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My Chemical Romance
Helena | My Chemical Romance

can you hear me? are you near me?
can we pretend to leave and then
we’ll meet again when both our cars collide?

what’s the worst that i could say?
things are better if i stay
so long and goodnight
so long not goodnight

well, if you carry on this way
things are better if i stay
so long and goodnight
so long not goodnight…

Personal kind of but you guys SNL is such an important thing to me. When I was little my mom let me watch the reruns on Saturday and Sunday mornings instead of cartoons and it’s not exactly a goal within my reach but as a sketch comedian in Chicago it’s still the holy grail and those people are my heroes and i know harry is a mega-famous superstar and this as his debut is going to rocket-launch him into another stratosphere, but this is just such a dream come true i can’t really believe it

A Bittersweet Trickster

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Title: A Bittersweet Trickster

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,013

Warnings: fluff, slight angst

A/N: This was requested by an Anon (and around Christmas, so I apologize for the wait <3). I hope you all enjoy this Sweet Treat Saturday <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

Family was always a touchy subject for you.  Your family wasn’t the most supportive group of people.  They weren’t supportive, loving, or reliable.  You loved them because they were your family, but there wasn’t much beyond that.  You never let Gabriel come around them before because of how they reacted to your friends.  You couldn’t imagine how they would react to you having a boyfriend.  However, you were about to find out and you were worried beyond belief.

“You have a boyfriend,” your oldest brother questioned, disbelief evident in his voice.  His eyes studied Gabriel closely.  It was as if he thought Gabriel was some kind of hologram projection.  “Is there something wrong with you buddy?”

“Not at all,” Gabriel replied flatly, his lips forming a flat line.  He didn’t like your oldest brother.  He felt like he was talking to his own brothers.  “[Y/N] is a lovely woman and I love her very much.  I think she’s just the girl for me.”  Gabriel flashed you a small smile.

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Saving Gabriel

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Title: Saving Gabriel

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,024

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Happy Sweet Treat Saturday! This wasn’t requested, but I thought you all might enjoy this and I hope you do! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

Gabriel met you as a college student back when you were twenty years old.  He tried to stay away from you, but he couldn’t.  You were special.  You were unlike any other human he had encountered.  Every time he tried to run from you, somehow you always found him without trying.  He knew you loved him, but he didn’t want to hurt you.

He knew what was going to come and he didn’t want to risk putting you in the crossfire.  There were many times in which you had saved the archangel.  A few times you did so without meaning to, but he was thankful nevertheless.  You soon found out about the two people he kept running into; the Winchesters.

You knew something was wrong when Gabriel didn’t meet up with you that night.  Without a second thought about it, you got into your car and started to drive home.  However, there was an unusual storm brewing and you could hardly see through the pouring rain.  You pulled up to the motel you saw in the distance.  You had a bad feeling about this motel, but you had no other choice.  People began to pour out of the building as you entered.  

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anonymous asked:

Many are speculating Cas will finally make a choice to between heaven and the brothers in Ep12x19, and you said you hoped this conflict was put to rest. But how is Cas suppose to choose? Knowing this format, once he picks the brothers 100% how are they gonna write them off for half the show? His draw to heaven usually makes up 75% of the exuses for his abscence. Cas&Spn's format works better if Cas is either a) torn or even b) regresses and picks heaven (and works back to a) after drama)

Hey there!

Yes, I have said multiple times that this will be the last round of Castiel caught between Heaven and the Winchesters. I made a longer post on it a while back in which I explained how I can see that it could be the ast time that now Cas would try to make peace with Heaven. I think it would be the last time that he tries, especially after he himself has chosen already with labeling the Winchesters his family. Now he is once more tested with seeing if he only felt about the Winchesters as family so strongly because Heaven was closed for him or because he truly feels that way and in order for him to settle that once and for all I think it would be vital for him to not once more get on the bad side with Heaven - because I think it’s important for Cas to leave Heaven behind knowing he is no longer hated completely (though of course him choosing humans inevitably will bring that along) - but being able to see Heaven in a more “normal setting” as it used to pre-apocalypse-craziness and everything, because only then for Cas it will be possible to evaluate if his emotions on that matter are “true” so to speak. So yes, I hope this will finally be Cas choosing earth and the Winchesters once and for all.

BUT like you say, the problem remains that imo that choice would have to go hand in hand also with him becoming human on his own accord too  (though it would also work to put it off until the series finale) and that indeed poses the challenge for the writers to finally come up with a meaningful arc for Cas and not just a repeat after repeat of the same. Most of all though, they would have to either sign Misha for more episodes or at the very least come up with a satisfying explanation for Cas’ abscence, because otherwise it will be handled like Mary’s disappearances or absence in episodes it simply makes no sense for her to not to be in.

So yeah, I have no clue if the show will go through with it for the very reasons you mention, because it would seriously force them to truly think of a good arc that makes sense. There are many ways to do that, but I am sadly not convinced the writers would make that leap and would regress again to Cas guilt and Cas depression and him therefore getting dragged back to Heaven issues that never really get resolved but only worsened until the final episodes of the show. Fingers crossed S13 won’t show another of sucha repeat, but something new.



pairing: john laurens x reader

word count: 1200

warnings: lots of teasing, john talking about sex, swearing

summary: it’s raining, it’s a saturday, and the power is out. being two adults in love, what is it that you choose to do to pass the time with - playing games, of course!

a/n: enjoy <3

It was raining.

