Sweetie of the Day - January 22nd, 2014

For a quick sweet mid-week pick-me-up for today, we have Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars fame.

A viewer (identified only as “J”) wrote in, offering to sell his Gameboy for $30. J is a young boy with autism who is a huge fan of the show, and was encouraged to write a letter by his mother. J received a sweet and thoughtful response regarding the Gameboy as well as payment and a “donation” of the Gameboy.

For taking the time and the $30 to give a kind and thoughtful response to J, Rick Harrison is our sweetie of the day.

Read more about it at this thread


Sweetie of the Day - January 28th, 2014

Today’s sweetie is Derrick L. Coleman Jr. of the Seahawks, NFL’s first legally deaf player, for an adorable exchange with a young fan.

The Kovalcik family has two young twin girls who are very into football and were Seahawks fans. After learning Coleman’s story, little Riley Kovalcik was inspired to write him a letter telling him that she had faith in him, that he did a good job in his games, and that they had something in common — they both wore hearing aids. Riley’s father then tweeted the letter.

Coleman tweeted a letter in response, thanking and encouraging her to follow her dreams, stating that he had faith in her and her twin sister as well, and extending an invitation to them for sports or games if they were in the area.

For being an inspiration to fans everywhere with hearing aids and encouraging others to chase their dreams, Derrick L. Coleman Jr. is our sweetie of the day!

Take a look at the story here, or Derrick’s twitter or the Kovalcik girls’ father’s twitter.


Sweetie of the Day - December 22, 2013

Today’s sweetie are two guys with the YouTube channel HiddenReaction for an especially sweet video.called How To Be A Superhero.

Kyle Nutt and Zade Abdullah donned some cool skin-tight spandex and some capes and went around their community, performing random acts of kindness for strangers, from chatting up kids to come up with superhero names (one of them has been dubbed Peaceman), handing out doughnuts, giving away flowers, and helping pay for other people’s purchases, in order to try and get people to smile.

The video is sure to make you smile, and possibly even tear up - we know we did at the end.

For their generosity and eagerness to lead and urge others to do the same for their communities, Kyle and Zade are today’s sweeties of the day.