Sometimes I feel like i could be dying and noone would give a fuck I bet if I needed a limb or somethin noone would care
All i ask is like 50cents if you want a sketch
My boyfriend is the only person that understands me and keeps me from depression
All i want is money so he could visit (I would be really happy if we got all the money before Christmas so he could be with me for Christmas)
That’s all i want
I want him to visit and finally spend actual time with me
There’s 318 of you
That’s sad that only 4 care
Atleast reblog the commissions post
Please don’t be so heartless
The commissions are cheap
All i want is money and I’ll only use it for my boyfriend to visit
Please reblog the post or buy a commission

Do me a favor?

Guys so apparently my boyfriend can’t come over for Christmas
Because Christmas is in like 10 days and at this rate(which there is none and by that I mean I never got any commissions) it’s probably too late because how can I possibly get all that money by then???
I could probably get him over here for spring break
Thing is of course I need money
So please reblog the commissions post or buy a commission or something
Don’t ignore this or me
I need this

Merry Christmas from my new babies
The Flutters from build a bear even has the voice thing in her left arm
Plus I got a pinkie bank,a vinyl fluttershy figure,a doctor whooves shirt, and mlp lounge pants
Everything else I got is marvel movies,lollipop chainsaw, some sort of puppyposter,a bleach poster, and a death the kid shirt
I hope you guys got what you wanted and had a wonderful Christmas


Hey guys I’m opening commissions,I really need the money
You see,my boyfriend has been trying to save up money to come and visit me but money doesn’t just rain from the sky, we’re poor as heck
Anyways i draw ponies and anthro the best but i can draw anime characters (not really ocs) or pokemon or whatever, just ask and I’ll see if I could draw it
Pony:sketches will be 50cents while inking would be 75cents and coloring would be $1
Backgrounds cost an extra 75cents if colored but without color it’s 50cents
Anime:50cents for just the head,75 cents for waist up, and $1 for full body(but waist up and full body is 25cents less without color)
Everything will be traditionally drawn
Just ask if you have any questions and reblog this so others could probably be interested, we really need the money and it would be really great if we got all the money before Christmas,I would be really happy and grateful if I could spend Christmas with him
If you somehow can’t buy one, please atleast reblog this
I’m desperate for money


Do you want a shirt with your oc or favorite character but you don’t have “artistic skills” or can’t find any in a store? or maybe its too much money to have some artist make you cough up about $30 for one?
Well I’m only charging a few bucks (as shown above) for a t-shirt that YOU would want, isn’t that cool?
I can draw ponies, anthro, and anime characters (anime characters aren’t shown above but they’re $10)
Ponies are $5
Anthro is $8
Anime is $10
And each additional character is $1 each(but I can’t draw more than like 5 characters, especially anime)
All the money goes to a trip for my true love to visit me this summer
But I can only ship in the US (I’m using MY OWN money to ship this stuff, I can’t use the money I get  from this for the shipping)
So ya, I make a shirt for you and you help me finally spend time with my boyfriend, I think that’s fair
If you have any questions feel free to ask! I’ll most likely draw whatever you want!
Have a wonderful day!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas you guys
But for those who don’t celebrate it
Merry whatever you celebrate!
I hope you guys have an awesome day
I love you all even though like 7 of you talk to me XD
I still love you guys and I’m glad I got a bunch of asks lately for my beautiful Flutters
I hope the new year is awesome too and that your dreams come true!
Love you all!