“I hate the rain,” John pouted.

“Me too,” you grumbled, falling back down in bed.

It was a Saturday, which was good, because you really didn’t want to drive to work in this horrendous, almost torrential rain storm. This also meant, however, that you had next to no food and John would refuse to go (‘it’ll make my hair fuzzy’, he always said, and he would defend his locks with his life), and you had to eat whatever scraps you had left in the cupboard. Rainy days were both a blessing and a curse – it gave you an excuse to stay home, but there were so many things that could make it a terrible experience, such as the power going out…

Which is exactly, when you thought about it, what happened next.

“Fuck, babe, the power’s out,” John told you.

“Yes, Johnny dearest, I could tell.”

“Man, what are we going to do?” John groaned.

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Screw Them

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Title: Screw Them

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 1,147

Warnings: angst, fluff

A/N: This was requested by @bloodstained-porcelain-doll! I hope you’re all having a SWEET Saturday ;) I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3 <3

It wasn’t often that Gabriel showed his anger.  In fact you couldn’t remember the last time you saw him show any kind of anguish.  Gabriel knew when to show his frustrations and when to shove them aside.  When he heard your thoughts and your eventual cries, he had to make sure to react properly.  He didn’t want to upset you any further.

He quickly made his way to the bunker, going along with Castiel as per usual.  This time he went straight to you, ignoring Sam and Dean.  His concern was you, not the Winchesters.  He swiftly navigated through the hallways of the bunker, making his way towards your room.

As soon as he entered your room, your sobs seemed to become more hushed.  It was as if you were trying to hide your sadness from him.  Gabriel took a deep breath before shutting your bedroom door.  This wasn’t about Sam and Dean, this was about you and your feelings.

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Between Winter and Spring



It’s the first day of spring on the traditional Japanese calendar today :-)
A first quarter moon is shining now✨

Have a sweet Saturday !

Love Is Pain - Cheryl Blossom

Anonymous said:

16,37 and 46 from the most recent drabble prompts for Cheryl please? Thanks :)

16. “Just shut up and kiss me”

37. “Because I love you god damn it!”

46. “I’m in love…shit”

Originally posted by veornicalodge

You had been sneaking around behind your friend’s backs for around four weeks now. Even the town sleuth, Jughead Jones, had no clue that you were dating Cheryl Blossom. Everyone was so busy with their own thing now, it gave you ample time to spend with Cheryl. Normally you’d meet up at one of your houses when your families, turned into sneaking risky kisses in passing period. You couldn’t contain yourself when Cheryl was around and she couldn’t keep her hands to herself at times.

One day after school, Cheryl’s need for affection became very apparent. You were walking down a near-empty hallway after school got out. You were simply minding your own business when you felt a hand grab your wrist and pulling you into a closet. Despite the darkness of the small room when the door shut, you knew exactly who had snagged you away.

“Cher, we’re going to get caught like this. You know that-” You were cut off by a finger placed to your lips.

“Just shut up and kiss me,” Cheryl’s voice rang through your ears like a siren’s song. You leaned forward, capturing her lips in a heated kiss. Your hands tangled themselves into her flowing red hair as her lips pressed harder against yours. You hummed in delight, savouring the feeling of her lips on yours. These stolen kisses were like drugs to you; the need for them coursing through your bloodstream. Cheryl pulled away slowly, her smile very visible in the low lighting.

“You should shut me up like that more often.” You kept your voice at a low whisper when you spoke, not knowing how sound proof this closet was. She let out a small giggle, smiling a little wider. You smiled too because it was rare to see her so happy. You had started to sneak around with Cheryl around a week after her brother was found. You acted as her shoulder and you thought she would end it as soon as she found a boy-toy worthy of parading around school. Yet, weeks deep into a relationship, Cheryl was still with you. A little part of you couldn’t figure out why.

“Maybe I will,” Cherly flirted, breaking you from your thoughts. You rolled your eyes and grew serious all of the sudden.

“Cher,” you whispered, “we need to be more careful about this.” You heard her scoff as she pulled on the light string. When the light flickered to life, you were met with the soft brown eyes of your…

She wasn’t really your girlfriend, was she? When it all started, you and Cheryl left everything as is. Nothing was labeled or changed, you just stayed hidden. Although, the way she was looking at you now seemed anything but hidden.

“You’re telling me to be careful? If you saw you everyday, you’d want to kiss you all hours too.” You let out a giggle at her outrageous compliment. Your smile fell a little though, as your mind drifted to how easy it would be if you just came out as a couple. “What’s wrong baby?” Her well manicured hand reached for yours and you pulled away a little.

“What if we,” you took a breath, “it would be easier if we told people about us.” You glanced up to gauge her reaction, but couldn’t tell what she was thinking. All you could see was her calculating brown eyes and her, now slightly smudged, red lipstick.

