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OMG I LOVE THE CLEANING INJURIES HC AHQJKADIAOS can I request the same with cutie Tamaki?? ❤️😍 the both ways 🖤🖤

Naw, sweetie, thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed those headcanons! They were admittedly fun to write about but you know what? This was too! I hope you enjoy them and don’t forget to let me know what you think aout them my lil’ sapling! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day!

- Momma Eclipse 🌱🌱🌱

Getting Bandaged:

🐙 He’s a blushing mess while you bandage his wounds, he’s good and he sits still for you but he can’t actually look at you right now either!

🐙 The entire time is silence but thankfully it isn’t a bad silence, more of a comfortable one!

🐙 It isn’t often he gets hurt enough for stitches but if he does, he trusts you completely, he knows you aren’t going to hurt him on purpose and he will do his best to stay still for you.

🐙 He might occasionally mumble something to you but since he’s embarrassed, you aren’t going to be able to understand it.

🐙 “…Thank you, I’ll be fine next time…n-no I will…I k-know you ha-hate seeing me like…like this”

Bandaging You:

🐙 The shy lil’ octopus is so gentle with you while he’s bandaging you, it isn’t even funny!

🐙 If you make a noise of discomfort, he’s quick to look at you and ask you exactly what hurt, how badly it hurt and if he should take you to see someone about it.

🐙 While Tamaki is bandaging you, it’s best if you talk to him about random things, otherwise he gets worried and his nerves/thoughts get to him.

🐙 Once he’s finished bandaging you, he’ll very shyly kiss your forehead; almost like a declaration of his task being finished with.

🐙 “Could you…tr-try to b-be more careful n-next time?”

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank for for 1k! I’ve only had this blog for about two months, and I’ve already come so far. I love you all so much! And to thank you, I will be doing blog rates!

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Honestly, she is the sweetest person ever. She was also one of my first friends I made on here! She met me when I barely had 50 followers.

Holy shit, Jazzy here is so amazing. She invited me to a group and helped me meet all these amazing people. She helped me get the courage to start being more Social.

They are just a giant bundle of love and sweetness and I love them.

Oof, they’re my meme dealer. They’re always tagging me in the best things, and asking the cutest, yet weirdest questions and I love it.

Don’t even get me started on this babe right here. She is the sweetest, funniest and most amazing girl I know. She is also my very best friend now and I love her. She also makes me 20% gayer hello

This lil bean here is so sweet and kind. They actually helped me come up with the idea to do blog rates and a follow forever thing. Ilysm, keep being a cutie!

Actually such a nice person. I love them so much, they understood everything I said so deeply. And I was just happy I had someone to talk to.

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I want to jump in on the appreciate Bean time so... YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND YOU ARE A TALENTED DUDER!!! MUCH LOVE SWEETIE!!! TAKE CARE!!!❤❤❤✨✨✨


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Hello :3 I am a huge Johnny Depp fan, and I have been a fan of him for years <3 I love him so much, he saved my life. And it's so difficult to see all these stupid people hating him. HEARD TOOK BACK HER ACCUSATIONS. People don't know the meaning of "innocent until proven guilty"... and it makes me want to cry all the time

hi sweetie, it is very dificult and painful but you have to remember that HE AND WE ARE WAY ABOVE ALL THAT! He is innocent and only the stupid and the envious wish to think otherwise. Johnny’s carreer is going awesome, he has got lots of new movies in the making, his movies are doing great at the box office, he is surrounded by loving and caring people and we will always support him. They can’t take us down! NEVER!!!!

Get To Know Me ♡

I was tagged by @toptabi, thanks sweetie 💕💕 And the best: @forvictorymyeverything 😍

Relationship Status: Single for what seems like an eternity, (and probably continue like this until the next BB album).

Favourite Colour: Black (I also love red).

Lipstick or Chapstick: Mmm, chapstick for every day and lipstick to go out.

Last Song: Divina Comedia of the ‘Kwon Ji Yong’ magnificent album. (yes, I do like to torture myself 😂)

Last Movie: Big Hero 6 (here you can see what I’m trying to say).

Top 3 Shows:

(I love Eva Green SO MUCH)

Favourite Bands & Bias In Each:

*BIGBANG👑 ~ G Dragon (more like the ot5, tbh)

*WINNER ~ Mino (this shit is difficult)

*BTS ~ Jimin (baby mochi)

*GOT7 ~ Jackson (Youngjae sorry)

*B.A.P ~ Yongguk (still not over Yamazaki)

I’ll end here, but I could be all day doing this

Nine People I Would Like To Get To Know: @mycomplex @kang-daelite @gdislovegdislife @jiyongs-g-string @idunknowhyimhere @tabi87 @grandpataeyang @fangirl-2007 @vivere-militare-est-1991 (It is not obligatory to answer anything, please if you find this annoying let me know and I will stop immediately) 🙇🙇

Favorite Daddy Phrases


~Who’s in charge?
~Who owns you?
~What did I say?
~Do I make myself clear?
~Do you remember your rules?
~Do you need to be punished?
~What did you just say?
~Are you going to be a good girl?
~Who’s my good girl?
~Who do I love the most?
~How’s my little girl?
~What’s my little girl doing?
~Are you in little space?
~What are you coloring/drawing?
~How are your stuffies?
~Can Daddy join?
~Are you taking care of yourself?
~Have you eaten enough?
~Are you drinking enough?
~Have you taken your meds?
~Are you ready for bed?
~Are you snuggled in bed?


