James for GQ magazine.

Fútbol’s Freshest Face: Colombian midfielder James Rodríguez entered last summer’s World Cup as little-known as the proper pronunciation of his first name: “ha-mes.” The country’s hopes had been resting instead on teammate Radamel Falcao, whose pre-Cup injury prompted Colombia’s president to rush to his hospital bedside. But by the time the World Cup wrapped, 3 billion global viewers had witnessed James transform into a true superstar—claiming the Golden Boot (for most goals) and the consensus highlight of the tournament. Accordingly, he was tractor-beamed away from his club in Monaco to the galaxy of gods at Real Madrid (a routine that’s more or less comparable to the Yankees signing every overachiever in Oakland). “It’s a dream come true,” he says of his transfer. “When you have a squad of our quality, it’s very easy to play with anybody.” Especially if that anybody includes Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale. Just as James was defining his new role, though, his debut season was derailed by a foot injury. Colombians from Bogotá to Barranquilla waited anxiously for the return of the man more popular in-country than Shakira. Much as he appreciates it, he encourages his countrymen to re-examine their priorities: “I only try to play good soccer. I’m not even a singer!”


“Chris Evans/Steve Rogers + Sebastian Stan/Bucky Barnes + Education" a.k.a 5 High School/University AUs that could be born from these (pt. 1) (pt. 2) 

  1. “Hey, I’m sorry for what my team did to you. I really had no idea they could be such assholes. Here, let me help you with those books. Oh, you’re in the drama club? I loved last year’s act and looking at you, I’m sure it’s gonna be even better this time.” ~ Gentle Rugby Captain Fratboy/Shy Drama Club Nerd AU
  2. “Why are you so good looking anyway? You’re a teacher for fuck’s sake! You’re supposed to have a receding hairline and a sleazy appearance, not look like a freaking God straight out of a Greek Mythology book.” ~ Homeschool Teacher/ Bratty but surprisingly Educated Student
  3. “Let me guess, first years in class 5? I swear they were raised by demons and feed on the innocent’s blood. I barely handled them for ten minutes, you must be extraordinary to take them on for two hours.” ~ Veteran Teacher/Newbie Teacher AU
  4. “There’s nothing wrong with starting at such an age. Better late than never, right? Besides… it will be nice to have someone of the same age around. Maybe we could eat lunch together and I’ll help you out with the lesson?” ~ Lonely University Teacher/Awkward Older Student AU
  5. “So… you’re the only student left without a partner, huh? Well, I guess you only have one person who can model for your sculpture assignment. Me.” ~ Sculpture Teacher/ Artist Student AU

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10x05 “Fan Fiction”
10x12 “About A Boy”
10x18 “Book of the Damned”

“To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question” - The Story within A Story and The Play within a Play

Since incredibly much has already been said about Don Quixote I am going to keep this short and will focus on what was the one thing that stuck out to me most and that I haven’t yet seen talked about in relation to one another before.

This season certainly has been focusing on narratives and stories (a few examples here) as heavy as no other before and in a way in that regard I feel like we have actually not been watching a season with one or two meta episodes, but really an entire season. And S9 has laready been strong. Sometimes I really get the feeling all of it is on purpose since the introduced freaking Meta-tron.

I realize this is again something that might just be interesting to me, because I am a bit obsessed with Shaespeare, so… that out of the way. Shakespeare has been an integral part of the last season since Crowley called Dean “Romeo” and has been coming up again and again.

Particularly this season the hints and references to “Hamlet” have been strong (see gifs above - I have been rambling about it before here and here). What to me is most interesting here is how “Hamlet” and “Don Quixote” both are two pieces of literature that come up in almost any article you’ll find explaining what “Metafiction” is.

Like has been talked about extensively already in Don Quixote, Don Quixote goes mad as a result of reading too much, sees reality through the literary conventions of knight tales and other  romances and can not separate fiction from reality. That is arguably something we could apply to Metatron, who has spent millenia reading stories and now sees himself fit to write himself. Moreso the struggle of not knowing what’s real and what’s fake is something we have Dean deal with as well. And his fight against “windmills” could be seen as an analogy to how the Winchesters have all their life been fighting a battle they seemingly just can’t win.

And while in Don Quixote we basically have something of a story within a story, with Hamlet we havea play within a play. It’s self referential in that regard just as much as Don Quixote. Hamlet shows his uncle a play which has a similar plot
to Hamlet (the play) itself. He raises many questions about the relationship between an actor and a character and about life and theater, that are applicable to the play. This very thing we have seen in 10x05 “Fan Fiction”.

But what does it come down to in the end? Critics argue that Don Quixote reading Don Qixote and Hamlet watchinf a Hamlet-esque play sets out to makes us wonder and question or perception of reality and ackonwledge ourselves as stories being watched or read as well. And for the Winchesters - who have eán entire book series written about their lives this certainly applies rather well.

I am unfortunately too tired to type this up in the detail I should and that this topic deserves, but I guess all this has in some way been talked about already, so I guess this short version will do as well. Both pieces of literature and particular the moment and quote they used for Castiel, the one circling around death and identity provides a really interesting parallel to Hamlet’s famous monologues in which he philosophizes about life and death as well. And ain’t all that just a perfect summary of what we have seen the main characters struggle with and go through all season? Reflecting about who they are, what they are and what they want to be while death is looming over them. It’s a tragedy in a really Shakespearian way and the topics SPN tackles this season are dealing exactly with topics that arguably have been prevalent in many if not all of Shakespeare’s work: friendship, murder, life, death, betrayal, jealousy. All that we can find in the storylines on SPN as well right now. And of course we also find the most famous topic Shakespeare wrote about on SPN as well: Love. Love and to what extremes and what darkness we go, because of it. Juliet drank poison to make her family believe she was dead so she could run away with Romeo. But Romeo never knew, he thought she was truly dead. Not wanting to live without her, he killed himself… And of course we all know the rest of the story. Let’s hope the Winchesters’ will end differently in the end.

And He’s Off!!

A last visit to Bah Yarns!, the beautiful yarn store in downtown Washington where all of the supplies for Teensy Twelve were purchased. 

Trying out the “man chair” at Bah Yarns.  He says it’s not quite as comfortable as his chair on the TARDIS and the walls could do with a few more round things.

Right before packing Teensy Twelve and Ladyfriend for their journey.  He wouldn’t tell me what’s in the blue bag.  Apparently it’s a surprise for his first companion, doctorwithaspoon. Ladyfriend is wearing her best bow for the trip.

Time to go, Teensy Twelve.  Have fun and take care of yourself and Ladyfriend.

The lovely Danielle sending Teensy Twelve on his way!  Keep an eye out doctorwithaspoon, he should be there on Wednesday.  Give his hair a good floofing when you take him out of his packaging.

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Hey cuties! Big Steps Studios here with Summoner Sweetheart!

Here’s a pixel update for Ahri and Ezreal! You’ll see these cuties in the dungeon of our Version 1.0! :D :D Made by WikiMe and Wifom!

Aren’t they super cute?! Punch monsters away with your skills as these cute guys!

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Come taste the wine.
Come hear the band.
Come blow a horn start celebrating!
Right this way your table’s waiting.

No use permitting some profit of doom,
to wipe every smile away…
Life is a Cabaret old chum!
Come to the Cabaret!

Michelle Williams as Sally Bowles
‘Cabaret’ | March 30th, May 3rd and August 19th, 2014
Cabaret Gifset 8/?

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