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favourite nail art blogs or youtubes? that post kind of same nail stuff as you

im sorry for how long it has taken me to answer this question. ive been thinking about this for WEEKS since receiving this question. to be honest, i actually DONT check out nail vloggers/youtube very much at all ?

personally i get my inspiration from japanese nail magazines and just playing around with techniques and trying to perfect them ? the few blogs id say i check are:

though im actually considering starting to post photos of the japanese nail magazines i use for inspiration ? 

My homage to Luuthienluv.

She’s one of my favorite nail artists. And was the one responsible to got me to really start to trying things, and most of all, joining tumblr.

I used for the pink polish Intuição from Ludurana, the holo brown is a fraken I made with Spectraflair. I hoping to the weather get more stable, and the sun shine so I can use it in my entire nail. Is a wonderful color. The white one, is nail art pen, and the other brown at hte end is a nameless number from one kind of obscure brand my mom got me calle OG. The gold is Blonde Bombshell from CG.       Hope you guyis enjoyed too.


Guys, I can’t believe I’ve been absent from showing my nails an entire week!

This one I made last friday, after seeing luuthienluv version, which I thought were very similar to the ones from madelines poole, and I thought why not try her tutorial. It wasn’t very successful, and, since I had troubles with the black polish, the thing did not  clean up! Hopefully it will work fantastic for stamping, I hope. In the end I remove it directly after taking the pictures. Let me know what you guys think about it