Tarot Witch Tip

Bring your deck (or one of them!) everywhere. Keep one permanently in your backpack or purse or car glovebox because even the layperson will want to have their cards read.

And if they think it’s just for fun and some “mumbo jumbo”- who cares? You get the practice you want and the opportunity to show someone a craft you’re passionate about ✦✧✦

so the cats are home and and the surgeries went well. come 8pm and it’s time for their pain killers and they are allowed to have a little bit of food.

i get hamilton easy. he comes strolling over at the shake of their treat bag and i get his dose administered.

sweetpea just kinda peaks out from under the couch but won’t come out more than just sticking her paws out. and i can’t drag her out because it will pull at her stitches. i spent about half an hour sitting there with two treats and a dollop of wet food, trying to get her out… to no avail.

then hamilton looks under the couch and sees her. he crawls under and, after a couple minutes, they both come out together. that’s love, right there. he rescued his baby sister.

so i got her painkillers done too.

but…. omg my cats love each other so much and hamilton is such a protective big brother.