a ‘song’ for a castle

[ a bit of silliness because we all need it from time to time ]

As usual, Lord Inquisitor Thalon Lavellan was diligently working at his desk, reading reports, replying to invitations and official demands.

Nindarhmen, for his part, sat on the little sofa and was writing letters to clan Lavellan and planning his next expedition to the Western Approach while softly singing.

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((Sitting in bean bag chair slowly disappearing into it))

“Huh… I should really do something for a milestone… Ehhh I’ll wait for 200 more and I might do something”

((Sinks farther into said bean bag chair))

“200 more, but then what…? I’m just as clueless as you guys are”

((Chuckles and snorts))