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FFXV - Kitty!Au - Ravus


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You had called a local breeder in the area, as you were looking to add a specific breed of cat to your life. A chocolate point siamese. There was just something about how regal they looked that you had to have one, and you figured the boys and Iris wouldn’t mind.

They mentioned they had a pair, siblings - but one was damaged goods.

You frowned. “I’ll take them both.”

“Are you sure, he’s not…”

“I said, I will take them both.”

Angrily ending the call you huffed. “Damaged goods…. We’ll see about that.”

You rushed over to the breeder’s home, and gently scooped the pair of siblings up, knowing they would work well with your Clowder.

“Come on beauties, let’s go home.”

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🔊🔊 Volume up to hear us meowing impatiently for our breakfast! 🍴🍩 The higher pitched meows are Bear. 🐱🎶 | Credit here

My part of a Art trade i’m doing with Honey bee @kveikjum!! Holy glob we hadn’t done any art for each other in so long its super nice to do a AT with her ;v; She asked for Anders from Dragon Age♡

I had so much fun drawing him >v< ///plus its fun drawing new things too! I hope you like it big bro♡