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Now: A Requested Draco Malfoy Imagine

Requested by happybullshitter:
Can I have another? Another Draco one shot where the reader and his are secretly dating (I’m in slytherin and mudblood) and she’s really badly bullied for being a mudblood and she keeps it from Draco and one day he walks into the common room to see people surrounding someone and he walks over laughing only to find out it’s the reader having insults thrown at her and he stops them and tells everyone they’re dating and no one bullies her after that cause they’re all afraid of Draco. Just really fluffy please.

I’m sorry for uploading so late! I hope you like it!

Two lovers lay in the middle of the meadows, his arms wrapped around her waist, and her head on his chest. At half-past 12, you would expect two prefects to be doing their rounds or, better yet, sleeping.

“We can tell everyone, you know,” Draco told (Y/N), breaking the comfortable silence and playing with her hair. “I’m not ashamed.”

“Draco,” she told him, placing a kiss on his lips. “You have a reputation to hold, don’t you? And your parents, Draco. They won’t approve.”

“I don’t care. I love you, and I’m tired of hiding it from everyone,” he told her, putting her hand in his. “I love you,” he said again, gentler. Smiling, she gave his hands a squeeze.

“They don’t have to know. It’s not important.”

“It’s important to me,” he told her, and they watched the stars in silence once more. Tomorrow, they would act like they did not know the other. Tomorrow, they could not talk to the other without formalities. Tomorrow, they would be strangers once more.

But they had tonight, and they would spend it wrapped around each other’s arms, whispering silent declarations of love. It was not often that they had the chance to spend nights together. What, with the war heightening. And they cherished each moment they had with the other.

Some days, they could only manage to look at the other momentarily before they had to return to whatever they were doing. Other days, Draco could only manage a peck on her lips in a secluded area. On the luckiest days, they had a few minutes - sometimes an hour - to themselves.

The Prince of Slytherin always had been a busy person.

“We’ll tell them when the time is right,” she tells him, standing. “It’s time to go back to reality.”

Reality has never been too kind to Draco.

“Filthy mudblood,” spat a Slytherin girl, “I don’t know why you’re here. Filthy,” she spit at her.

“No one likes you,” said another, shoving her, making her drop her books. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes. She felt stupid. She heard these insults everyday for the last few years. It shouldn’t affect her, but they did.

Her words rang in her ears in the worst times, during class, while eating. It was terrible, and she has to cry herself to sleep most nights.

She shielded Draco from all of this. She knew he would do something rash and she would love him for it, but it could be dangerous. Being associated with Muggle-borns have been known to be hazardous to your health, did you know?

What more being in love with one?

Draco had his own problems, and he did not need her shallow ones to add to the count. “Stupid,” spat another, bringing her back to reality. She groaned and rolled her eyes, leaving hastily for the exit. “Levicorpus!” Pansy Parkinson shouted, making her float upside down. She could hear the sound of laughter, and she was thankful that Draco called in sick. 

She closed her eyes, and tried her best to block out all the noise. This was nothing but a constant reminder of their improbability, of the impossibility of their relationship.

“Ms. Parkinson! 10 points from Slytherin,” shouted McGonagall, the famed Transfiguration teacher. She felt the movement of students under her, and, much to her luck, she was eased down gently. 

“Professor,” she began, fixing her dress and brushing off some dust, “I-” 

“No need to explain,” McGonagall tells her sweetly, “It must be difficult to be an outsider to your house, considering it’s supposed to be your family.” 

“It’s not all that bad, really,” she mutters, her thoughts drifting to Draco. 

“Well, it’s hardly time for chit-chat, don’t you think? Off to the Great Hall. It’s time for dinner,” she told her, shooing her away. She felt full and decided that dinner would go fine without her there. 

Clutching her books tightly to her chest, she headed for the common room. She took the time alone to get ready to sleep, knowing well what happens when she showers with the others. After a long while of reading whilst the others prepared themselves for bed, she put her book down and rubbed her eyes, deciding it was time for her to snuggle deep within her covers. 

Of course, nothing good ever came easy. 

As she reached the stairs that led to her dorm room, she felt a hand grasp the back of her collar roughly, her throat tightened and she pulled down roughly. 

“You’re gonna sleep, mudblood?” Pansy, oh sweet, kind Pansy, taunted her. It felt almost natural - as if she deserved it. And maybe she did, maybe she did. 

“Mudbloods are weak,” said one of Pansy’s friends, as she stood up. She felt someone shove her from behind. There was definitely a crowd forming around them, wanting to join in the fun. 

She tried to block out the noise - tried to forget where she was, and who she was with. She tried to forget them, she tried to focus on what she had, the things she loved. 

Ringing in her ears was a laugh, a happy, melodious laugh that belonged only to him. It sounded too real to be a phantom of her imagination, too real to be a memory… Too forced to be sincere. 

She opened her eyes, and scanned the room for his. Finally resting her gaze resting on striking, blond hair, she hoped he wouldn’t see her, weak and cowering. But he did. 

A rush of anger burned against his body when he saw who the victim was, and he started to push against the crowd, fighting to get to her. She wanted him to stop, to decide against it. This was not something he had to risk his reputation and protection for; this was her problem - and hers alone. 

“Move,” hissed Draco, as he found his way to her. The crowd stopped taunting her, a soft buzz of murmur as Draco helped her stand up and held her hand tightly in his. He looked at Pansy - glared - and she shifted her feet, clearly uncomfortable, “Just what do you think you’re doing?” 

“The Mudblood-,” she started, ready to defend her actions.

“Don’t ever call her that again,” he whispered, his tone cold and deadly. A million things rushed to her mind. Surely, this will not go unnoticed by his parents. All his friends… They could abandon him. 

“What’s your deal, Draco?” Crabbe asked, glaring at the girl behind him. 

“My deal is that you’re hurting my girlfriend,” he told everyone and her heart sunk to her stomach. This was stupid of him, even he knew that. She tried to pull his arm, make him stop, eat his words. It was a lost cause, but a cause she would fight for, nonetheless. 

“Draco,” she whispered, and he squeezed her hand even tighter. 

“I’m tired of hiding it. She’s my girlfriend,” he shouted, and she worried about him. How would his parents react? Would they be fine with it? What about his friends? What about Slytherin? She was already shunned, she couldn’t bear if he was, too. 

He led her just outside their common room, and before she could ask him questions, and before she could tell him why she didn’t tell him, his lips were on hers and all her worries seemed to slip away. Butterflies filled her stomach, and her heart began to beat faster.

It was the type of magic that even Hogwarts could not teach. 

“I’m not scared,” he said after breaking the kiss. “We’ll be okay.” 

“Do you promise?” 

“I promise.” 

The days after were much easier than she ever thought. Her initial hypothesis of his parents disapproving were proven to be correct, though, but he didn’t seem to mind. 

They spent more time together than anything else, and she was happy. 

They both knew the risk, they both knew what might happen. They were not blinded by a fairytale fantasy. But they refused to linger on the thought. What was important was the now - and, now, they had each other, and, now, they were okay. 

Now… Now was a good time be in. 

I hope you guys liked it! 

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