sweetie belee

“Of course you can wear a dress, honey. Heck, I’ll buy out Rarity’s entire Spring Filly catalogue, if you want. You’ll need more than one pretty outfit to perform in, right?” Sweetie Belle winked, and Bel Canto gave a meek, squeaky laugh back, before burrowing his head against her shoulder with a relieved sniffle. Sweetie’s hooves came up to rock her child comfortingly.

“…I don’t know if I understand everything you need, but…well, I can learn, right? Maybe we can learn together.” Sweetie stroked gently at Bel’s soft mane. “All I want is for you to be happy, honey. And if you wanna be a filly, then that’s what you’ll be.”


Prima Donna, daughter of celebrity singer Sweetie Belle and Rumble, glam rock singer-songwriter prodigy, was designated male at birth. She began her life as a shy, quiet little colt named Bel Canto (“Beautiful Singing”), before later transitioning into her new gender identity, the more confident Prima Donna. Depicted here is an incident where Sweetie catches Bel Canto with a dress he’d snuck out of Rarity’s boutique (he was going to return it, honest, he just wanted to try it on once). The poor colt is terrified at being caught and ends up spilling everything, from how he’d been experimenting with Sweetie’s make-up when she was away, to how badly he feels that he is not a colt at all, but rather a filly. Sweetie Bele is a lot less upset about the “borrowed” dress and a lot more upset at the fact that her foal has been keeping all of this secret, to his apparent great distress and shame. She scoops poor sniffling Bel up in a heartbeat, and Bel’s fears dissipate away against the might of warm safe mama hugs. And that’s how Prima Donna was born.

I’d always conceived Prima Donna as a trans girl, but I was hesitant and unsure how to go about it story-wise without writing unnecessary melodrama. Eh. Prima Donna is a proud glam rock child superstar, and her family has given her nothing but love, support, and respect. It was her cousin Magnolia May that first gladly showed her how to do her make-up, which Magnolia soon regretted, cuz hot dang does Prima like to glob on that eye shadow (cuz it looks punk rock, duh)