This has been a night for Sweetskull, it seems!

Username: Sweetskull

Class: Spellcaster

Power: Shadows

In real life, Jakari is sheltered as fuck by her eccentric Nana and only recently rejoined “society” after turning 16, “society” being the mini-community spawned by the past issues between her Nana and great-uncle. Technology is one of the biggest mysteries to her, but she joined TOME in an attempt to learn what “normal” people are like, as well as to accompany her friend Mimi. She has two younger siblings and a cat named Raziashk. Jakari also possesses the ability of magically inflicting and numbing pain, as well as sensing it, inherited from her Nana.

In TOME, Sweetskull enjoys the fighting aspect of the game, as it gives her a way to train with the skills she’s learned in real life while not truly hurting anyone. While she normally only logs in with Pumpkin, she will occasionally hide in ;Sanctuary alone when shit goes down in real life that causes trouble in the mini-community she calls home. Her power of sensing pain has crossed over into the game, but she is learning to control it while in the game.