Delena Fanfic Rec (Dark Damon)
  • Lie To Me By Leanne90 Elena doesn’t know about vampires yet and has never heard of the Salvatore brothers. Damon encounters Elena thinking she is Katherine and soon becomes obsessed. Dark Themes - violence, abuse and graphic sexual scenarios
  • Passion and Mistakes By Danni1989 Damon and Elena have been fighting and he finally has enough. he goes to confront her only for her to say something she didnt mean. eventually she finds him at his house and things are said and done that are regretted. Dark Damon.
  • Serendipity By citigirl13 Elena is kidnapped by Damon. The lines of love and hate blur between the two of them. AU. WARNING: scenes of rape and violence.
  • Obsessive Love By Chelseabaabyox3 In this story Elena and Stefan are broken up and aren’t getting back together. Damon pursues Elena who wasn’t aware of his feelings until now. Damon will be very dark and controlling towards Elena, be warned. Will she love him in the end? R&R
  • Tremor By littleravenman He makes her alive in all the ways she never thought to be possible.’ Rated M for: Smut, Abuse, Rape, Language & Dark Themes.
  • Harsh light of day By xDamonAndElenax Damon is a sadistic, cold hearted vampire with no remorse who kidnaps Elena after meeting her on a tragic night. Lines blur and dimensions change, does Damon really think of Elena as a toy? Or are there other feelings in play and will Elena return those feelings? Or will she break his heart just like Katherine did. Can he love again? Dark themes with abuse/rape AU
  • The Art of Possession By Trixico Damon meets Elena first, and he has to have her, to possess her, to own her. WARNING: DARK themes, BDSM/Rape/Abuse/Splatterpunk. HEED the warnings!
  • Dog Teeth By Saralenas  After the death of her parents, Elena struggles to get back into the routine of her old life. When she starts dating Stefan, she thinks things are finally looking up. However, when Stefan’s older brother pays a visit to town, Elena finds her life once again falling into darkness. WARNING: After the first couple chapters, it starts to deal with REALLY dark themes (rape/abuse etc..)
  • Forever Got Too Long By Darkest Ember Damon is tired of struggling, tired of never being enough. So, he decides to do something about it, regardless of whether or not Elena is willing to accept reality at first. A dark love story between Damon and Elena.
  • Owning Elena By blonder878 Damon has never been in love, but the first time he ever saw Elena, he knew he had to have her… Elena is forced into a world that she never knew existed, and through the pain and challenges of living with a sadistic and controlling vampire, does she fall in love, too? Or is she just brainwashed and broken? BDSM-related/dark themes, sexy smuttness, and Dark Damon.
  • Desire By Kelz9162 This is story of Elena being sold by her father to the one and only Damon Salvatore. We will see the challenges she and Damon face together and the lust/love that is created by hate./-/-/- To people reading if you like please leave reviews unless i get a little discouraged and will not want to continue.
  • Uninvited By DelenaLover44 After the tragedy of her parents death Elena Gilbert is left with nothing but her older brother acting as her legal guardian. one night, with her brother away she finds herself with an unexpected house guest with a deranged imagination. (Warning! contains strong language, dark themes and rape! M for a reason!)
  • The Worst Intentions By Darkest Ember Klaus knows the lengths that Damon would go to for Elena’s protection and needs to make him stop. When Klaus finds out that Rebekah has drained Damon of vervain, he takes advantage of the situation and compels Damon to act on his darkest fantasies to keep him occupied.
  • What Do You Want By SweetWillowTree Damon wakes up Christmas morning to find Elena wrapped up under his tree. Smut ensues. Part of the Damon & Elena Holiday Exchange on livejournal. M for sexual content. DarkDamon.
  • Surrender By delena4eternity Damon wants Elena for himself, but she is unwilling to give in. Can Damon make her change her mind about which brother she loves?
  • Their Dark Passion By rocket-queen98 All Human - Damon Salvatore is a leader of a very dark, violent Mafia, the most feared in the country. He is very possessive of his ‘queen’ Elena Gilbert, he has brought her down into the darkness with him, and is trying to drag her deeper.
