sweetie bot replies


Thank you all for the cheering up as well as the gifts.

Jeez, that Sweetie Belle’s always a blast to hang out with! o]o

((Hope all you peeps out there had a great April Fools Day!))

((By the way, today’s post was done by my great buddy, Scram, the mod of Sweetie Bot Replies. I did a post for him too, in case you didn’t see it.))


(( This is in response to that ‘new pony Tumblr’ reblogging scam that’s been going around lately. Originally this was gonna be a much more serious response, with Sweetie pointing out the flaws of the post and Scootabot making a cameo. That idea later changed to this parody of 1950’s-1960’s Civil Defense educational videos. I blame Fallout: New Vegas and my weird obsession with the Cold War.

If you see a suspicious post like that 'new pony Tumblr’, be sure to research it first. Anyone can change the source location. Don’t believe me? Look at the source for this post! ))