~Listen to Daddy
~Don’t disobey Daddy
~Do it for Daddy
~Be a good girl
~Speak up
~Use your words
~Stay close to Daddy
~Be safe
~Show Daddy what you’re wearing
~Show Daddy your favorite little outfits
~Show Daddy your coloring/drawing
~Show Daddy your favorite stuffies
~Tell Daddy about your day
~Go to bed, princess
~Close your eyes, baby


~Good girl
~You’re such a good girl
~I’m so proud of you!
~You did such a good job!
~I love you so much
~You’re my one and only
~I only want you
~I’m not going anywhere
~I promise
~You’re such a cutie!
~My little girl
~Daddy loves when you’re in little space
~You make Daddy so happy!

Pet Names:

~Baby Girl
~Little Girl
~Little One
~My Future Wife
~My Nerd
~My Dork
~My Girl
~My One and Only


A little birthday something for Ainhoa who wished for: “The scene in 10x18 when Cas and Metatron go to the library to get the tablet and the grace. I’d love LOVE to have the moment when Cas finds his grace inside of El Quijote - SN: 10x18
Happy birthday beauty!!

“If I got a hundred words to say, would you listen?” she asked. “If I got a hundred reasons to explain, would you understand? I have so many stories to share, but I felt like there isn’t a percent of a hundred people—who—would like to lend their ears to me. And then you’re here. I was so surprised to know that there’s still someone who would want to know what my mind wanted to say. I was so surprised that someone like you—would bravely walked in my life without even asking for permission. Even if you didn’t care whether I’ll try to push you away. If I got a hundred more years to live, would you still be here with me? If I got a hundred chances to take, would you hold my hand while I take it?” she looked up at him with so much hope caged in her eyes. As if there are more than hundred of galaxies that shine right through them. “If you found a hundred reasons to leave me, would you throw all of it away and stay?”.
—  ma.c.a // More Than A Hundred Thousand of “Thank You” to you Sweetie

Daddy: I love you more baby girl

Me: no cause I’m littler so I has to produce more love to fill the entire dada and since I’m smaller you don’t has to produce as much love to fill the entire baby

Daddy: yeah but since I’m bigger that means I automatically produce more love so I love you more

Me: no no cause also I love you to the moon and back BUT my legs are shorter so I have to take more steps cause your strides are longer so I’m putting in more effort

Daddy: but we’re going the same distance sweetie

Me: thas not the point dada

Daddy: it’s “I love you to the moon and back” not “I love you bc I take more steps than you”


fleur for the lovely @fleurrdelacour‘s birthday (have a wonderful day, sweetie! ♥)

Bill is very busy at ze moment, working very ‘ard, and I only work part-time at Gringotts for my Eenglish, so he brought me 'ere for a few days to get to know 'is family properly. I was so pleased to 'ear you would be coming — zere isn’t much to do 'ere, unless you like cooking and chickens!

YOU SECRET SESSIONERS ARE ALL USELESS CRETINS FOR NOT TELLING US ANYTHING and i love you so much for not betraying taylor’s trust u all invented honesty and loyalty well done BUT REALLY SAYING THAT THE ALBUM IS GOOD IS POINTLESS like OBVIOUSLY IT’S GOOD AND WATER IS WET GOD but for real don’t tell us anything i like being surprised you’re doing amazing sweeties bUT TRULY YOU ARE ALL COMPLETELY USELESS 

Papyrus will fight you

I think it also needs to be mentioned that for monsters, fighting isn’t some kind of last resort thing, nor is it an (inherently) aggressive act. Fighting and magic are fun! They’re forms of self-expression! Your attacks are a way to say exactly who you are and show off what you value.

So, someone like Papyrus, who wants everyone to know his name, and who he is, and how strong and cool he is, is going to LOVE fighting. I don’t think he would EVER turn down sparring or training or learning a new technique.

I’ve seen AUs where Papyrus is way too much of a sweetie to ever learn magic attacks or whatever and that feels so WRONG to me. Papyrus would LOVE learning new things to look extra cool.

