ten you will be the next Henry, so much talent, into variety shows you go. Beef up security in the dungeon so Hansolo and Kung Fu Panda don’t get out. Who released the Switch MV? We should reunite DoJae. Wait who’s babysitting them? Fuck. No, don’t touch them

JYP to YG: how long until they break?

YG: idk but I want that Mark kid


The best 20 seconds of your life.

Jae makes me suspicious

Everyone in the Day6 fandom knows that Jae likes to troll people and mess with his Wikipedia page and if you didn’t know that well now you do.
I am just waiting for the day he lets it slip that he has a Tumblr. Like I just have a sneaking suspicion that he runs an anonymous Day6 blog and he is just trolling us all.

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Just joining the fandom, been listening to them from the beginning of the year. It's so hard to find their content >.< Could ya help me and post/tag a thread on their profiles? I mean the kinda profile fans have inside jokes with and everything, not their blood types (which is basically all I've been reading because IT'S SO HARD TO FIND THEIR CONTENT).

AHH welcome to the fandom bud!! Hmmm I think I know what you mean? I don’t think I remember seeing many of these so I’ll try and make a little one for you but I’m not sure how good it’ll be,, I don’t know how caught up I am with the fandom really and whatever inside jokes they have sdklnfsdlkfn BUT

Jae (Park Jaehyung):

- born 1992.09.15 !! (oldest member)

- lived first few years of his life in Argentina then in the United States then moved to Korea what a cool guy

- participated in the first season of Kpop Star along with Park Jimin, Lee Hi, Baek Ahyeon, Lee Michelle, Lee Seunghoon (Winner ;;), Yoon Hyunsang etc. and placed 6th!! leading him to join JYP Entertainment 

- had a youtube channel called yellowpostitman when he was a small baby and sang covers on there :’‘)

- hosts asc (after school club) with his pals Jimin and Kevin

- does vocals and guitar in Day6!!

- is called Chicken Little (cause he looks like him like really does it’s wow), Sweg Chicken (he doesn’t even know what this means why’s he called that)

- uses a lot of hashtags like.. calm down my guy

- wanted to have long hair the way JB from Got7 did at one time it was the cutest

- is the designated English speaker in the group and you can watch one of my favourite clips of him speaking English here!! (you feel me? you feel me Brian?) incredible

- can play badminton !!!! and was on Cool Kiz on the Block (?) for that

Sungjin (Park Sungjin):

- born 1993.01.16 (leader!!)

- does vocals and guitar and can also do percussion (I’m not sure the term for the instrument apologies) as you can see in a couple of their radio covers and in this predebut performance as 5live

- needs to let Wonpil live

- says that he’s the most emotional at dawn xdknvfkldnfs

- a legendary dancer

- people used to joke that it was his fault Day6 didn’t go on variety shows because he once went on Hidden Singer with Park Jinyoung (JYP) and was pretty nervous and couldn’t speak very well

- he’s like a dad but is actually a mystery to me???? because somehow he’s simultaneously a lame joke bad pun kind of dad and such a savage so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- has a gorgeous, super distinct voice it’s really amazing one of my favourite voices

- is called Bob because Jae thinks he looks like Bob the Builder which.. I have no words for..

- also has suCH a beautiful laugh,, they all have beautiful laughs though !!

Young K (Brian Kang or Kang Younghyun):

- born 1993.12.19

- stage name is Young K and he always tries to get people to call him that but everyone still calls him Brian

- lived in Canada !!!! my Canadian bro

- when he lived in Canada performed songs on a youtube channel with his pal Terry He !!! (Terry and pals made a cover of Congratulations when Brian debuted you can watch it here ;;)

- when in Canada was also in a band with Terry called KMESS + one called 3rd Degree

- does vocals, rap and bass

- originally played guitar before debuting with Day6 and didn’t get along with Jae (this isn’t the right wording but) when they first trained together because he took his guitar spot and he had to learn bass but they’re great buds now

- told YG to get an attitude (some peeps say that’s not what he actually said but I’m going to believe it forever) you can see here !! truly iconic, legends only

- is studying in University !!!! while still balancing being a part of Day6 what a guy :’‘) he works very hard

- Did a song with Baek Ahyeon called Shouldn’t Have and here you can watch the cutest performance of it in the whole world look at his dancing and them smiliNG at each other if you ever need to be cheered up watch this 

- also watch this with him and Jae !! the best thing? in the whole world? another iconic moment

Wonpil (Kim Wonpil):

- born 1994.04.28

- is the most emotional member according to Sungjin

- does vocals, keyboard and synthesizer !!

this is what he looked like predebut sdfsklnfsk

(a shark angel?)

