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Ticking Time Bomb 7

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)
Moya Lyubov’ (My Love)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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How To Drape A Sweetheart Strapless Bodice (Beginners) by DanielaTabois

Link: https://youtu.be/PFW7_nLamSY

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if the paladins had to pick out a wedding dress for their s/o what would they choose?

- Sweetheart neckline
- Strapless
- He wouldn’t necessarily want a train, but a flowy fabric down to the floor is Good
- Maybe some subtle bead detail, just enough to catch the light
- Understated but beautiful

- He wouldn’t be opposed to a tighter dress
- Maybe a thigh-high slit ;)
- A pretty low neckline, not strapless though
- A train is a no-no
- Probably floor/ankle-length with a slit or down to the knee/mid-thigh
- Maybe satin or silk
- If there’s anything around the waist, he’d want that detail to be lace

- He’d probably want it to be a really pale blue
- Strapless
- Probably tight around the bust, then a-line to the floor
- Long train
- But! You need to be able to dance
- So the length is removable
- Ta-dah!!! Underneath is this mid-thigh length flowy skirt that is very billowy
- You’re welcome

- They’d probably want ¾ lace sleeves
- With a square neckline
- The skirt would be pretty full and layered, and knee-length
- A little brooch would fasten right underneath the bust, and this would cover the attachment of the train
- The train itself is very gauzy and quite sheer, very soft to the touch

- A Strong Dress
- One shoulder
- It would probably have little chiffon flowers from the shoulder to the waist, where there’s some ruching
- The skirt would go to the floor, and have some petticoats underneath to give it A Silhouette
- It’s very swishy when it moves, very princess-like

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What kind of dresses would Cassie, Steph, and Kara wear for their wedding?

Ok, so I had fun looking at wedding dresses and my mom watches a lot of Say Yes to the Dress so I’m gonna use terms I learned there (lol). Obviously I own none of these images, they’re from google searches.


So Cassie’s would obviously be very dramatic but not “princessy” and she’d want to show off her figure. So an overly long train and sleeves to really make it unique while being form-fitting with that gorgeous open back. Cassie isn’t really one to go for glitter and sparkle but lace with its elegance is right up her alley.


Steph definitely watches wedding shows and has probably known the basics of what she wanted since she was six. You can see that here in the strapless sweetheart neckline, the mermaid fit, and the gems and floral elements. Obviously since she’s Steph she found a dress that features her signature eggplant. (Plus the flowers kinda look like bats and she adores the irony.)


So while Kara spent most of her childhood on another planet she immediately fell in love with Disney princesses and after she saw Ma Kent’s dress (which was Ma’s grandmother’s) she knew she wanted a classic princess dress for her wedding. So we’ve got the huge tulle ballgown and vintage elements with the lace, caped sleeves, and buttons.  

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© 2014 Katarina Jones


Maybe it was the heat of the moment. Maybe it was his subconscious. Maybe he had wanted to say that. Or maybe, just maybe, he was going completely crazy.

As soon as Lucas realized what had just escaped his lips, he shut his eyes and silently groaned. How much more disgusting could he get? He had just told Peaches that he wanted to call her “Lara.” What kind of sick older brother feels this way?!

“W-what,” Lara stuttered on the other line, suddenly forgetting to lower her voice to make it sound like ‘Peaches’. To say she was shocked was an understatement. Her brother wanted to call her, as in Peaches, Lara.

“Hello? Peaches, you there?” The husky voice at the other end snapped her out of her lust filled thoughts. She nearly forgot that her brother was on the line, waiting to get his release. Oh he’s definitely getting a very good release! With that determined thought, Lara spoke.

“Oh I’m here baby, Peaches isn’t going anywhere.”

Meanwhile, Lucas was getting restless with his hard-on. He didn’t even know the chick and yet he’s at the verge of coming! Damn that tease! Her sweet voice sent lustful shivers up and down his spine, well if his cock counted as a spine that is. He composed himself before he could embarrass himself and answered the little vixen.