His overall pacifism and gentleness isn’t in how likely he is to fight, it’s in how much care he puts in to making sure he doesn’t lose control of the fight. It’s the way he tells you you need to jump if you’re getting hurt too early. Is giving you extra invincibility frames to make it easier for you to recover. It’s the way he summons a feild of bones but changes his hold on your gravity so you can clear it. It’s the way he makes a GIANT 2 STORY BONE but lowers it if he sees you aren’t going to clear it. It’s stopping when you’re hurt, it’s having perfect control over his damage output, it’s waiting on his special attack (almost definitely blasters) because pulling them out too early isn’t fair.

During his fight, he really wants you to think he’s impressive and cool, between “you’re blue now” and all the antics he gets up to. He’s trying hard to play it cool, he’s trying to treat it like it’s just a sparing session, just showing off, and willfully ignoring what comes after. 

While I’m trying to make a general rambling point about Papyrus’s pacifism being misrepresented, I want to propose something a little different:

How about instead of showing Papyrus as somehow reluctant to fight, you show him as excited to learn? Not just training from Undyne, but learning from anyone. Healing, orange attacks. soul modes, bombs, fire magic, cool patterns, new ways to use his magic. He’s clearly a student of the craft. Why take that way? Gimme a Papyrus that tries to learn as much as possible to have even more ways to show off (and even greater control to ensure things never get out of hand)

13x01 - Episode Review Part 1

In which Dean just about held it together… and I did not. 

This review will be in several parts. I have separated it into several sections that I wish to talk about because hot damn. What an episode! This Part 1 focuses on Dean’s grief and Destiel and saying goodbye to Castiel. 

Firstly, an introduction

As I sit here, surrounded by three friends who I met on tumblr, BECAUSE of this show, I am amazed at how far I have come. I did not think that when I joined this fandom I would ever get to this moment, but my gosh what an amazing feeling this is. To all of you out there – reach out to people, you really won’t regret what you find. 

I adored this episode. I screamed, I even shed a single man tear whilst holding on to @amwritingmeta quite tightly… sorry Annelie if I hurt you at all. @tinkdw, @margarittet and @amwritingmeta you guys are wonderful and I am so glad that I have been able to flail and scream along to this awesome episode with you. Thank you for sharing this crazy obsession with me.

Part 1 - Love, Grief and Saying Goodbye

THEY USED METALLICA’S NOTHING ELSE MATTERS AS THE OPENING SONG! We were two seconds in and @margarittet had to pause because we all collectively SCREAMED that they chose to use this as the open song AS WELL! @tinkdw said that she wanted to try and guess what the opening song was this season but I don’t think ANY OF US considered that they would reuse “Nothing Else Matters” because its just so on the nose isn’t it? Nothing else matters? Nothing else matters than what exactly?

Well once again the “Then” sequence ends on Dean kneeling over Cas’s body.

The answer is Castiel. Nothing else matters than CASTIEL. This is repeated CONSTANTLY throughout the episode. You are not allowed to forget about him for a SINGLE SECOND and this opening song drums that home. Seriously if there are any Cas fans out there still bitter about Cas I dunno what show you are watching because it certainly ISN’T the show I watched yesterday.

It hurts to think about. What even was this episode? From the opening song “Nothing Else Matters” to the “Goodbye Cas” at the funeral pyre, this episode was chocablock full of moments that prove unequivocally that for Dean, Cas truly is his guiding light, his hope. Even if you don’t see their relationship as romantic you cannot possibly deny after 13x01 that Dean and Cas have an extraordinary connection and a deep and profound love that has now transferred to an even deeper excruciating grief in Dean.

Choosing to use this song as the season opener though? The season opener always reflects the tones of the season, the main themes. To have THIS song as the season opening? Wow. Just wow. This is a song that comes up first if you google “Metallica Love Song” by the way. In case you were wondering if it was indeed a love song. Because it is. James Hetfield confirmed it was written for a girlfriend. Interestingly though it has been debated over the years as the lyrics themselves are not conventionally romantic lyrics. Nevertheless, this is now fact: Supernatural used a Love Song called “Nothing Else Matters” to set the tone and theme of season 13, lingering over shots of Dean looking down at Castiel’s dead body. This isn’t even arguable. This is where we are.

(and what a wonderful place to be my friends)

Dean’s grief was beautifully portrayed by the superb acting skills of Jensen Ackles. In my season 13 wishlist I said this:

“It probably goes without saying but MAN PAIN OVER CAS – I mean, I reckon we are gonna get a good helping of this. Maybe not immediate tears but its gonna be pretty damn angsty – if the promo’s are anything to go by. I basically want it to be UNDENIABLE in canon that CAS is the reason that Dean is so broken up and that BOTH brothers are seriously struggling with his death. It has to be OBVIOUS how important Cas was to them and how his death has affected them

I think we can tick this one off. :)

Continues under the cut.

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