“Aw, c’mon Nick, look! They have your eyes!”

“Ellie, please.”

I borrowed some of @bigwinged‘s gentoo designs for this one !

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p.s. yes those two are discussing who would win in a fight and yes that one is sipping wd-40.

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I hope you and your family is safe

my family and i are safe .. thank you so much for reading my tags and caring about me …. it’s just horrible that europe is becoming attacked like this … i hope all of you are safe too! … to my followers who live in munich, germany … pls stay at home and stay safe! let’s pray that they’ll catch these bastards soon QQ

#prayformunich #prayforgermany

the sweetest most beautiful angel @thinkuracontra tagged me thank u 💛💛
-relationship status: I’m dating!!!! 
-favorite color: pink! pink pink pink !
-wake up time: 9 or 10 depending on the day!!! 
-cats or dogs: dogs….fershre
-coke or pepsi: coke. Pepsi tastes like a really sad slow miserable death.
-call or text: I’m terrible at both so I just stay elusive tbh 
-chapstick or lipstick: I don’t like either I like lip stains bc I hate feeling lips kinda wet idk 
-last song you listened to: same drugs - chance the rapper
I’m tagging @becauseitsashout & @lillytalons :)))) ok everyone have a great day!,