“Oh okay.” Great! I sound like a stupid teenage boy, Lucas thought. The little minx was playing with his head; he couldn’t think straight! His hand was gripping his shaft and slowly stroking it, trying not to come then and there.

“Mmm, my little kitty is weeping. How is that mighty fine soldier of yours? Let me guess, he’s standing at attention right?” Lara was having so much fun with her newfound hobby. This way she’ll be able to please herself and also her brother, and he won’t even know.

Images were flashing in her mind and her lower abdomen tightened with desperate need. She wanted release again.


Her breath hitched in her throat. She didn’t know what to say. The way his deep, husky voice called out her name, made her senses wild! Before she could answer him back, the line went dead. She stared down at her iPhone and noticed the black screen.

What the fuck? Lara was confused at this point. He hung up on her, but why? Did he find out that it was her and felt disgusted? No, that can’t be it.

Maybe he was embarrassed or something. Lara heaved out a sigh and set her iPhone on the table. She laid down on her soft bed and stared at the ceiling. She was this close of having her fun but Lucas had to hang up on her!

Lucas stared at his phone wondering why the hell did he hang up? His cock was semi hard but still hard. Now what will he do? A cold shower it is then.

After setting his phone on the bed and taking out a pair of fresh clothes, Lucas went to have a cold shower. Fifteen minutes later, Lucas was all cleaned and released. His stomach let out a hungry growl and he looked at the time. It was quarter to eight and he was starving! Starving for a the phone vixen, but food will do.

For now.

Lara was still laying on her bed, deep in thought when there was a knock on her door. “Come in.” The door opened and her brother popped in his head. His hair was wet and sticking to his forehead, giving him a sexy look.

“Yes, Luc?” Lara couldn’t help but ogle the sexy beast of her brother in front of her. He had a pair of black pants which were hung dangerously low on his hips, a red checkered button down with the first two buttons undone and sleeves rolled till his elbows, showing off a pair of tan strong arms.

Lara nearly had an orgasm at the sight of her brother. Damn doesn’t he look scrumptious!? Her mind was flooded with wicked thoughts including her brother naked.

“So, you up for it?”

“Huh?” Lara looked at Lucas in confusion.

Lucas sighed and repeated what he had said earlier. “I was wondering if you would like to go grab a bite with me.”

A devious smirk grew on her lips as she pushed the silk comforters off her legs and twisted her body to face his. “What will we be ‘biting’?”

Lucas rolled his eyes, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow and said, “Food, Zee, now get your ass out of bed if you’re coming.”

Lara laughed. “Why don’t you bring your ass to my bed?”

She couldn’t believe that she had just said that, but there was no going back and she didn’t exactly regret it. Now Lucas on the other hand, stood in place with eyes wide open and a gaping face. He didn’t know whether to be reply in the same manner or punch himself from the disgust.

Nonetheless, his mouth chose for him and he heard himself saying, “Maybe some other time.”

Lara widened her eyes, but tried to keep her cool and nodded. Realizing the sexual tension he had just caused between the two, Lucas coughed and said, “Anyways, you have an hour to get ready. No more, alright?”

She nodded her head, her blond curls shining with the light coming in from the hallway and Lucas gulped. His sister was truly turning out to be a goddess–and he couldn’t have her.

He believed that a woman’s body was like a temple. He loved cherishing it and taking care of it like it should have been. He wanted to cherish his sister’s body like the exquisite temple it was; he just didn’t know whether to be fully disgusted or just give in to the pleasurable sin.

Without another word, he walked out of her room and headed to his own. He needed to take another shower but this time not to calm down his hormones, but to relax and freshen up.

He ran his fingers through his brown hair, along with the hot water streaming down his body and closed his eyes. There was nothing better than taking a shower and enjoying it. It was one of his favorite things to do, which might’ve been seen as weird but he loved it. It was like all of his worries were washed away down the drain.

