sweetie bot


A lil’ extra help on t’ ship never be bad.  Especially if ye have t’ “persuade” them.  Yarr harr harr!

((A little shout out to some of my favorite people and blogs.  And this is nowhere near everyone that I wanted to put in.  

List of ponies that PD kidnapped shanghai’ed:


Over the past few months my style(s) have become stale to the point where I’m no-longer happy with them and am less excited to update my blogs. While I do experiment and try new things on my modblog, my ask blogs are left with the same style they’ve had for a very long time. Furthermore, all three blogs have very different styles despite the fact they’re all drawn by one artist.

To counteract this, I’ve decided upon a universal style for all of my blogs which encompass a few of the things I’ve learned from experimenting. This new look is designed to look more visually appealing, while still being simple enough to draw many panels withing a given time-frame.

Features like extra detail on the hair and cell-shading make the ponies more visually striking, but require minimal effort to do.

I also redesigned a few things like Sweetie’s Dual Canons (now a single Railgun), Octavia’s Pipbuck (now a more rounded design to avoid perspective errors), Future Sweetie Bot’s legs (I blame Balooga for this!) and Sweetie Bot’s overall design(now slightly more robotic-looking).

Hopefully you guys will like the changes and look forward for what’s to come!


Default font changed from Comic Sans to Sans Bold for S.B.R.

Coloured Speech Boxes at 75% opacity

New muzzle style

New eyeline style

Altered ‘gem eye’ style to include luminosity layers

Altered current ear style

Altered leg style

Added tail docks

Added cell shading

Longer legs

Longer horns

Shorter eyelashes

Bigger tails

Pointier horns

Sweetie Bot now has the same digital eyes Future Sweetie Bot does

Future Sweetie Bot now has lights on her legs


Thank you all for the cheering up as well as the gifts.

Jeez, that Sweetie Belle’s always a blast to hang out with! o]o

((Hope all you peeps out there had a great April Fools Day!))

((By the way, today’s post was done by my great buddy, Scram, the mod of Sweetie Bot Replies. I did a post for him too, in case you didn’t see it.))