Miraculous Fluff Month Day 3: Sweets

In which Alya just wants her OTP to be canon and Marinette struggles with her feelings for a certain cat-themed superhero.

(Also they’re making chocolate but I have no idea what I’m doing so it looks like this let me live.)


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First off, THANK YOU for this blog! Reading the headcanons give me my SSS fix as I impatiently wait for new scenerios/routes. Could I request the brothers learning it's MC's birthday, but she's the one that actually ends up forgetting it's her birthday because she's too focused on her job

You’re very welcome! I indulge writing these just as much as you all do reading them. I’m so afraid for the new routes to come though, because then I’ll feel like I’ve done everything wrong with the characters lol ;;


  • type to throw surprise birthday parties
  • sends you off to work with the other concierges which si very strange bc
  • that’s not something he usually did, he was v selfish with you and wanted to keep you all to himself
  • but just fills the flat with balloons and cotton candy bags and stuff from your first date together with mutsuki and the amusement park
  • so when you come in there’s balloons in your face and the strong smell of elephant ears (or fried dough with powdered sugar)
  • and you’re just ?????
  • chiaki has a party hat on his head and mutsuki is even there too
  • and drew you a little picture of the three of you together with balloons just like this was going to go
  • and both of them blow on their blowout noisemaker party favor things at you
  • “Murayama reminded me it was your birthday today.”
  • Says that with a slight distaste in his mouth but
  • he’d be damned if he didn’t plan something more than murayama anyway


  • arranges a day off of work for you without you knowing
  • so when you’re going down to the concierge desk to pick up your assignments today they’re just like
  • “ya you don’t need to be here lol”
  • so you’re just confused, but you return back to the suite to talk to toma and
  • he’s not there either???
  • so you’re just going around looking for him and you think to find him in his usual thinking spot
  • and in the blue shaded room with light flickering through the water you see him there, and he’s facing away from you and just watching the dolphins swim and play in the water
  • and he turns to you with that handsome af grin and produces out a small velvety blue box
  • and it’s a necklace with two dolphins that make a heart and it’s super cute
  • and while he’s putting it on for you, he just murmurs into your ear,
  • “Sometimes, you still need to take a break and care about yourself you know.”


  • how to plan for birthdays
  • assumedly the worst gift giver out of all of them and he’s just like
  • oh god what does she want does she want shoes? sneakers? FOOD???
  • and while you’re running some errands that he set out for you earlier you run into him in the shop and you’re just
  • ????
  • “Shizuka? Why are you here?”
  • but then he’s just
  • “Uh, while you’re here… could you try these on? I want to see if they’d fit you..”
  • And shizu’s style is impeccable let me tell u
  • they’re just cute frilly dresses and shirts and blouses and just full outfits 
  • and while you’re trying them on in the fitting room he just presses you into the stall quietly and kisses you sweeetly and murmurs a happy birthday to you


  • this big idiot would disappear
  • like you would wake up one morning and he wouldn’t be there, and you’d think he’d be off to work but he’s just nowhere to be found
  • but you’re panicking again bc oh god what the fuck what if he ran away again
  • nope, there’s little notes laying around the house and the first one is left on your bedside table
  • just a long fucking scavenger hunt while he makes you ignore all your duties as a concierge (read: he begged toma to give you a day off that day so you could spend it for your birthday)
  • but ofc you’re worried so while you’re cleaning up around the house, you find other little notes
  • “Haha, I knew you’d try to clean ! But nope, this is your focus today, and this is your work!”
  • more little notes & one left with a dress that he got specifically for this day, and instructs you to wear
  • until you finally find yourself at the local theatre and there’s a crane machine there
  • and to get the last note you have to win the damn toy
  • but ofc you don’t you suck and magically out of nowhere
  • “Need help?” And it’s him, quick to cling to you before he takes you into the theatre for a hot makeout session movie date


  • mei, probably: how do i show affection to this girl on her birthday any different than i would any other day
  • probably wouldn’t do anything different but 
  • would compose a short piece for you to come home, because he knows how curious you are still about the music that he plays
  • and also welcomes you home with a big box of sweets
  • in fact you see two there, (but one’s actually for him)
  • a nice, quiet candlelit dinner out on the balcony with just sweet music in the background after one of your longer days at work
  • and he’s the one serving you 
  • and ofc he starts it with 
  • “Don’t expect this every day. It’s just because today’s your birthday, and you just got home… And it’s your first birthday with me.”


