sweetie knight

Grasping onto each other’s hand as we once again fight through this life, this fate, together. Always together. ♥

Requested and dedicated to our fandom’s radiant star, the brilliant translator, @lavenduladream  ♥

Marj and Felicia being Oblivious to Flirting gay friends

i just remembered Felicia is also oblivious to innuendo (or at least, from what i remember of her and niles’ c support)

not oblivious to her feelings but to flirting, maybe. RIP Scarlet for being like a fairly obvious flirt and Felicia not quite getting it

like Azura isn’t making any obvious advances it’s other people throwing innuendo between her and Marj

Scarlet is actually trying to Flirt

I have a list on my computer that’s called “Shitty’s potential name”. The list is in 3 parts - pretentious rich-guy-names, strange european-names-no-american-can-pronounce and ridiculous white-guy-names. I refuse to believe Shitty’s name is something that doesn’t fit into at least one of those categories. 

Daddy’s Girl (S.Coups)

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Seungcheol was definitely the strong type, able to withstand anything that got thrown his way. Finding out you were pregnant? Great! Discovering the gender was a girl? He cried tears of joy but still great! Having to go to the convenient store at midnight because you craved pickles and Nutella? Questionable taste but he did it! And when his baby girl decided to be unconventional and dress up as a knight, as opposed to a princess, you can bet he didn’t even flinch.

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sebastian vael is from starkhaven and he’s a sweetie, and knight-captain rylen is from starkhaven and he’s a sweetie, and belinda darrow is from starkhaven and she’s a sweetie, and bram kenric is from starkhaven and he’s a sweetie, and amadis vael is from starkhaven and she’s a sweetie,