Cameron smiled at Sydney’s text and set his phone back down on the poolside lounger, his hair and swim trunks dripping water. Instead of responding, he grabbed a towel and rubbed his hair and skin, toweling off most of the water still clinging to his body then threw the towel over his shoulder and picked up his phone for a second time. 

The walk to Sydney’s room was uneventful, it seemed that most of the other patients had gotten used to having a group of Hollywood actors and recording artists alongside them and those it didn’t, well it was easy to say that those people were probably new. 

He stopped outside of Sydney’s door and knocked. 

Willis Twins//Trip to the infirmary.

After the text, Spencer went to go wash his hands.  So far he had taken the stance of ‘ignore it and it might go away’ but now was time to face the music as it were.  He placed  his hand right arm under the faucet, and took a look.  That was probably a bad idea. Blood was always a trigger.  His blood just made it worse.  He was 16 all over again.  He was washing his hands in the guest bathroom.  There was no difference between the attackers blood, and his blood.  He could not make it go away.  He hiccuped, and started to cry. 

Apologies || Camney

Cameron looked around his new room, a new shiny blue wristband feeling heavy on his left wrist, the plastic clashing with the metal wristband of hist watch. The move had been easy, all his things had been packed up from his move from Yellow to Orange and it had only taken a few trips to move everything here. 

Sighing, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and turned it on, the screen displaying no new texts or missed calls. It was hard not talking to Sydney and he missed her badly; they might not see each other everyday, but there was a difference between not seeing someone but knowing that you could call them up or knock on their door and what they were doing now.

Deciding that unpacking is room could wait— after all with all the changes that were being made, he could be moved again— Cameron put his phone upstairs. The walk was a lot longer than he was used to and it wasn’t long before his brisk walk turned into a full sprint, up the last set of stairs and down the hall. He stopped in front of Sydney’s door and knocked urgently. 

Lunch Date || Camney

Excited about the prospect of getting out the asylum for the first time and of getting to spend even more time with Sydney, Cameron woke up even earlier than usual the day of their outing into town. The morning was cold a quiet, the grounds of the asylum covered with even more snow from the previous night’s dusting, but the forecast said it was supposed to be clear until that night; the actor was thankful for small miracles. 

Cameron managed to fit in a quick workout and breakfast before heading back to his room to shower and get dressed for his venture into the outside world; although not a date (it wasn’t right?) he still wanted to look his best— fans could spot him at anytime, pictures could find their way onto the internet and above all, not so deep down, Cameron wanted to show Sydney that he dressed better than the jeans and sweatshirts she’d seen him in. As such his outfit was classy while still being casual. 

At five minutes to noon, he was ready, fully charged phone— as per administration orders— and wallet stuck in back pocket of his jeans. After a brief double check to insure he hadn’t left or missed anything, Cameron headed down to Sydney’s floor and knocked on her door.  

Total Breakdown || Camney

Once the car taking Lacey to the airport was gone, Cameron headed back inside, desperately trying to hold back the avalanche of emotions that was threatening to consume him until he could let them out in the privacy of his room; even as it was, Cameron had tears falling down his face. Blessfully, most of the asylum were huddled in their rooms under blankets, by the rec room fire or else, enjoying the fresh snow that coated the grounds the night before. The halls were empty and no one was around to see Cameron.

Halfway up the stairs between the boys yellow and girls orange floors, Cameron broke down, remembering that Lacey had drawn Hallie a picture that she wanted Cameron to pass on to the older girl. The picture was done in several bright crayon colors; Lacey had hoped that the bright shades might cheer Hallie up. 

The barriers holding back Cameron’s emotions broke at this thought, such a simple yet sweet gesture, his little sister trying to make a distraught Hallie. There were countless pictures pinned to the bulletin board in Cameron’s home office that were for the same purpose.

Cameron’s knees buckled and he curled up on the staircase steps, body trembling and tears falling from his eyes. He had just given up his baby sister, the thought and the impact of his actions hadn’t hit him until now. Logically for weeks he had reasoned the pros and cons of his decision but now that he would never see the girl under his care again, the true impact had caught up with Cameron who was a mess on the floor. 

Celebration || Camney

Cameron did as he was instructed and began getting ready for his evening with Sydney; he went about it in the same way the he got ready for events in LA. Once clean, Cameron spent several minutes standing in front of his bed, two different suits laid out in front of him, unsure which he wanted to wear. 

Both made him look good, both were tailored to fit him perfectly but one was classier, more elegant, Academy Awards red carpet esque; the other was still nice but more easily dressed down, more like something his character Wyatt— the bad boy— would wear. Less elegant, more fuck me sexy. 

Deciding that the second suit was the way to go, Cameron quickly dressed, did his hair and sprayed some cologne over himself, double checking that his appearance was what he wanted it to be.  

Checking his watch, Cameron grabbed a bouquet of sweet smelling flowers and  a small package wrapped in bright yellow wrapping paper with a white bow adorning the top. Items in hand, he headed out the door and down to Sydney’s room where he knocked on the door at his watch showed eight. 

