sweetie knight

Grasping onto each other’s hand as we once again fight through this life, this fate, together. Always together. ♥

Requested and dedicated to our fandom’s radiant star, the brilliant translator, @lavenduladream  ♥

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i have been reading all the angst with happy ending i think i need a new one do u know any new angst with happy ending?

all out for the war

A Penny for your Thoughts?

You’ve Got Me Fiendin’ and I’m Ready to Blow

Sleep, sweetie

The Knight and The Prince



Alone Together. Again.

but for you, who is so much softer than me.



I’m just givin’ you all I’ve got to give (it’s yours)

we’re building towers high enough to see the clouds

I can see your collarbones (and baby I’m scared)

The Moon and His Sun

Deadly Dreams

Rain and Compulsion

Are you tired of me?

YoonMin | Save Me

내 피 땀 눈물 (take them away)

I Can’t Do This On My Own

we bloom till it gets cold

Home, Sweet Home

just a normal tuesday afternoon

min yoongi & park jimin

Cold hands and warm hearts

Maybe Black Coffee Isn’t So Bad

Seasons to fall

-admin y

“Moon dust in your lungs

Stars in your eyes

You are a child of the cosmos

A ruler of the skies.”

Happy Birthday Kristina!

@thetragicking - You are honestly just such an amazing, lovely, funny, and beautiful human being that you deserve the world for your birthday. I’ve loved all the memories we’ve made with each other and I can’t get enough of your sassy ways. I wish you all the best and hope that today is a special one for you. I love you with all my heart sweetie! ♡ 

Daddy’s Girl (S.Coups)

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Seungcheol was definitely the strong type, able to withstand anything that got thrown his way. Finding out you were pregnant? Great! Discovering the gender was a girl? He cried tears of joy but still great! Having to go to the convenient store at midnight because you craved pickles and Nutella? Questionable taste but he did it! And when his baby girl decided to be unconventional and dress up as a knight, as opposed to a princess, you can bet he didn’t even flinch.

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I have a list on my computer that’s called “Shitty’s potential name”. The list is in 3 parts - pretentious rich-guy-names, strange european-names-no-american-can-pronounce and ridiculous white-guy-names. I refuse to believe Shitty’s name is something that doesn’t fit into at least one of those categories. 

sebastian vael is from starkhaven and he’s a sweetie, and knight-captain rylen is from starkhaven and he’s a sweetie, and belinda darrow is from starkhaven and she’s a sweetie, and bram kenric is from starkhaven and he’s a sweetie, and amadis vael is from starkhaven and she’s a sweetie,