keep creative and carry on


please, do not feel blah about your beautiful blog. I think a lot of people out there do wait for your posts, because they are intelligently chosen, funny, and show that you care. You know, as with all creative people, you may have little doubts about your work, but it will pass. Just look at it this way: You are putting smiles on people’s faces - that is a lot. And I hope it will give you something back in return: joy and inspiration. 

Best, srfh

Thanks :) It is a good way to look at it :)


I just got this beautiful new edition of Emma by Jane Austen. The illustrations are taken from the Macmillan edition (London, 1896). Hugh Thompson was the artist. There are a lot more illustrations in this book, here is only an example.

sweetrosefromhelstone these are for you, let me know if you want me to scan all of them and send them to you somehow ;)