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It’s My Life Not His

word count: 1961

warnings: perhaps swearing

a/n: i suggest you read part one and particularly part two to understand this section of the SWEETHEART series.

part one      part two

“Y/n?” Dean spoke in a questioning tone.

You turned back to face him unable to stop yourself. The memories came back of you two when you were just a pair of ratbag teenagers. What hit you the most was that last trip to the library.

“Dean.” You replied without another word, you had no more words.

“My god, it’s been ages how are you?” Dean asked walking closer towards you.

“Ages, try 10 years you ass and how am I? I’m fine, I’m amazing actually.” You stated without hesitation.

“I left for a reason, I never wanted to hurt you” He said as if it made it any better.

“Right family business, well your doing great nice suit I guess you have this under control no need to waste my time any longer.” You spun on your heel ready to leave.

At this point you didn’t care if he was FBI or a hunter you just wanted to leave. Nothing was keeping you here and they seemed to have it under control. Back at home you figured it was a dud case and at the moment that’s where you wanted to be. If it you heard any more on the radio or read anything you could always call you mate James to clean up whatever mess was left behind. You walked down the stairs and told the officer you would no longer be working the case. Once finished you walked toward your car and was just about to get in….

“Hey princess.” Of course Dean bloody Winchester was standing out the front of your car.

“What do you want, Dean?” You said raising your eyebrow.

“Fine ill tell you, but no bullshit, I mean it.” He said.

“Deal.” You said straight up with no regrets.

“Tell me right now are you really FBI.”

You hesitated and he noticed.

“Show me your badge, now.” His voice becoming stern.

A million things were running through your mind right now but only two concerned you and it all had to do with the badge. If he were really FBI he would know it was a fake but if he wasn’t he wouldn’t know, however if he did what you did and killed monster for a living he would know straight away what you were doing. What if he tried to stop you? No he couldn’t you wouldn’t let him. It was your life and he wasn’t going to dictate it.

“Y/n, show me your badge” he said with his hand out expecting it to be handed over.

Reluctantly you handed it over. The moment of truth, if he was FBI this was it, you were done, no matter what happened 10 years ago, you be thrown away and the key would be tossed. He wouldn’t care. You stared intensely waiting for the cuff to come out but then he hugged you. At first it was disbelief. No way was he hugging you, but after some time you realised it was a hug and not a search.

“I never wanted this for you.” He said pulling you in closer.

“I didn’t even know what this was until five years ago.” You said finally breaking the hug.

“How long?” He asked.

“What?” you replied.

“How long have you been in the um business?” He asked.

“Five years, id rather not talk about it.” You replied quickly.

“You need to get out, now y/n.” He said straight up he’s not one to beat around the bush.

There it was, the one thing you didn’t want to hear. How dare he after ten years try and tell you that this “business” was not for you. Dean Winchester had no idea what you were capable of and he had no right telling you to quit. This made you angry. So angry you punched the steering wheel. You really needed to control your anger but it was too late what was done. You looked at Dean whose face was now expressionless as he stared at you.

“What?” You yelled at him.

“Nothing.” He replied so quickly you almost missed the word.

Detectives and officers where all staring at the car which you and Dean sat in. Of course you didn’t care but Dean looked nervous. He pulled a card and pen out of his pocket and wrote down an address.

“This is where I’m staying. Please y/n come see me so we can talk about this. Ill make sure Sam isn’t there.” He handed you the card and you took it.

“Fine. Ill come over.” You said the words but you didn’t mean them. You had no intentions on going to Dean’s and talking.

After you drove back to the room you noticed the card was still on the passenger. For some unknown reason you talked yourself into reading it and oh the luck you were having today. He was staying two doors up from you. You ripped up the card and buried your face in your hands. As if right on cue what do you hear, the impala. You sunk right down into your seat praying he didn’t see you and by some miracle it work. Once the coast was clear you got out of the car and went to your room.

Sitting on the bed you debated what to do, leave or stay. Clearly they were hunters; any good you had no idea. If you left it would make Dean think he was right and you couldn’t have that, but if you stayed on one or more occasions you would bump into the Winchesters, which was one thing, you didn’t want. After along debate with yourself you finally decided to stay and finish the case you started.

