teehee more boy stuff

Ok so my dream lover Will (the one ive been telling you guys looks llike a combo of Colin O'donaghue and Henry Cavill ad nauseam) from my work told me my jeans looked good on me today. At the time I was flipping up the back of the pant leg so it wouldn’t get dirty, and I made a comment about how they were too long under my breath…..

Also later on today he put his hand on my back as he was walking by me. I was having a conversation with an associate and he was walking past. I guess it could have been just a polite “hey I’m behind you,don’t walk into ma” kinda thing. But in my experience  guys don’t touch you unless they want to touch you….. It was totally unnecessary, there was a big walkway so it’s not like we were in a hallway or something.      

texas-in-the-tardis am I totally pathetic? Lol I don’t care . ;)