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“Space Baby” Necklace ~ This is a rough draft of my design before I start making the real product!

Hopefully I can have some of them made for my shop this December, as well as possibly getting fabric made with matching pattern! ( I might make some really cute skirts to match maybe?)

Do you fairies like it? Is there anything I should add or change?

Date 2day at the Japanesey Gardens. Pancake REALLY wanted to bring me here on Friday but we slept too late!! It’s fine by me!!

What I really want is to share a parfait and go to the aquarium together!!!! 

It was way too bright to properly see anything… but still lovely. It’s already so hot but I am trying to keep my hopes up for spring. 

Today I’m sporting Hasbro, Sweetie Cakes, galaxxxy, HEAVEN, and Creamy Mami apparel! 

Don't worry! I'm still shipping orders! + My spooky birthday weekend!

Hey there lovelies!

I’m still shipping out orders (I have sooo many!) I’m very sorry for the delay!!
I was a bit delayed with shipping since this weekend, I went away for my birthday celebration in New Orleans.

If you are worried about your current order, please email me: SweetieCakesShop@yahoo.com
When you email me please include your paypal email and order number!

REMEMBER: I’m doing it in order of who pre-ordered and purchased first. So those who place an order now, please expect a bit of a wait! Thank you!

As for my Birthday Weekend!
My family brought me to New Orleans, and had a lot of fun!

We stayed in the French District at, Hotel Provincial! (The most haunted hotel in America!) And let me add- that we DID experience the paranormal!

We recorded EVPs which are Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Our first recording sounded like someone was hitting on the recorder. The second my dad asked a question, and we heard a high pitch sigh! For the last recording, I asked “Are you a man, or woman?” though the response I got was a bit muffled- you can hear a woman’s voice say “I am a woman!”.

I thought I would be afraid hearing the recordings, but I really wasn’t afraid.

As for my family’s last experience, this was pretty freaky!

My dad had his iPad plugged in on his charger on the counter(as well as it was completely shut off!). It was laying down flat (and he has a cover that is made of thick silicone?..It helps it not fall off of things, etc)……. we saw the iPad turn on- and it FLEW off the counter- ripped off of the charger, and onto the floor!

No one was near the iPad, and we all looked at each other and we’re laughing in shock!

Have you experienced anything Paranormal?