It was around lunchtime and you realised you hadn’t eaten since yesterday. You grabbed your jacket and keys before walking out the door. You just wanted something deep-fried and covered in bacon. On your way back from the take-away shop you stopped off and got a few bottles of whisky. You realised you could have just walked instead of driving but for some reason driving was calming for you. Walking out of the bottle-o you ran into a tall man, almost dropping the bottles on the floor. You looked up and noticed a man with long brown hair and eyes to match. He looked familiar but you couldn’t put name to face.

“I’m so sorry. Wait your y/n.” The man said. Instinct kicked in and you pulled your gun on him.

“How do you know my name?” You yelled at the man who now had his hands up in the air.

“Hey, hey, look calm down I’m Dean’s brother. Sam, Sam Winchester.” He said with a worried tone in his voice.

You didn’t blame him some crazy bitch has a gun pointed at him for no reason. You lowered you gun but decided to keep it in your hand.

“Winchester huh? Sorry I pulled my gun on you.” You apologised.

“It’s alright. Dean said you were coming over later I can leave you both alone now if you want.” Sam said obviously trying to help.

“Actually, Sammy, can I call you Sammy, could you please stay when I talk to him?” You asked him hoping he would say yes.

“Well sure if you want me too I can, but don’t you and dean have catching up to do?” He said half giggling.

“Yeah well it’s not really a catch up more him telling me what to do.”

“He does that a lot just don’t let him pressure you.” He laughed. “Ill help you out if he gets too much.”

“Thanks.” You said smiling at him.

“So you want to head over now I can show you where we’re staying.” He asked.

“I know where you guys are its two doors up from me. Do you want a lift back?” You replied and asked.

“Sure why not.” He said as you showed him toward the car.

You honestly thought the Winchesters we’re dicks but meeting Sam and only speaking to him for a short time you came to realise you clear jumped to conclusions. Sam was a lot sweeter then Dean, granted this time he was nice but there were fight back when you were teenagers where he would scare the living hell out of you. Sam seemed different though, he was puppy like, didn’t seem like he could hurt a fly.

The ride was short but sweet you and Sam laughed about Dean’s teen years until you finally got back to the motel. You picked up lunch and the bottles of drink struggling and almost dropping everything.

“Here let me help.” Sam said, grabbing the bottles of whisky. “Heavy drinker?” He asked.

“Times are tough at the moment.” You stated.

“I understand that. Come eat with us there’s no need to eat alone.” He said.

You debated eating with them, on one hand you wanted to hang out with Sam longer, but you didn’t want the awkward feeling of Dean being there. You decided to go with him and eat ignoring what ever came with being near Dean. You nodded at Sam and followed him to the boy’s room.

“Y/n’s eating with us.” Sam said as he walked in. Dean opened his mouth in protest but Sam cut him off saying “No buts Dean.”

You all sat on the beds in the middle of the room eating your food; you of course had started drink. There were only two bed and you chose to sit next to Sam on one bed and Dean sat alone on the other. The food was crappy but you didn’t expect much from a take away shop. The conversation continued between you and Sam from the car. Laughing at Dean awkward teen stage, he sat they laughing with us but he didn’t seem to be happy. After you had finished eating that’s when it got serious. It started with Dean.

“What the hell are you doing y/n?” There it was, you expected it.

“Um well Bonham is it? I’m working a case just like you, most likely the same.” You replied.

“You need to stop this. This life isn’t for you, you’re going to get yourself killed.” He said as if you were going to back down straight away.

“I can handle myself Dean, I don’t need you telling me what to do and for getting killed I’ve been fine the past five years. So back off.” You stated and went to get up off the bed. Something grabbed your arm. It was Sam.

“Honestly Dean she can look after herself. If she wants to hunt let her hunt.” Sam said almost yelling at Dean.

“And what let her kill herself, why don’t we through her into a nest all alone with no weapons. Sam this isn’t a job anyone can take on.” He yelled as he stood up. Sam let go of your hand and stood up to be a similar height.

“She can take care of herself. You took Jo hunting when Ellen said no, what make y/n any different Dean. Jo wanted to hunt and you gave her a shot, give y/n one.” This time Sam was yelling.

“I’m just going to go back to my room now guys. Um great talk, Dean go screw yourself I’m still going to hunt and thank trying to help Sam. If you need anything you know where I am.” You stood up and walked towards the door and left.

You walked the few paces back to your room. How dare he try and tell me I cannot hunt? Who does he think he is? I am more then capable to look after myself I’ve been doing this for five years now. Its my life not his.

Why do I have the feeling that Naruto is about to laugh this whole ‘Who is Sarada’s real mother’ episode out of existence.