The strong smell of his Axe liquid soap filled the room along with the steam rising on the mirrors. Lucas inhaled deeply, smirking to himself as a conceited thought broke through his mind. He knew he was attractive, there was no doubt about it, but he also knew that girls went crazy when a guy’s scent was evocative.

Right now, he was playing all the right cards.

In the other room, Lara had just finished applying lotion to her legs. She admired the soft and vanilla colored skin as her fingers trailed up and down her faint muscles, like her brother; she also knew she was attractive.

She didn’t need someone to tell her twenty four seven that she was good-looking. She knew it, she had heads turning even at the corner store; but she wasn’t conceited, she was simply confident.

She had learned that a man loved a confident girl–and Lucas was all in for confident girls.

The dress she had chosen for the night was beautiful. She didn’t really want to overdress but her want to impress her step-brother was greater than her fear of ‘overdressing.’

It was colored a beautiful red with a strapless, sweetheart necklace that was studded in tiny diamonds and a thick studded diamond belt that wrapped tightly around her slim figure. The fabric was soft and dainty; almost transparent, which was exactly what Lara wanted.

She wanted to look sexy in Lucas’ eyes. She was tired of him looking at her like a little girl. She needed to change that aspect he had of her, so that when she made her first devious moves, he wouldn’t be so surprised.

Her thick blond hair fell around her shoulders in soft curled waves, almost looking like a waterfall of gold. She had on light make-up, but enough to accentuate her features and hide the ones she wasn’t so fond of.

To finish her seductive look, she wore black opened-toe stilettos that shone whenever light hit. As she stared at herself in the mirror, she felt accomplished, she could only hope that the restaurant Lucas was planning on taking her wasn’t some dingy fast food place because she would definitely be the center of attention.

And although, that was one of her favorite things to be, this night she wanted the sole attention of her step-brother.

With one last satisfied look, Lara turned around, grabbed her silver clutch and walked over to Lucas’ room. She knocked twice and as soon as the door opened, her heart fastened its pace in her chest.

Lucas was certainly looking edible.

He had on dark slacks and a grey buttoned down shirt tucked in. His hair wasn’t slicked or styled in any specific way, it looked like he had just gotten out of the shower and dried his hair with the towel, leaving it somewhat messy and sexy.

The sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, making his muscled arms seem even sexier than they were. The sly smile that adorned his face was one to start wars over.

As Lara admired the god in front of her, Lucas didn’t wander far. His dark blue eyes slowly grazed over every curve she had, every piece of visible skin seemed good enough to eat.

She was everything a goddess should be. Beautiful, smart, caring–and practically untouchable.

Lara’s cheeks slowly heated up as she noticed the smirk on Lucas’ lips grow. She cleared her throat, suddenly feeling shy and said, “Uh, shall we get going?”

Lucas laughed, throwing his head back as he stepped into the room to shrug on a black vest. As they walked down the stairs, he buttoned it up and smiled the whole way down. When they reached the door, Lucas, like the gentleman he was, opened the door for his sister and placed his hand on the small space of her back.


The restaurant was a lavish restaurant, giving a welcoming look. It was classy and new. Lucas and Lara walked side by side although both of them had the urge to hold each other’s hands.

“Welcome to La Senza.” A short brunette hostess welcomed the two with a warm smile but shot daggers straight at Lara. The girl is about the same age as her with Made in China written on her forehead. Lara simply rolled her eyes at the girl and looked around the restaurant in awe.

The restaurant was dimly lit, giving it a romantic feeling. The sweet aroma of lilies hit her nostrils. Lara was too busy exploring the restaurant with her eyes that she didn’t notice the looks the waiters were giving her.

Lucas, on the other hand, was watching every single look the waiters were giving Zee. He wanted nothing more than to just pound his fist on their faces till they passed out. He must admit though, his sister looked beyond beautiful. It was almost painful for him to keep his hands to himself.

“Table for two, please.” His deep voice asked the desperate hostess. Lara wanted nothing more than to just bitch slap the chick.

“Follow me, Mr and Mrs…?”

Before Lara could correct the dumb girl, Luc beat her to it; “Hilt.”