  • Soul of The Shadows By DreamLoverX Damon kidnapped Elena to get even with Stefan. He tried to be nice but being nice isn’t Damon’s strongest suit. He’d become unstable and he’d abuse her, but there lives a wounded soul beneath the layers and layers of shadows. Will Elena ever learn to love the beast?(Set after 1x04) WARNING! DARK Themes, Rape/Abuse, Violence, Explicit Sex Scenes, Coarse Language [Strongly M Rated]
  • Damon’s Dark Side By mrs.salvatore39 Damon finds a Christmas card Elena wrote for Stefan…what he reads brings out the darkness he’s been working so hard to keep hidden. will elena be able to bring him back? HOLIDAY EXCHANGE 2011 M for a very good reason
  • Black Christmas by MissDelena One Shot Written for the holiday author2author exchange on livejournal. Dark Damon finds a christmas card for Stefan and assumes the worse. Angst and rough play.
  • Never Talk To Strangers By SuchALittleMonster What if Elena had met Damon first, completely unaware of the existence of vampires? Especially vampires almost entirely void of humanity? DARK themes, Adult Content, Violence, Abuse, Graphic Sexual Situations and Language. Rated M for a good reason!
  • Husband of Three By throughmysoul44 Elena lives in a modern polygamous community where she has just been assigned to marry Damon Salvatore. Though only Seventeen, Elena must learn to accept her fate and find the silver lining in the man who at first seems cruel and mean, but slowly steals her heart. Rated M for some harsh scenes of abuse(physically, sexually, and emotionally). Perfectly Dark! BEWARE!
  • Stockholm Syndrome By aic.ro22 “You might not love me now, but you will someday!” he told her squeezing her wrists tighter. His wild and dark self is controlling him. He would haunt her no matter time, nor place. She is the one for him and he shall have her, even if he would have to force her. Warning: violence, language, sexual abuse and a crazy Damon.
  • His Vampire Kiss By Damonfan123 Stefan is on a trip, and Elena misses him more than anything. But she’s trapped in the Salvatore mansion with Stefan’s erratic yet sexy older brother, Damon. Can she hold out against him?
  • A Demon’s Fate by FairyTale87 Damon and Klaus are sadistic, dangerous, and fatally alluring vampires who have been terrorizing humans for centuries, and are the best known horror legend. When their next destination is Mystic Falls, can a mere girl change the icy demon? READ WARNING.
  • Revenge By Sweet Torment [AU] What if Damon’s time as an Augustine doesn’t end after just five years? What if Grayson Gilbert was the one who now led the Augustine organisation and kept Damon as a test subject? What if Damon met Elena under different circumstances and he comes to the conclusion that it would be best to hurt Dr. Gilbert through the thing he loves the most, his daughter? [Warnings inside.]
  • Slave for birthday by Brassica Damon hates birthdays. But what happens when his friend Enzo brings to him a human version of the woman who broke his heart? The idea of revenge suddenly sounds very attractive to him. — Rated M for a good reason!
  • Deal with the Devil By Damonlover9162 One dark stormy night Isabelle Gilbert made a deal with a mysterious man who appeared in her room after she gave birth to a stillborn. In desperation to have her child live she signs a blood binding contract with the man, with no regards to what it said. Now almost sixteen years later Elena Gilbert is having dreams of a blue eyed demon. The devil to who her mother sold her soul to.
  • Beauty of the Dark by bigbadamon  Post Season One AU. Damon’s destroyed to find out Katherine was never in the tomb, that she’s been living the high life while he’s dedicated his existence in “saving” her. But when he comes back to Mystic Falls to find Elena Gilbert, a dead ringer for Katherine, he can’t help himself, and Damon Salvatore always gets what he wants. DARK THEMES READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
  • Robbery of Innocence by Sweet Torment  [AU] The existence of vampires is no longer a secret to humanity, but instead of being socially accepted, they are seen as monsters, who take over towns and kill mercilessly. The minority of them lives peacefully. But what happens when innocent Elena falls into the ruthless claws of a cruel clan and gets caught in the eyes of the handsome but devilish Damon Salvatore? [M Rated]
  • What are you? By KindaMessedUp An unsuspecting Elena bumps into a stranger who offers to help fix her car. Little does she know that it was all a set up. Every. Last. Bit. Warning; there will be dark themes, abuse, violence, death, kidnapping, punishment, basically slavery and lots of blood! You have been warned.
  •  Punishment By Sweet Torment  AU] Sixteen years ago, Elena was taken from her parents. Since then she had been raised by her master Damon, a cruel vampire with no remorse. She has never lived the life of a normal human girl, instead she was raised to be a human blood bag, tending to her master’s every desire and wish. [Warning inside.]

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