- they always give him trash for his pink sweater (especially Jae)

(idk what they’re talking about he looks like an angel)

- the sweetest cutest person in the whole world his nickname is Pirimili is that doesn’t prove it to you I don’t know what to say

- likes to snuggle and sometimes goes to Brian’s room dlknfskldnfl really an angel

- he’s also really funny and is almost as legendary of a dancer as Sungjin as you can see here

- also has a super distinct voice !!

- when Day6 need aegyo he’s the one they turn to

Dowoon (Yoon Dowoon):

- born 1995.08.25

- plays the drums !! (also sometimes sings a little tiny bit I hope we can hear more in the future his voice is lovely)

- is very shy especially when they first debuted

- when they first debuted he always had to practice speaking neutrally because he naturally speaks in dialect

- Brian loves him so much he loves making him sit on his lap they’re so cute sldknfskl

- everyone loves him so much really

- I don’t know I don’t have that much info on him really but he’s the most precious in the whole world

Some general things about Day6:

- were originally a 5 member band called 5live and became Day6 when Dowoon joined

- had a past member named Junhyeok who did vocals and the keyboard who left on February 27th, 2016 (I cried)

- good pals with Got7

- do a LOT of covers both in English and Korean on the radio !!

- are very frequent radio guests especially on Kiss the Radio

- are really a true band they’re incredibly talented and hard working and deserve all of the love in the world

SO that’s all I have for now? Everyone please feel free to correct anything I might have gotten wrong and add things that I missed !!


Here is a list of many of their radio covers made by @softwoc !!

And some good Day6 blogs off of the top of my head are @fyeahdaysix (+ all of the fyeah blogs) @theday6 @brianskangs @bryankang @youngk @jaechicken @wonpilimiri @its-youngk their content should be able to help you get into Day6 !!

I’ll try to add on anything I missed and I hope that you continue to enjoy and support Day6′s music :’‘)

Boyfriend. BTS suga edition

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FIRST OFF, he may come across heartless and like he doesn’t care about you, but if you even just whispered ouch, he would run to you and probably call an ambulance cos he doesnt want anything or anyone to hurt his little girl

-You will have random outbursts of him rapping romantic things to you, you make it out that you’re annoyyed, but low key it turns you on

-In front of everyone he acts like this guy who doesn’t care about anyones feelings, even yours. But when he gets home, YOU ARE DONE. I REPEAT. YOU ARE ABSOLOUTLEY WRECKED AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WALK IN THE MORNING

- YOU two will always have rap battles, and they will end with suga giving you a sexy lap dance and repeating your favourite lines from his songs or just freestyling (cos he knows what gets your motor running)

- The first person he would introduce you to, would most likely to be J hope and he would convince j hope to become a fan of yours, just like Suga is your biggest fan

-LOts and LOTs of sweg

- You two would be the power couple no matter who the other guys are going out with

-You two will always be wearing your black and white clothes

-You’ll prank him by replacing all his dark coloured clothing with pink, yellow and bright green clothes. He would get his own back by putting shaving cream inside all your black boots and trainers

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-When he comes back from rehearsals, you will have a watergun ready and you forget that under his WHITE ASS SHIRT HE IS NOT WEARING A VEST. AND YOU SEE HIS BEAUTIFULLY SCULPTURED ABS AND CANNOT RESIST TO JUMP ON HIM AND TAKE HIM TO YOUR BEEEEED (sorry got a bit carried away)

- he will always be asking for kisses and on days that he takes you to rehearsals with him, he makes sexy faces at you but then breaks out of character and does stupid cute dances

- He loves dancing in front of you, but can’t concentrate cos you’re always teasing him so both of you make dance choreography together and make the rest jealous

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-you and him love making memes and funny photos of each other and he practically has your photo EVERYWHERE

- Your sexy time includes SHIT loads oF FOREPLAY LIKE HE LOVES TO PLAY AROUND AND CANNOT KEEP HIS HANDS OFF OF YOU!!! BE ready gurl, cos you WILL be working up a sweat


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-You two will have a lot of rolepay, and you will have suga dressing up loads and he will keep asking you what you want him as next. Sometimes he dresses up as a sexy maid when you come home. But then a rare Jungkook pops out of no where

-He loves his thighs=you love his thighs. Those thigHs ARE HEAVEN AND YOU WILL MAKE THEM YOUR THRONE BITCH. Overall, i think that min yoongi will warm up to you quickly and although there is a lot of foreplay and that might seeem like the best part, your sexy time will be FIIIIIIRRRREEEEEEEE. He will miss anything and everything for you, cos you are his one and only. You two are the cute fuluffy couple, who wears shit tons of black and white, love to prank each other and dancing on each others laps and are really hot in the bedroom Hope yall enjoyed this boyfriends edition.

~~ Love Admin M xx