Christmas Shopping//Willis Twins

Spencer was sure that Carol would eventually get tired of him.  But he was a bit happy because his latest infirmary visit left him without two casts.  Spencer rubbed his left wrist, and cautiously put some weight on his left foot.  Carol gave him a cane, and told him to use it ‘or else’.  The reigning theory to why Spencer kept on having hallucinations, that perhaps the airborne drug had entered into his blood stream.  Apparently that’s what you get from taking deep breaths, Spencer thought.  Merry Christmas to him? 

But that all didn’t matter, because he was going shopping with his sister.  He was going to put all of that behind him, and try to be normal for once.  Well as normal as a stuttering, 20 year old with a cane could be.  Carol even gave him a fresh inhaler and a new anti-depressant.  He took it, because the least he could do for his sister is be happy, today.

Spencer made his way slowly to Sydney’s door, waiting for the stuff to kick in.  He rapped on it lightly.  

Willis Twins: Iron Man

Spencer came over to Sydney’s room with the movie Iron Man 3 (it had a PTSD hero and that made it cooler than any other superhero movies); his bag with his most recent sketches; his camera; and his kitten.  Spencer had been feeling good lately, maybe the cocktail finally got perfected. But he felt, it was more or less because of school.  Though it had taken him some time, and he still had some issues with some students, he had also made himself a little niche at school, and had friends.  Spencer had decided, while watching the fireworks on the 4th of July, it might be time, or maybe even past time to fight for his independence too.  But first in his mind, always, was his sister.  He didn’t think he could just…leave her at Dalton, so before he talked to all of the other people of the world, he went to talk to her, to see if she thought it was a good idea. 

Willis Twins: Breakfast

Spencer had ‘borrowed’ a waffle iron from the kitchen to make his waffles.  He fixed Sydney a plate of bacon, just like it was his custom.  Spencer poured some orange juice for the both of them, figuring it was a 'go back to sleep’ after breakfast day, not a 'get hacked up on caffine’ day.  Spencer had not really slept since his visit with Nathan and the effects were starting to wear on his face.  Despite the dark circles though, he still whipped around the kitchen with ease. 

Willis Twins//Letters to home.

Spencer did not want to worry his sister.  He just had two broken bones, he would mend.  The infirmary would not let him leave.  All of the nursed knew about his rounds, and they said it was best if he did not over do it.  It made Spencer want to bash his head in.  Spencer was bored, and hurt.  Then came the weeks challenge, and he was nervous.  What on earth was he supposed to write home? 

The Results are in//Willis Twins

Spencer had rushed to his room as soon as the mail arrived.  Two packaged had come in for him, which was a pretty big thing just in itself. However one of said packages was from the local college, and that was far enough for him.  Spencer had always heard that a big envelope meant good news.  He discarded his birthday package from his parents, on to the bed, and tore open the other one.  He had meant to wait.  Waiting was hard.  Spencer was pretty sure he had scared half of the asylum with the noise he made.  It certainly did send Wilhelm running under the bed.  He texted Sydney as his first thought, and now waited on her.  He read the letter again, trying to make sure it was still the same. 

One more song?

Spener laid on his bed, working on his sketch.  It was different, because this time it had to be perfect.  Likewise his painting was on its easel, part way done.  It was supposed to be a garden for Merril, but it ended up more or less as mad splashes of paint and experiments mixing colors than any garden.  But the painting perfectly reflected his feeling, his confusion about what was going on in his head. 

He waited for Sydney, the person who knew him better than anyone.  He was going to tell her everything.  Sometimes he wondered why Ford didn’t invite her to therapy.  Maybe it had something to do with broken chairs. 

The great phone exchange // Willis Twins

Spencer had his fill of Hunters.  Morgan Powell, his roommate was annoying.  Wasn’t this Sadie Moore a hunter too?  Dwight was okay, Spencer still think that he was harmless, generally speaking.  He would just have to have a very long talk with him, about things.  Spencer still felt sick, whenever he thought about what Dwight did with his sister.  Thinking about his sister that way was…ug….he didn’t want to think about it today.  He made his way to Sydney’s new room and gently rapped on the door. 

Sibling Talk || Cameron & Sydney

Cameron found the letter that Spencer had left him and didn’t know what to do or how to react. Clark had told Cameron about what happened between Nathan, Spencer and Logan and although he had been disappointed in both Logan and Spencer, he he hand’t thought much of it. 

Until now. 

He wanted to talk to Spencer but had no idea what was going on in the other boy’s mind, nor did he know what kind of state he was in. If they had been dating still, Nathan would have been the one Cam would have gone to, but clearly that wasn’t an option for obvious reasons. 

The only other person that Cameron could think of speaking to was Sydney, Spencer’s twin. Logically, she should have been his first choice, seeing as they seemed as close and himself and Lacey, however, he hardly knew the girl, only been given the opportunity to speak to her on a few occasions and didn’t want to bother her if Spencer was really alright. 

He tired texting the other boy, but when he received no answer, Cam knew what he had to do. 

Deciding that he’d rather have an annoyed Sydney on his hands than a potentially hurt Spencer, Cameron decided to take the risk of bothering her. He tucked Lacey into bed and made her swear that under no circumstance was she to leave the room, then left, locking the door behind him. With the letter in hand, he strode quickly and purposefully down one level, located Sydney’s room and knocked on the door.