Lara simply smiled, liking the way he introduced them. It sounded like they were a pair of newlyweds or something along those lines. She liked the way it rolled of her tongue. Mr. & Mrs. Hilt.

She was already a “Hilt” but not by choice, not because she had been married into the family but because her mother changed it when she was younger.

The brunette nodded her head and lead them through the restaurant, all the while swaying her fake ass to distract Luc’s attention, which she wasn’t failing at.

They had reached a table which was situated at the less crowded part of the restaurant but still gave it a perfect look, with light music being played in the background. Couples were mostly sitting there and doing all the couple-y stuff.

After both of them had settled down, the same brunette strolled their way with a wide colgate smile plastered on her face. Lara had the sudden urge to snap at her but she thought twice before doing any such thing. Wouldn’t want to get sent to jail at such a young age, now would we? Not to mention that she still hasn’t gotten laid by her step-brother.

“Can I start you off with some appetizers or do you want to jump straight to the main menu?” The way she said ‘main menu’ was like a dog panting for water. She was that desperate!

Before Luc could interfere her again, she spoke. “How about a new waiter perhaps? Yeah, that’ll be great. Thank you.” Lara gave the brunette her best fake smile and gave her the ‘shoo away’ gesture. From the corner of her eye, she saw Luc giving her a look. Lara mentally patted herself on the back.

The hostess left or more like stormed from the table. Good riddance, leech!

The clearing of a throat snapped Lara back to reality and she looked at Luc who was giving her a weird look. Is something wrong with him?

“What?” Luc simply shrugged and flipped through the menu. Lara started to get frustrated. She hated it when someone gets her attention and when she asks them what’s wrong, they either shrug or say ‘Nevermind’.

Painful silence loomed over the table. Both of them were busy flipping through the menu. Lucas had his eyes glued to the beauty seated opposite of him. He knew exactly why Zee sent the waitress away–jealousy. She was jealous and frustrated with the hostess.

Lucas couldn’t help but scan his eyes up and down her fit body. He knew he shouldn’t being doing such thing, but damn!

Lara was completely oblivious to his hungry stares. His blue eyes raked over every inch of her, admiring the change she had went through. She was no longer the shy little girl; she had bloomed into a beautiful exotic woman.

She bit her lip into her mouth as her eyes scanned over the menu. Fried Scarabs? Gross. Lemon-Dipped Chicken? Mm, maybe. Grilled Frog Legs? Definitely not something she would eat. 

Lucas watched as her face scrounged up in disgust and she flipped to another page. These appetizers are worse than eating trash, she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes.

He found it somewhat attractive that she was frowning down at the menu and biting her lip into her mouth. Sadly for him, he wasn’t the only one that was busy staring at the beautiful girl.

Other men in the restaurant stared at her with covetous, hungry eyes and it made him infuriated. He didn’t know if it was because she was his little sister or if it was because he wanted her for himself.

A young, handsome waiter was approaching their table and Lara couldn’t help but give him a once over. He was handsome, but not as handsome as the guy sitting opposite of her.

“Are you guys ready? What are your orders?” Lucas was watching the waiter with hawk eyes. He knew what that asshole was thinking. His jaw clenched and he controlled himself as he didn’t want to create a scene.

“Yes we’re ready. I’ll have the chicken in cashew nut sauce with boiled rice and vine leaves as the side dishes.” The waiter scribbled down Lara’s order and then turned to Lucas who was glaring at the poor guy.

“And for you, sir?”

Lara caught the way Luc was glaring at the waiter and frowned. Why is he getting so riled up? He wasn’t complaining when the desperate chick was practically dancing her fake goodies in front of him! Why would he even glare at the guy? He wasn’t even–oh, okay he was definitely looking at her.

“I’ll have the beef stir fry with boiled rice and a greek salad as the side dish. As for the drinks, I’ll have your finest champagne.“

The waiter doodled everything and turned to look at Lara, his eyes practically glazing with curiosity. “Are you guys together?”