“I don’t know Y/N, I’m just thinking about what everyone else would think.” You gasped a lightly and shook your head in exasperation. “What? I’m being serious.”

“I can tell Cheryl, but the one time you care about what others think is now? It’s just ridiculous.” You stared into her eyes and saw her flinch.

“So what if I care now? I care about you too,” her hand reached for yours one more, but you pulled it out of her grasp. You looked up at her again, seeing the hurt in your eyes. In the moment, you didn’t care about it. You were tired of hiding your love for her and wanted change. The very change Cheryl seemed very unwilling to make.

“Are you scared? Scared that your friends will leave you? What are you so scared of?” You taunted her, knowing that pressing would get you an answer. It always worked with Cheryl, without fail; this time was no different.

“I’m scared I’ll lose you!” Your breath caught at her shout. You swallowed hard as well, trying to recollect yourself.

“Why,” you asked quietly. You watched as her hand finally held yours. Her other hand went under your chin, pulling your face up to look into her eyes.

“Because I love you god dammit!” You both let out sad giggles at her words. Finally, that forbidden line had been crossed. You reached your arms around her neck, as hers wrapped around your torso.

“I love you too,” you whispered. Cheryl let out the breath she was holding and felt her whole body relax.

“I’ve lost so much already Y/N,” another breath, “I can’t bare the thought of losing you. Not after Jason…” You nodded against her shoulder. Holding her, knowing that she loved you as you loved her, was the best feeling in the world. It suddenly didn’t matter to you that you were both still going to be sneaking around. She was yours and you were hers; that’s all that mattered right now.

You pulled away from the hug, pressed a sweet kiss to her cheek. She gave you a smile as you wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered. She nodded, leaning in and pressing another kiss to your lips. She moved slower this time, not as quickly or as heated as before. It was a sensual, passionate kiss that was too short for your liking.

“I have Vixens practice,” Cheryl said as she pulled away. You nodded and she gave you a sweet smile. “Pop’s on Saturday, my place right?” You nodded at the plan, one you had made few days ago. “Maybe,” she said as she walked towards the door, “we can eat in the diner.” Your face lit up with a grin.

“I’d like that,” you said quickly and Cheryl smiled.

“I knew you would doll,” she blew you a kiss and opened the door. You let out a breath when she disappeared into the school. After all of that, you’d need a nice milkshake. You waited a few more moments before exiting the closet yourself, just to be sure. As you walked towards the school doors, you felt your phone buzz. You pulled it out of your pocket and looked at the text.

Jughead : Hey Y/n, sorry I haven’t been around much. What’s up?

You : I’m in love…

Jughead : …shit

A Sweet Proposal

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Title: A Sweet Proposal

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Sam, Dean

Word count: 1,376

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I hope everyone is having a great Sweet Treat Saturday! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!!

This was requested by @riversong-sam: Gabe x Reader maybe where he asks dean and sam for advice on how to propose? love your work btw

You and Gabriel had been together for three years now.  He loved you more than anything in the world.  He loved everything about you.  He wanted nothing more than to make you his forever.  There was one problem; he couldn’t think of a way to properly propose to you.  If there was one thing that stumped the archangel, it was this proposal.

Gabriel walked into the kitchen early that morning, knowing you would still be asleep.  He had long become accustomed to your habits.  He also knew Dean and Sam would be awake and eating breakfast.

“Gabriel,” Sam spoke with a quizzical tone.  “[Y/N] isn’t awake yet, but you should know that.”

“Yeah Gabriel,” Dean chimed in.  “Why are you here so early?  Even Cas isn’t here this early in the day.”

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Hello binches it’s my bday today and I’m getting myself lookin PRETTY for coffee with bf then I have classes and after classes meet up with friends and then I’m catching a late train back home where MORE PRESENTS AWAIT INCLUDING PACKAGE FROM LEO FOR WHICH IM SUPER EXCITED 😊 THIS IS GONNA BE A GOOD DAY AND SATURDAY IS FULL OF CELEBRATION TOO 🎉🎊🎁🎀🤗👌🙏😌

A Bittersweet Deal

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Title: A Bittersweet Deal

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,012

Warnings: angst

A/N: It’s Sweet Treat Saturday!!! I hope you all love this fic! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 <3

This was requested by @katiegangel: You make a deal with Lucifer to save Gabriel’s life. Lucifer has had his eye on you, but your heart is With Gabriel

When you first started hunting with the Winchesters, you didn’t know what you were getting into.  Even when you found out exactly what was going to happen, you didn’t want to leave.  You felt the need to stay, especially after meeting Gabriel.  It seemed to be love at first sight for the both of you.  You had only met his brother Lucifer once before.  You weren’t a fan of him, but for some reason he seemed to not want to hurt you.

When Gabriel busted into the room the other Gods held you, Sam, and Dean in, you were relieved.  He was not as relieved to see you.  He grabbed you, taking you into a corner across the room.

“What are you doing here [Y/N],” Gabriel asked in a hushed voice.  “You should have left Sam and Dean for your safety.  I told you they would put you in constant danger.”

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