sweetie poo

After Yuuri begins living with Victor, Yurio develops this habit of coming into their house uninvited and unannounced (they still don’t know how he got a key), crashing on their couch, watching their tv, eating their food, and generally just acting like he owns the place. They enjoy his company, of course (even if they never asked for it), but that doesn’t mean they don’t also love getting on his nerves. For example, when Yurio gets too moody, Victor and Yuuri start talking to each other in this disgustingly sweet sort of way that makes Yurio’s skin crawl. For example…

Victor: “Oh, sweetie poo~!”

Yuuri: “Yes, my darling sugarbuns?”

Yurio: … *glaring at them from the couch*

Victor: “Be a lamb and put on some tea for me?”

Yuuri: “Why of course, my adowable widdle chocowate covewed wovebug!”

Yurio: “… Guys.”

Victor: “I wuv you SOOOOOOOO much, my wuvey duvey cutesy wootsy shishi poopoo-”

Yurio: “Guys.

Victor: “-teensy weensy tinky winky oopsy doopsy-”

Yurio: “GUYS.

Victor: “-muffin wuffin shmoopsy googly moogly Yuuri-bear! GIMME SOME SUGAH!”

Yurio: “GOOD. BYE.


// heads up, I know there’s already a rafe HC like this but I just !!! //

- before trying for a child, Sam and his s/o agree to get a dog, you know, to practice
- it was going to be a puppy, but his s/o went and picked up a lil 3 y/o pupper from the pound w/o getting Sam’s go ahead
- when his s/o walks in with it, the first words that come out of his mouth would be “that’s not a dog [y/n], that’s a rat”
- though, after a few weeks go by Sam grows more and more attached to it
- next thing you know, you’ll see this rugged, cigarette smoking sexy ass man aka Sam Drake walking around with his little pupper tucked under his arm

I swear she’s almost as bad as Spike!

As for your other question: If you poured Kool Aid over me, nothing would happen AS I AM A PERFECTLY NORMAL SENTIENT BIOLOGICAL LIFE-FORM.

(( Got bored waiting for Griffin to send me the voice-over audio files, so I did another normal update.

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Here's what Jenna said in the live rehearsal today when someone tweeted asking if she had seen Meryl lately... "Yes, I actually had dinner with her this past week and we caught up a little bit. She's doing ah-mazing...aaand I think she's going to be back next week so (looks to Emma who is happy) I know, I'm excited. She's the best. And she's a little sweetie poo. We love her! We love Merylllllll." :) #MennaLove

Thanks Anon!