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Someone pointed out your blog to me because you might have had this problem too. I want to remain anon. I like my roleplay partner a lot more than I should but don't think they return the feelings. I want to remain partners but think I should be honest with them. Some have said I shouldn't be. Is there a good way to handle this?

You know, it’s actually really, really easy to get confused between real feelings and what you get from RP. It’s intensive fiction, very hands-on and personal; not many people can RP extensively and not end up with some residual emotions because of what they’ve been writing and vicariously experiencing.

I’ve had to take a step back a couple of times myself, you’re right. And it’s usually pretty easy to figure out when it is you have genuine feelings for the person behind the character and when you’re mistaking the player FOR the character.

(I’ve seen the latter happen so many times that it’s bordering on absurd, so don’t be surprised if this is your case. Seriously, it happens to a lot of people and ALL the time.)

Here’s what I’d recommend. (And this is gonna get long, so we’ll do a ‘read more’ here.)

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY VITYA!!!! *sorry I’m a bit late, but is here <3* I know the best gift is your japanese beauty: Yuuri! 

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