sweetie pie angel face

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Reaction to s/o calling them cutesy couple pet names in front of other brothers (babe, honey, sweetie. cutie pie, Pumpkin, Angel Face, you know that sort of thing)

Osomatsu was mostly fine with you calling him pet names in front of his brothers, until you began saying the more embarrassing ones. He always covered your mouth when you were about to say them, and it was almost scary how often and easily he could tell.

Karamatsu took on the pet names in pride. When his brothers made fun of the nicknames, he would stand proud and tall, saying, “That’s right! I’m their honey pie!” Of course, he wouldn’t let you get away with pet names unless you let him get away with his own share.

One thing that guaranteed a reaction from Choromatsu was pet names. He would always blush and smile if it was just the two of you, but he snapped when you called him the pet names around his brothers. His brothers took advantage of knowing the names.

The most common pet name for Ichimatsu was “kitten,” which he secretly liked being called (although he’d never admit that). When you started calling him that in front of his brothers, they took up the nickname to tease him. Having your brothers call you “kitten” gets really annoying.

Jyushimatsu loved the pet names. He didn’t find any of them embarrassing. In fact, he thought they were cute! His brothers thought it was endearing, and didn’t want to make fun of Jyushimatsu, anyways. Admittedly, they were jealous that they didn’t have a significant other to use pet names on.

Todomatsu didn’t mind the pet names at all. In fact, he sometimes used the same on you! The ones he did mind, however, were the one made especially for him. He knew his brothers would laugh their asses off at the clever pun or reference made with the nickname, and they would use it often.