I really love these strange, dark illustrations. 

Thank you, Sweet Station!

Virginia Mori was born in Cattolica in 1981. She lives and works in Pesaro. She graduates in Illustration and Animation at the National Art Institute of Urbino, improving her artistic imaginery and starting the realization of traditional animation shortcuts. The techniques she uses the most in her works are black biro pen on paper and pencil on paper. She takes part to various artistical events in Italy and wins the “SRG SSR idee suisse” prize at Annecy Call for Project, managing to realize the award-winning animation short-cut called “The Game of Silence”, and the “Abbaye de Fontevraud” prize at Annecy Project Competition, which allows her to work on her next movie in the homonymous cultural centre in October 2011. About the international representatives of Pop Surrealism, Virginia Mori declares her unconditional admiration for Ray Caesar and Nicoletta Ceccoli. Talking about the role that internet has got in her life, in the realization and promotion of her work and in the possibility to mantain relationships with the audience and the other artists, she admits that it’s basic, a tool that helps her in the realization of a great part of her artistic work and is always offering her a new source of inspiration, of interpersonal exchange and visibility.


These are freaky awesome. 

Thank you, Sweet Station. 

Mark Dion (born 28 August 1961) is an American fine artist best known for his use of scientific presentations in his installations. Dion has exhibited his art works internationally, including, at the Tate Gallery of the Museum of Modern Art and on the PBS series, art:21. He teaches at the visual arts department of Columbia University in Manhattan. He has received numerous awards, including the ninth annual Larry Aldrich Foundation Award (2001).