(Life sure is unexpecting. I remember idolizing her works since many years ago, the next thing you know, we’re like penpals now!)

Look what she gave me!!
I’m dying insideeeeee:

Someone call an ambulance!
My heart can’t handle all of them /A\

It’s just too wonderful ;w;
Dat sweet letter awwwwwwwwwweeeee <33

These are too goddamn cute and I LOVE Tom & Jerry!!!
Im gonna treasure them forever instead of ruining using them~

Finally… I’m part of the cool Magic Wings club BD

After I get better from health IMMA KILL MY STOMACH FOR THESE YASH)

I need to frame these babies >:I


Oh god don’t get me started. It makes rattling sound!
It’s so strange but it soothes me for many reasons and I LOVE IT

JAYJAY you adorable sneaky lil thing, you spoiled me so much
I LOVE EVERYTHING IN THIS and reading your letter is really really uplifting and it makes me cried of joy ;m;

THANK YOU SOOMUCHHHHHHhhhHHH <3333333333333333

[TRANS] Luhan’s message to fans after the football match

At first, the company asked me to play for a football match. Actually during that time, I rejected it. After that, the company still came up with a lot of different suggestions to me, but yet I still refused to do it. Because like everyone knows, I don’t really like doing cheesy things. However, the company told me that you guys long ago already started preparing for my birthday and wanted to send messages to me. After much contemplations, the plan went back to the beginning which is to play for a football match because this way is the most comfortable way for me to face everyone of you. After watching this match, do you know what is ‘offside’ yet? In this month, the company has prepared a lot of surprises for you guys and I also know that all of you have also given me tons of surprises. Doing charity can really help many people. I am very touched and I would like to thank you guys on their behalf. This makes me feel that I am actually quite useful, in which I can make other people to do charity, helping more people out there. About the Global Relay Event, that was so fantastic - Iran, Israel, Turkey and Iceland. I wanted to visit all these countries, but right now I cannot make it. But if Lao Gao makes me unconscious and drags me to the plane, then maybe I can, right? (Lao Gao: Yes!) I have received all the presents from you and I want to thank everyone of you, buying me all these great items. From now on, I hope everyone can save your money and start doing charity works with me to help other people in need. I think it will be more meaningful. In this coming year, there will be some new changes. Like some new challenges for me, like singing, acting and so on. You might like some of them and you might also not like some of them. But after all, I hope you can accept it because I want to try more new things to bring to you a brand new Luhan. So, see you next year! 

*Please credit to me if you are posting somewhere else. Thanks (>‿◠)✌

secrettoshiii asked:

Any advise on how to learn to love myself?

This is an excellent question, my friend! And I have an excellent answer ;)

Alright, so lemme start with a story first. When I was in middle school, I used to be super thin (I’m a chub now, but that’s not the point yet). The point is that even though I was thin, I thought I was so fat I couldn’t stand it. I would walk around sucking in my stomach as hard as I could any time I was out, or even around my own home, to the point where I would have bad cramps and be in physical pain. I noticed during that time I would look at other girls a lot and think “I’d give anything to look as thin as her”, but often I WAS as thin as them, or already thinner. This idea also is not the point. The point is that when I looked at all these people, I never looked around the crowd and thought “wow that person is ugly” or “that person right there is chubby” or “that person’s hair is frizzy ew”. However, I always thought people were thinking MY hair was too frizzy, I was too chubby, or that my face was ugly. It took a while, but I realized it wasn’t all about ME. I realized some people looked at ME and thought “I wish I looked like her”.

The real point of that story is that sometimes, you feel like everyone is looking at you. You feel like they’re looking at you while picturing a model and doing a side-by-side comparison the entire time and it makes you feel afraid. It makes you feel like you can’t wear a cute outfit in public or dress up a bit because someone might think “Why is that fat/ugly person so dressed up?” or they might mock you for it.

But the world doesn’t see you that way. They see you as another different face, another diverse body, another PERSON in the crowd and they certainly don’t go home and sit there and think “man that person I saw today was a little bit chubby lmao”

The first step to loving yourself is to look around and think about how much you see a person and think “Their hair is cute” or “Those shoes are cute” or “Their eyes are so pretty”. Remember everyone is doing that and I bet a lot of them see you and think something like that about you.

Look in the mirror and say to yourself “I am a beautiful person, a diverse entity, incomparable to any standard. I am my own beautiful.” Because there’s NOT a standard to beauty. There’s not a single model that everyone tries to live up and conform to. Every person in the world has their own taste on what they see as beautiful, and I bet your that taste for a lot of people.

However, self-love doesn’t stem from other people. Yes, it helps when someone calls you beautiful but you don’t need someone to say that to love yourself. Start thinking of your body as beautiful to YOURSELF.

I am a hefty 175 pounds. I look in the mirror every morning, sometimes naked where I’m mid-change or sometimes clothed, and I strike a pose and say “God I’m sexy.” I squeeze my huge love handles and pinch the fat rolls gathered in the middle of my back. I trace the stretch marks on the inside of my thighs and feel the cellulite bump under my fingertips and dammit I find every single bit of it beautiful, I really do. It took me so long to get here, and when someone remarks on my appearance negatively it still hurts a little, but I know that it’s only because I’m not THEIR beautiful. I’m MY beautiful, I’m my boyfriend’s beautiful, and I’m happy like this.

To love yourself, you first need to look at yourself, see every single flaw you’ve ever thought about, and think of it instead as a piece of you. It is part of your body and it’s beautiful. Rolls are so cute and squishy and just literally adorable. scars and stretch marks are cool stripes on your skin and who the hell wouldn’t want to look more like a tiger?! Touch your skin, touch your body and your flaws and your face and everything and be happy about it! You’re diverse and a new kind of beautiful; everyone is. And you should celebrate every single thing about it. 

I hope this helped because this is the process I use! I hope you love yourself like I love myself, dear, because you deserve it!


Big Steps Studios here with Summoner Sweetheart!

Here are the full body versions of Ahri and Leona that will be present in Version 1.0 of our game! 

Version 1.0 is set to be out May 1st, 2015

Personally, Ahri is my fave. What about you guys?! :D
Art was drawn by the lovely Jaerika!

Thanks to our followers! We’re still truckin’!~