joker: next thing you know we’ll be exchanging emails or meeting up for romantic dinners. haha, that’d be sooo stupid right??? us?? having romantic dinners by candlelight? maybe talking a nice walk after? you can hold my hand and we could watch fireflies and you could tell me my eyes look beautiful in the moonlight. ridiculous.

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Have you ever noticed how sweet the POT fandom is to each other compared to other fandoms??? Maybe because we're relatively small, but I haven't seen any character or otp hate, even when people talk about characters they don't like. And everyone in general is just so nice, like I seriously think you are one of the nicest and most patient people I have met on tumblr and you're preping for exams and running an ask blog that's so much work and you're such a patient angel. *showers love on you*

*Showers love and glitter over you!* <3

Yeah, you are right. I mean, I for example don’t ship ryoma x sakuno but I didn’t get any hate for it (I mean it’s not that I have something against people shipping them, I actually can see why people ship them and it’s not like there are a lot of female characters you could ship someone with.^^)

I mean, we all love PoT and it’s just normal to not like every ship or every character but I think it’s important to accept that everyone is allowed to have his own opinions.

Thank you so much, love! <3



Edward Elric Appreciation Week Day 5

favorite characteristic: his fire

to me, there is a singular quality about Ed that is the root of almost every other characteristic: there’s this flame, this hunger, this restless brilliance that can never be still. he reaches higher than he should, asks more questions. this has always been there at the core of his self; it is both the root of his sin and his redemption. it is there in his fury & his compassion, skepticism & wonder, his hubris & his selfless love. he is brave; he is terrified: the same fire both lights his genius & sets his work aflame and it’s this paradox and finding a balance between the two that most fascinates me about his character.



RIGHT okay so upon returning from my trip to Europe and assessing my own mental health I have DECIDED that while there are some FANTASTIC threads going on I really need to drop some of them~ So I’m going to be going through the ones I have and replying to (and keeping) what I can, but the threadcount at the moment has gotten out of hand over my holiday and I just can’t keep up with it.

  If we have a thread right now you can ‘like’ this and I’ll try to keep a hold of it, and if I can’t then I’ll queue up some starters or other things for you lot so that we can keep roleplaying, even if it’s elsewhere uwu 

Also check the tags for your url. If it’s there, I intend to keep our thread, anyway ;) There are quite a few of you there!