To meet a pond (closed rp with sweet-little-amy-pond )

Rose has been having quite a few conversations with the TARDIS about the Doctors companions after she left.  The one’s that interested her the most would be the Ponds, just to normal human beings how helped the newly changed Doctor find himself again with a family.  She knew she had to meet them, she coordinated her time jumper to the year the TARDIS gave her and activated it.  She arrived shakily in front of a town house.

Outside was a nice car and she could see someone inside.  "Well let’s hope this is the right place.“ Rose stated, she walked up on the door and knocked three times.  She only knew them by name, she had never seen them before so she hoped that no one would question a stranger asking about them.  When the door opened Rose smiled warmly "Excuse me is this the Pond residence?” Rose asked sliding her jacket over her vortex manipulator.