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Hello hi there must be some sort of mistake! You're too awesome?? Your art is the cutest??? How are you following a little bean like me?

ASDFHFGHJ!!! I was just in the middle of writing you a message !! BOY, You’re making me blush, I can’t believe !! I’m incredibly honored you like my art, thank you from the bottom of my heart for those lovely compliments ❤ !!! AHH WELL I AM SUCH A FAN OMG, you really deserve more attention because your art is incredibly adorable !! Please keep up the amazing work, I can’t wait to see what you’ll draw next !! 

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AND Thank you so much for following me AAHH !! 

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I don't understand how the heck the kids aren't alright would be about Mikey. It seems more of like just a sad song so how's that about Mikey?

here’s the way i’ve always looked at bc that song makes me feel petekey as hell. 

in 2005 pete said he was looking for someone who wasn’t a friend but could be bc he needed to talk to someone about his problems (probably about the suicide attempt) 

he talked about how he didn’t want a therapist or someone close, he just wanted a friend who he didn’t know

and i genuinely think that’s what mikey was to him, a friend who helped him through all that shit

so ‘in the end, i think you’re my best friend.’ could be a refference to mikey helping him, and just being there for him and shit

‘dont you know that the kids aren’t alright.’ they were “together” in a time where neither of them were in the best mental state


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(( Obvs not the anon, but I just went through the last few pages of your blog and I see nothing overtly shippy…? Like, it’s not like you’re posting miles and miles of it? ))

// I mean, I’ve done a few sessions where I reblogged a good deal of Honeymustard in a row, but that was a while back, honestly. And I do think I tagged it. 

I dunno, friendo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’ll try to tag more and hopefully they’ll be satisfied or decide on another course of action. //