Lucas, who was getting annoyed with the dude, said, “Do you see her sitting with me?” The waiter shakes his head and rephrases his question.

“I meant, are you like a couple or–”

“Yes,” Lucas gritted out through clenched teeth.

“No!” Lara practically shouted, not knowing if she had said it because she wanted to see what Lucas said or because the thought of being with her step-brother other than “sleeping” terrified her.

Lucas and Lara started to glare at each other, when their glaring contest was broken by the waiter.

“Well beautiful,” the waiter broke their glaring contest, “if you’re single and ready to mingle, you know where to find me.” He gave her a wink and Lara let out a small giggle.

That’s it! Luc thought before he stood up and grabbed the waiter by his collar. He could hear Lara telling him to stop but he wasn’t going to listen. 

They are so getting kicked out of the restaurant, Lara thought as she rolled her eyes and slumped back into the seat. There was no use trying to get Lucas to stop. When he started a fight; he had to finish it.

“What the hell is your problem?” Even though Lucas was angry, it brought Lara’s senses awake. The way he gritted out each word was just so damn hot! Damn she should’ve brought an extra pair of panties.

“N-nothing man! I didn’t know she was your girl.”

The poor guy looked like he would pass out any moment now. Lucas shook him a little and then pushed him back. The guy stumbled slightly but regained his balance. The entire population of the damn restaurant was looking at them, but apparently it wasn’t anything to get so alarmed about. No one had called a manager, no one had stood up to help the waiter and no one had tried to calm Lucas down.

They all knew better than that apparently–because Lucas was like a caged lion, tame when he’s in, but wild when he’s freed.

“Now you know. Now get lost!” The waiter practically ran away and disappeared. Lucas, happy with what he did, sat down and looked at a frowning Lara. “Why the frown?”

Lara raised her eyebrow and took a deep breath to start her rant. “You’re asking me why I have a frown? Seriously?!” she rolled her eyes, “Lucas, that was not necessary. It was just a simple question! You didn’t have to go all Hulk on the poor guy!”

Lucas was starting to get mad. Is she that oblivious? A guy was basically hitting on her, knowing that she had come with another guy, and she says it was not necessary?

“He was hitting on you!”

Lara rolled her eyes at his lame answer.

“Seriously? And what was that brunette doing, huh? Knitting a sweater?” They weren’t shouting at each other but were whisper shouting mostly, nonetheless, you could still feel the uncomfortable tension between the two.

“Why are you getting so mad in the first place, Zee?” Guys can be so stupid at times!

“I mean, she was shaking her ‘Made in China’ goodies in your face! Did I say anything? Did I go all ape-shit on you? NO!”

Lucas sighed, massaging his temples slowly, her hissing-tone of voice was becoming a bit annoying and he desperately wanted to silence her to just get a couple of sentences in. What was it with girls, whenever they got into an argument, they’d never let the guy talk?

“And don’t you dare say that you didn’t see anything, I saw how your eyes sparkled. A guy does light flirting with me, you go Hulk on him but when a desperate whore,” she seethed, “shakes her good for nothing goodies you–”

Lara’s eyes went wide.

She couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Lucas was getting tired of her never ending rant and the only way he could think to shut her up, was to kiss her.

Lucas deepened the kiss and nibbled on her lip. Lara, lost in wonderland, opened her mouth and allowed him entrance. The second their tongues touched, fireworks erupted in her stomach. Luc cradled Lara’s face in his hands and tilted his head for better access.

He died and went to heaven–or maybe it was hell! She tasted so sweet and delicious that he never wanted to detach their lips.


