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Hiii!!! i love your blog and your sanders sides fics give me life <3 i was wondering if you could do some fluff since there's a lot of angsty fics. maybe like a sickfic or something (ily and your blog so much and you're a total cutie :D)

Gah thank you sweetie!

You didn’t tell me who you wanted so you get LAMP human AU, hope that’s ok

Patton was just getting home from a late shift, when he opened the door to his apartment, surprised to still see lights on. And saw what looked to be an explosion.

Roman lay cradled against Logan on the couch under a pile of blankets and discarded tissues. He was snoring slightly and his red nose stood out against his paler than normal face. Behind them the kitchen was a disaster, discarded pans and half chopped ingredients littered the countertop and a soup pot was boiling over on the stove as Anxiety studied a recipe.

“What happened in here?” he asked somewhat shocked. When he had left that morning everything had been fine.

“What happened?” Anxiety echoed, sounding like he had been pushed well past being annoyed, “ what happened was Princey over there got a little cold and has been a royal pain on the ass ever since. Seriously, I made Logan come home early because I just couldn’t take it anymore.” He huffed, pulling the soup off the stove and sloshing it into a bowl. “Give that to him, will you? I need a break.” Patton watched wide-eyed as Ann stormed off.

He gave the soup a cautious sniff, wanting to make sure it was in fact fit for human consumption, before walking back into the living room. He set the soup down on the coffee table quietly upon realizing that Logan had also drifted off. He reached forward in an attempt to gently pull his glasses off without waking him. Which of course failed as Lo jolted awake, blinking at him in confusion a few times.

“Hey, how was work?” he yawned at him.

“Same old. How was your day? Sounds like its pretty bad if Ann made you come home early.” Logan just smiled at that.

“ the only person more dramatic than Roman, is Anxiety. I mean yes Ro was pretty fussy and demanding today, but Ann was convinced Roman was on his deathbed. I tell you those two just feed into each others fantasies. ”

Pat nodded in agreement, running a hand over Romans forehead to assure himself that the other wasn’t to terribly sick.

“Do we dare try and feed him this soup, or should we just get him upstairs.” he said with a slight chuckle, holding the soup up for Logan to inspect.

“Ugh. Roman did request chicken noodle soup, but I’m not sure that qualifies.”

Patton laughed again, running his hands through Romans hair. “Roman? ”

The sick man just grumbled in his sleep and turned his face into Logan’s chest. “Come on hun, lets get you up into bed.” he said and began peeling off the blankets.

“ Noooo” Ro moaned as Logan stood up, dislodging him from his lap. Patton took his hands and pulled him to a standing position.

“Oh Pats, I do not feel well at all.”

“Tell me what’s wrong.” he slipped an arm around his waist and began guiding him to the stairs.

“I’m all stuffed up, and my throat is scratchy. My head feels so heavy it may just fall off. ”

“I’m sorry baby” he cooed, knowing that’s all Roman really wanted. “I think I’ve got some vapo rub, do you want some before you go to bed?”

Roman nodded pathetically, sitting dejectedly on the side of the bed, where Ann was (pretending to be) asleep. Quickly he ducked into the bathroom looking for the desired medicine, but by the time he got back Prince was already asleep, Anxiety wrapped tightly around him. Pat sighed and set the jar down on the side table for later.

He made his way down the stairs slowly, exhausted from his long work day. Logan was already down there, cleaning up tissues and folding blankets. Patton looked at the kitchen and sighed again.

“Just leave it.” Logan said, coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around his waist. “Ann can get it in the morning.” he felt that was unlikely to happen, but followed Logan up the stairs anyways collapsing onto the bed behind him.


“Rise and shine” Roman said cheerfully, throwing open the curtains. His greeting was meet with triplet groans as it was early, even by Pat’s standards.

“I see your feeling better.” Logan grumbled into his pillow.

“Yes of course, every one knows that cuddles are the best cure for a cold.” He proclaimed with his usual flair.

Ann reached out blindly, finding Pat and gluing himself to his back.

“I’m dying.” he said past the scratchiness in his throat before coughing into his elbow and groaning miserably.

Here we go again, Patton thought.

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Hi Keiid and hope you're doing well! I'm just a curious 20y/o gal from sweden who wonder what pencils you are using for your sketches? HB? H2? etc. OwO and also, I love your art and when I feel down it makes me happy to look at it, so thank you sweetie for making me see the bright side on things when darkness surrounds me! Have a great day and take care of yourself! Much love! <3

Thank you so much!! <3

Those are the pens I use the most! F and HB for sketchs, B to lineart, and two fin tip marker for the clean version ( 01 and 0,05 ) 

I hope it helps you! :D

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I finally talked to my crush! I haven't told him my name yet but he knows I like him and that I go to his school. He's so cheesy and sweet. He's letting me take my time in coming out to tell him who I am. I'm so happy! He calls me beautiful and cute even though he doesn't know who o am. I feel so happy (my anxiety makes me super awkward but I'm doing it slowly!) I'm blessed to have a couple of online friends who were willing to talk to him beforehand. I hope you have a wonderful day 💗

            This blog is a month old, within this short period of time, I have met some wonderful people who have been so kind and caring towards me. I was made to feel at home here straight away and I want to thank everyone that follows me for doing so. This post is just a small thank you to certain people who have made my experience on here wonderful. If your name doesn’t pop up on here that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate you, I love everyone here.

The sweeties:

@commandodaddy76 ; No surprise here, when you first followed me back and messaged me I was so excited okay, I really loved your writing and portrayal of Jack, who would have known that we were to become boos? Seriously you’ve been so wonderful to me and made me eel right at home in this fandom, I’m happy to be your main and you be mine. Thank you ♥

@silver-haired-76 ; You’re so precious okay, I have a terrible memory so I can’t remember how we first started talking but I’m glad we did, plus we started off with the best thread xD I love talking with you, you’re just so sweet and down to earth it’s great plus I love how you portray Jack and how our precious dads get along! It’s a pleasure to rp and talk to you!  

@mishmxshmush ; We just hit it off straight away, well I say that it was more like your tortured me and I secretly loved it. Truthfully, I wasn’t really big on MercyKill, It was more Mercy76 in my eyes, but you expanded my horizons and now I love the concept of it. Your angst may kill me but it also gives me life. 

         I speak with you three practically every day I always love seeing either replies or just messages from all of you and I’m sorry for being an old man when it comes to replies I know I’m slow af, but thank you for sticking around with me.

Honourable mentions:

          These are the people I have either roleplayed with, or I watch from afar and admire. I love all of you and your muses. I just want to thank everyone who has rped with me and welcomed me into this fandom.
@genji-needs-healing, @defensedva, @oldsoldixrsneverdie, @shoukcn, @simple-geometry, @failureoftalon, @ridesagain, @pistolbound, @friedenswachter

          If you’re not mentioned in here that doesn’t mean I love you any less. You’re all amazing.