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My Hero

Today at my school there was a gas leak so we evacuated while it was raining. I was having a real ass panic attack and I almost cried bc my school has 2000+ kids and I had no clue wtf was happening. So Mr. B came up to me, took my binders and textbooks and held his umbrella over me before saying “It’s ok Maddy, you can stay with me” and I just kept crying and he would not, for the life of him stop being the sweetest person on the planet. I wore my beauty and the beast pajama pants and he told me how I looked like Belle, and how he really liked my sun and moon necklace. Eventually he calmed me down enough and called my dad with his phone (cause mine was still in the building) to let him know I was okay. He had his arm around me and gave me his sweater and BITCH I WAS SCREAMING. He was trying to distract me from the fact that the building was literally a gas chamber and it was pouring bruh he really killed me. Anyways I love him so much and I can’t thank him enough for being there for me. I’m gonna bake him a cake I think

once again

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words: 5k+
rated: angst/fluff
a/n: i just had this overwhelming urge to write a daniel fic, okay? don’t kill me. i still love jihoon, lol. also, i’m sorry for making sungwoon the bad guy in here, lmaoo also i didn’t proofread this since its midnight and im tired and i have class tomorrow so oops

warnings: inappropriate language, bullying(??)
summary: The most cliche stories of all stories - falling in love with your best friend

You had grown up with Kang Daniel since you both were babies. Your mother and his mother were also best friends and just so happened to be pregnant at the same time with you both, so they thought it would be a wonderful idea if the both of you became best of friends as well. There were cons and pros of growing up with the boy, though. He always teased you over the littlest of things and fought with you, but at the end of the day, you knew you could always count on him.

You started to notice a difference in Daniel when you both entered high school. He was no longer the playful boy you used to know. He hung out with the older kids, did more “grown up” things, and started dating a lot. No doubt, he still hung out with you from time to time, but things felt different and it hurt.

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Dance With Me

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3631

Request:  Hello! Idk if u do requests based on songs but ‘It won’t Kill ya’ by the chainsmokers is amazing and I just pictured this scene like it’s that Party at Derek’s house with the neon lights, and all that y/n can think about is dancing with Stiles but cant bc they’re best friends and that’d weird, she has a huge crush on him, kinda angsty in the middle but fluff af in the end bc obvsly Stiles likes her back?? It’s ok if u dont do it tho, ily anyways ♡♡ keep doing awesome writing by anonomoose!

Author’s Note: I thought this was cute. I hope you think so as well! Thanks to my amazing friend @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!!

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Steve has a crush on you, and he sends his little daughter to get close to you, so he can win your affection

- Dad, so that’s your crush?

- Yes, sweetie. Now, listen–

- She looks so old!

- Wait, what?… No! That’s her aunt. She’s the one in the yellow dress.

- Oh!… Don’t worry, Dad, I’ll get her.

- Remember our plan? You only need to get her attention and leave the inviting part for me.    

- Roger that, Cap.

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Do you have a crush on Sweetie Belle? I dare ya to go a month without looking at any pics of her. : )

No, but I often give Sweetie Belle a crush on Apple Bloom

The other bit would be tough ngl, people send me Sweeties unprovoked all the time. I appreciate it.

B.A.P Reaction #3 - Their s/o needing help dealing with a rough day

anon said: As a super new follower and huge B.A.P fan, I’m happy to help out with some requests for these nerds. (Also I love your writing, it makes my day to read your stuff. <3 ) Might I please request B.A.P reacting to a significant other needing help dealing with a rough day, or accidentally figuring out their crush is crushing back?

Yongguk: Would literally run through hell for you if you needed him to. “Okay jagi, I’ll be there in 10 minutes with your favorite snacks and movies. We can do whatever you want tonight”

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Himchan: “Do you want me to stop to pick anything up for you on my way to your house? Anything at all, or do you want me over there as quickly as possible?” *worried AF for you, will do anything to help*

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Daehyun: *attempts to make you laugh whenever he can, but if you don’t feel like laughing, he’ll be there to hug/cuddle you for as long as you need*

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Youngjae: *is sympathetic, comments on whatever you tell him, if you want advice he gives it, if you don’t then he just listens* “They did not say that to my jagi.” “That seriously sucks. Do you know what you’re going to do about it?”

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Jongup: let me tell you, if you’ve had a rough day because someone is giving you a hard time this man will be salty and sassy about it, telling you how much he wants to tell them off for what they’re doing. He never will though because he knows you can handle it yourself, but still it pisses him off seeing you so upset over something someone did.

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Junhong: this lil sweetie would be so crushed by your devastation, but would keep a smile on his fave for you, being brave for you if you need him to. He would be really good listening to you and comforting you, hugging you and stroking your hair as you talked or just sat in silence

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A/N: AHH OMG YOU’RE SO SWEET THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME AND REQUESTING!!!! I’m so glad my writing makes your day <3 It means so much to me to hear that. I will be doing both of these requests for you sweetie if that’s okay!! I’ll be posting the other one soon~ Thank you so much again!