For some reason, that gif makes me giggle cx

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hello kiwi-chan! (hua I hope you don't me calling you that :>) can I request a scenario for oikawa, wakatoshi and yuji for the prompt "A always sees B in baggy clothings and pretty much able to seal their feelings but one day B comes wearing fitting outfit and it shocked A so much A chocked"? the rest is up to you oho ho ho~The boys can be person A :3 thank you so much! good luck on the blog!

of course you can call me that! it’s super cute! also thanks for such a cute request and thanks for the good wishes! i hope i did this justice cause it’s the first time i’m writing for terushima so i apologize if he’s a tad ooc! also it got kinda long….ahaha my b

oikawa tooru

Oikawa Tooru was speechless – a rarity in all his 20 years of life. His glass was frozen in his hand, halfway to his mouth as he stared at you entering the club, head whipping around in search of him. Your hair was done up prettily and your shoes complimented your legs perfectly, but what really caught him off guard was your dress – tight and short.

In the year that Oikawa had known you, he had never seen you wear anything from fitting. You’d occasionally wear shorts, so the beauty of your legs was no stranger to him, but the rest of your body was a mystery, and he was immensely curious to see what lay beneath your seemingly endless layers of clothing. Regardless of what you wore, his feelings for you grew with every word that passed between those bubblegum lips of yours; however, he’d be lying if he said that asking you out for drinks at a nightclub came with innocent intentions.

Once you caught sight of him, a smile lit up your face, and Oikawa could feel a hot blush rise on his own. The thudding bass of the club’s music was no match for the rhythm his heart played against his ribcage. He finally found the strength in him to bring his glass up to his lips, the iced drink a stark contrast to the heat he was feeling everywhere else. He watched as you pushed your way through the crowd to stand in front of him, looking up at him with expectant eyes. A beat of awkward silence followed your arrival, but the brunette swiftly and smoothly covered it up, “Well, don’t you look pretty?”

Your cheeks tinted a light pink at his compliment, as you laughed, “Why thank you! I wasn’t sure if it was entirely appropriate, but either way, it seems to do the job in a place like this.”

That it did. The dress was tight enough to highlight your curves, but modest enough to stay classy.

A perfect fit, for a perfect girl.

He brought his glass to his lips again, listening to you talk enthusiastically before you bent over the counter to order a drink. It was then that the setter caught a glimpse of the back of your dress, quickly taking note of the bare skin of your back, revealed by the plunging hemline of your dress. He gasped, choking on whatever was left in his glass, trying his best to compose himself as you turned to face him again, glass of bourbon hanging between your fingers.

“You alright there?” He nodded mutely as you laughed, downing the rest of your drink before slamming the glass back down on the counter, taking his hand in yours, “Let’s go dance! Only if you can handle it though.” You teased him, noting his unusual stuttering, obviously picking up on the effect you had on him.

He licked his lips, eager to join you on the dance floor, vaguely wondering if you had any more surprises in store for him. You were, he decided, going to be the death of him.

ushijima wakatoshi

At first Ushijima didn’t really notice that everything in your closet was two sizes too big for you and that you weren’t too keen on form fitting clothing, opting to wear boyfriend jeans and t-shirts instead of the skinny jeans and tank tops most girls found so alluring. Either way, regardless of your clothing choices, Ushijima caught himself falling more and more for you each day, overlooking everything that didn’t have anything to do with your stunning personality.

Despite the infancy of your relationship, you had asked him to attend your sister’s wedding as your date, to which he happily (as happily as Ushijima Wakatoshi could be) obliged. Your sister, having always been the lethal combination of both flighty and flaky, left you to deal with the bridesmaids’ dresses, with the claim that “You’re my maid of honor, [Name]! This is the stuff that you have to do!”

A sigh left your lips as you browsed the endless racks of dresses in the bridal shop. Ushijima trailed behind you, occasionally offering his opinion when prompted, suit bag thrown over his shoulder as he waited for you to reach a verdict. At the end of thirty minutes, a pretty saleswoman asked if she could get you a fitting room, to which you begrudgingly agreed to, casting an apologetic look to your boyfriend, “I’ll be in and out in 10 minutes, I promise. Just wait outside for a bit.”