  • wakes you up early in the morning, like before the sun even comes up
  • takes you to his car and you’re going on a long journey my friend
  • it’s just silence in the car though, you’ve stopped trying to protest where you’re going, and just end up dozing again lol
  • and you’re just out someplace nice and secluded and away from society
  • “I figured that for once, you could relax completely.”
  • And you’re confused why????
  • “Shouldn’t you be relaxing on your birthday?”
  • oh and when it clicks you’re just so smiley and blushy because he thought of you
  • even brought the picnic basket and the wine and alcohol for you guys to celebrate together and just spend the day/afternoon/evening together
  • and just enjoy each others’ company among the clouds and the stars
  • and it’s just really you two, and each others’ world

Sagittarius - you’re always tripping over half-bitten fantasies, losing wisps of yourself with every breath, sometimes, a dream is a wish, and sometimes, a dream is a warning. you are corrugated chaos, moonshine in a bottle, an early winter sunset.

Scorpio - you’ve scraped your knees on the bathroom tiles so many times that they’re beginning to form a colorful pattern; always chewing with your mouth closed, king of feigned gaze fires, aching, aching, to disappear, to drown in a sea of ghosts, to make the shrinking game your shrine.

Libra - you look back on every person you’ve ever kissed and they’re like a row of broken teeth, a neighborhood of fractured houses. you don’t have to get tangled in a tree to look at the world from the top, you are the top, you’re a star god on your murky midnight mantle.

Virgo - what would you say to yourself if you showed up at your own doorstep? shuddering there in the rain like a crumpled flower, eyes foggy ethers; would you forgive yourself for it all, bandage your bloodied knuckles, kiss the demons into submission? would you curl up & fold into yourself, love yourself like you do everyone else? you are so full of starlight they can practically see you from space.

Leo - you cannot fight the past into unravelling all over again, you cannot paint outside of the lines of time, winter will bite & summer will scald, but you were meant for the emerald arms of the forest, for rooftop dances and the tender twilight of a warm heart. chew up your regrets, spit them out and forge your future.

Cancer - the world is a stormcloud, your reality is rain, and rain, and rain. learn to splash in the puddles, carve statues of yourself in the mud, set the butterflies free and rekindle a romance with the moon. sometimes, you have to be soaked in gasoline to learn to withstand the inevitable burn.

Gemini - you are standing at the edge of a mountain. across from you is another mountain, and upon it stands your sadness. he is grotesque, stony eyes & morphine breath, he promises blood carnivals and ripping up your paper garden. there is a gun in your left hand, the weight of it reflects the weight of your heart. you point. you shoot.

Taurus - you are a waterfall of whimsicalities, thousands have watched stars bow at your feet, oceans kissing your sore cheeks, cicadas flittering about your hair. weird is the new cool, you’re shaping cities with your champagne tongue, glowing in the dark like the moon.

Aries - haunting children in grocery stores, digging bones up in the meadow, trading faces with strangers - so what, they tell you you’re a ghost and you start to believe it? kiss the palm of your hand, dip your hands in your hair, shower your eyelashes in morning light. people don’t need to perform a séance to speak with you. you are of flesh & humming soul, you are one with the living still. 

Pisces - close your eyes and count to ten. what does the darkness whisper to you? (sweetsin, angel, lifeblood), does it draw you a cradle & sway you to sleep? does it wrap its shadowy-wings around your black-painted body and prod you to love it? darling, you are a dove, the ravens have held you hostage long enough.

Aquarius - you are shipwrecked, caught between a sea rock and a sky rock, the distance between these two stony empires seems eternal, but you know that nothing is eternal, you begin to build a ladder out of moonlight & sea crystals, there is so much that you have yet to see, drowned sailor. 

Capricorn - you are the taste of old wine on winter-washed lips, you are a moonless planet. you do not need something to orbit you, they would grow dizzy and tired anyway. you are firm of body & soul. you step into outerspace and trudge your own path, brimming with star clusters and gleaming lights, blue-boned spires & solar storms.


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