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1. would you take a really boring job if it had great pay?

usually no but it depends on how bad i need the money

2. pie or cake (think long and hard about this answer)

pie. cake is okay but i’m not a huge icing person

3. tumblr crushes. tell me about your tumblr crushes?

well some blogs (besides castielsunderpants) that i love/have been stalking are

  • castieldeanie
  • ohmelodypond
  • mattsmithisabadger
  • ccaastiel
  • thesoldierofgod
  • sweetstiel
  • thoughyoutry
  • myotherrideisthetardis
  • motherfucas
  • iamjoeyritcher
  • casinmytardis
  • deannovaks

just to name a few and i’m really sorry if i try to talk to any of you because i’m super awkward

4. what is your latest fandom?

merlin i think because i just started watching that show and i’m on season 1 episode 9 i think so i’m not truely “in the fandom” yet i just watch from afar

or maybe it’s les miserables

5. what is your favorite super hero movie (avengers doesnt coun’t)

sdjasalkjhlh probably captain america

6. have you been to harry potter world in florida?

yep. not for very long though but it was great

7. if you could have one fictional character’s wardrobe who would it be?

definitely daisy buchanan from the great gatsby i loooove the 20s

8. what is the most disturbing movie you’ve ever seen?

the haunting in connecticut

9. tell me about your otp.

ugh just destiel and sabriel 7ever okay and also amy and rory they’re just so perfect

10. what is your favorite fic of all time?

an exercise in worthless it’s an au destiel tattoo parlor/teacher!cas fic and it’s just really cute and perfect omg

okay my questions:

1. Three songs/movie/book titles that describe your life right now:

2. Favorite time period (in any country/continent)?

3. Favorite color to wear?

4. Do you like to watch/play any sports? Which ones?

5. If you could dye your hair any color, what color would it be?

6. Would you rather party on saturday night or have a night to yourself?

7. Dresses or a t-shirt and jeans?

8. Tea or Coffee?

9. What’s the most precious item that you own?

10. Day or night? Why?

abybe asked:

The Star Money

What is your most prized possesion?

My laptop.

Im not a super material person if I lose something I generally dont care but hurt my fucking laptop and I’ll kill you its my lifeline to the outside world I need it.