The bridal store your sister had referred you to was quite lavish, adorned with chandeliers and off white couches. Ushijima took it upon himself to sit in a love seat situated across your dressing room, graciously taking a water bottle from the same saleswoman who showed you to your room. True to your word, after 8 minutes you called out to him, “Hey, Wakatoshi? I’m on the last dress, but can you zip me up? I’m having trouble reaching around.” With a short nod that he knew you weren’t going to see, he gently knocked on the door to get you to open it. You seemed relived when you saw him, moving your hair out of the way and turning around so your back was facing him, “It’s kinda tight so the zipper’s pretty stiff.”

Tight? Definitely. Stiff? The zipper wasn’t the only thing. Ushijima fought down a blush as his fingertips momentarily grazed over the bare skin of your back. At the familiar sound of the whine of the zipper going up, you sighed in relief, turning to face him, “What do you think? Is it too much?”

It was too much and not enough at the same time. The dress generously outlined the contours of your body and the strapless, sweetheart neckline was the perfect mix of elegant and sexy. Crossing his arms in front of his chest, the corner’s of your boyfriend’s lips curved up in the slightest, genuine compliment falling from his lips, “You look beautiful.” It was your turn to blush as you looked away, the raw sincerity in his eyes too much for you to handle. As he watched you look at yourself in the mirror, Ushijima unscrewed the cap of his water bottle and brought it to his lips, smile still present. You really did look perfect.

A small tug on his shirt sleeve pulled him out of his reverie, “Can you help me unzip?” What was left of the water in his mouth seemed to travel down the wrong pipe as Ushijima sputtered, coughing to regain his composure.

terushima yuuji

“Babe! Let’s go shopping.” Terushima flopped onto the couch, resting his head in your lap as you looked down at him, setting your book aside in favor of running your fingers through your boyfriend’s hair, “Why the sudden interest in shopping now, huh, Yuuji?”

He grinned devilishly, “No reason. Now let’s go!”

Thirty minutes and a reckless car ride later, you were yanked not so graciously into one of the stores in the mall, vaguely noting that there was nothing in the store that you would wear – everything seemed so flashy and formal, “Why’re we in here? This is all formal wear.”

Terushima was in the middle of picking out things for you to wear when you asked him your question. Pausing momentarily, he turned to give you a genuine, heart stopping smile, “I’m planning something special for next week and I wanna buy you something to wear.”

You felt your cheeks heat up as he pushed a pile of clothes into your arms, “So try these on for me okay? Make sure you try this one on first,” A slender finger pointed to the dress resting on the top of the pile, “Now go!”

You sighed, deciding to go along with your boyfriend’s whims, happy that he wanted to take you somewhere nice and was willing to buy you something to wear. As you closed the door to the dressing room, you held up the dress Terushima wanted you to try on first, and you grimaced.

Slipping it over your head, the first thing you noticed was how snug the material felt on your body. Taking a peek at yourself in the mirror, you raised an eyebrow, noting that it didn’t look too bad. The neckline was a bit to low and the hemline went up past your comfort zone, but it didn’t look bad.

Apparently, your silence made Terushima anxious as he bounced his leg in his seat. It was true he’d never seen you in anything form fitting before, so he’d purposely given you a tight dress to try on first, but suddenly he felt bad. Had he made you uncomfortable? That was the last thing he wanted. He heard the lock unclick before he could think any more of it.

The sight of you in that black little number had him coughing and stuttering all over the place; he expected you to look good but you completely blew him out of the water when you stepped out of the room. You took his reaction as a negative one and immediately asked, “Do you not like it?”

He couldn’t deny you faster. He shot up from his chair, heat rising to his cheeks at his embarrassing reaction, “No, no, no! I love it! You look…you look really…hot.” You laughed, mirth rising to your eyes; Terushima rarely ever blushed, and to see him such as such a mess over a simple thing like a dress was strangely satisfying, “So I guess we’re buying this one?”

The blonde nodded vigorously before adding meekly, “Do you need any help taking it off?”


