It's Called a Baby, Sweetheart- Chapter 9: Isabelle M. Wilde

Nick condition quickly escalates past the doctors expectations. In a rush to save him and the baby the doctors rush them both to the OR, leaving judy alone outside to stew in her thoughts and worry…what’s going to happen to Nick and the kit?

Thank you @zootopia123 for your fantastic edits to make sure the story sounds and looks much better!

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Tag Game

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and also @lemon-creme ❤️ you tagged me in the alphabet one, but since I did that for grimmhearts I hope this will suffice as a substitute (your art is so pretty I weep)!


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anonymous asked:

Hello, sweetie^^ My name is Karina and I your fan from Russia. I sooooo love your Persona Au and arts with Aki and Ham/also best girls sooo cuteeee/ I started ship Aki/Ham thanks to u! I just wanna say thank you for all your works :3 Don't leave drawing and your wonderful au~ It's make me very happy, then I see a new art from on tumblr •3• Have a sunny-shinny day!

AHHH hello Karina! it’s nice to meet you!!! i’m so glad to know that you enjoy my AU and AkiHam now!! ((they are so cute…!)) thank you so much for your nice message! it made me feel very happy to read it~ ♡ i will continue drawing and to make you happy hehe i hope the weather in Russia is nice to you!! have a wonderful day to you too Karina!! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