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Maybe you should talk about the kickstarter more, I think? like mentioning it in passing when you post your art (even if it’s not TpoH related), reblogging that kickstarter post, that sort of stuff? IDK BUT PLEASE PROMOTE YOURSELF IT’S FOR A GOOD CAUSE (good luck, we love you :D)

aw shucks anon thanks I’m bad at this- I don’t want to be a hassle though, and hot diggity dog look! We’re over the 10k mark with 20 days to go! You fellas are amazing, just amazing!

but yeah if you would like to help out with this kickstarter to print the second volume of my webcomic, The Property of Hate (with the potential for a rerun of the first if we hit the stretch goal), please go check this out. Every person makes it that much more possible! :D

If you have already, maybe tell that friend of yours! Or tell that friend you meant to tell to read this whacky comic to read the comic, and then tell them about it!

My first thoughts about 13x02
  • I really really really didn’t appreciate the self harm scene Thanks Bucklemming
  • “You’re hurting my friends”
  • Lets have a character wear a trench coat and then become two people one good and one bad 🤔 (IF WE DON’T GET ID!CAS AND sUPER EGO!cAS I’LL)
  • The scooby-doo episode is completely Jack’s fault
  • Dean misses his husband
  • I can’t wait for Sam to help Jack control his powers. I love the parallels between Sam and Jack! 
  • Why does everyone need an accent? 
  • Dean where did you lean to do that? Do you have a little Cas in you?
  • Lucifer interests me as much as the dust on my tv screen
  • episode was really drawn out  

I tried to the best of my abilities!!! ❤ love the character design and the character!!

Oh my goodness sweetie this is adorable and you did such a wonderful job, I just love it!

And thank you for the compliments, I spent a lot of time on his design and getting him to look just the way I like. So it is always nice to hear when someone like all that effort XD.

Best of all today is my birthday so this was a wonderful surprise sweetie, thank you~❤

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Oh man I wasn't expecting that. Great costume, Erina! (Hi it's been a while how are you holding up?)

“I was originally going to dress as a witch but I didn’t have a witch hat at home.. I might not wear this to the actual halloween ball, since it is quite a simple constume.”