DIY Sweetheart Strapless Bustier by Daniela Tabois

Link: https://youtu.be/MCXsdDkFEho

Wheels and Dollbaby Gigi Satin Dress

For you gals who wanna rock ‘n roll all night and party every day– you’re gonna need a dress that can hang. The Gigi Dress is made in black satin and features strapless design, sweetheart neckline, and welt seam detail. Side boning, tulle petticoat, and fit-and-flare silhouette. Fully lined, back zip closure. Plus it comes with a super cute removable velvet belt. Pair it with combat boots and a shredded denim jacket for a tough feel, or velvet pumps and a faux fur jacket for an elevated look. By Wheels and Dollbaby.

*Runs true to size
*Model is wearing smallest size available
*Dry Clean or Hand wash cold

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DIY Sweetheart Strapless Cutout Dress by DanielaTabois

Link: https://youtu.be/fjPL5pStrto

Imagine being Daryl's Best Friend and him helping you get your dream dress for yours and Carl's Wedding

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When you were little you always pictured having a perfect wedding, what little girl didn’t. You honestly didn’t care about anything more then the dress. You just wanted a high low,strapless, white dress, but now that was not an option anymore. Every since the world went to shit you were lucky to even be having a wedding. You even told Carl that you were ok with not even having a ceremony however Carl knew how much you wanted one. However he knew he couldn’t get you the one thing you wanted… The white dress. 

 "Daryl, can you go check on [Y/N]? She told me this morning I wasn’t allowed to see her till tonight.“ Carl asked as he walked into the hall wearing a worn white shirt and black blazer that he found in some of the Saviors clothing bins, and his jeans. 

 Daryl turned to him in his leather vest, t-shirt and jeans and smiled at the thought of you telling Carl to stay away from you, seeing how the only time you would spend apart was when one of you were on a run. "Yea, make sure she ain’t getting cold feet on ya.” He joked at a tense Carl. “I’m jokin, that girl loves ya too much to run away.”

 He clapped his shoulder before heading down the stairs and next door. However he never had to go in the house because you were seated on the stairs just staring into space. 

 "Hey short stuff.“ He called from the road snapping you out of you stare and calling your attention towards him, he could see the tear streaks on your face. 

"Hey….hey what’s wrong.” He said as he jogged towards the steps and knelt in front of you, his hand cradling the side of your face, “please don’t tell me you are getting cold feet because I just got done telling Carl you loved him too much to get cold feet." 

"No, I am happy to be getting married to Carl, we all know that Lori and Carol used to joke about how we were gonna get together one day. I just was thinking though about how I don’t get to get married in my dream dress." 

"Dream dress?” Daryl asked as you looked at him. 

“It wasn’t anything fancy, I just wanted a high-low strapless white dress." 

"High-low?” He asked causing you to chuckle 

“Yea it is one of those dresses where it is short in the front but long in the back." 

"Sounds complicated." 

"To you it might but to me I thought it was perfect. I just wish there was a way to get that dress." 

"Can I tell ya something?” You looked at the smile on Daryl’s face as you tried to think of what he could be thinking, “I was on a run and I came across this store, looked like it could have been a old bridal shop kind of thing. Wanna go check it out, see if it has this high-low dress you were talking about?" 

"But what about Carl?” You asked as your eyes shifted to the house next door. 

“Well the weddin ain’t till later, the shop is maybe a 30 minute ride out. You don’t have to…." 

"Well we are wasting time now aren’t we?” You said as you pushed yourself off the stairs and started towards the neighboring house and threw open the door, "CARL! IM GOING OUT WITH DARYL FOR A BIT. BE BACK SOON! LOVE YOU!“ You called before shutting the door and hurrying towards the bike, "well you comin’ or no?” You asked as Daryl just shock his head at you, and started towards his bike. 

 When you pulled in front of the abandoned shop you had a good feeling about it. Daryl left you on the bike to scoop the place for walkers, and once he clarified that the shop was empty he signaled for you to come on in. 

Once inside you found yourself surround by dresses and tuxedos and veils. You quickly found yourself laughing as Daryl stared at the mannequin wearing the most ridiculous princess gown. “I will never understand why someone would want to parade around in that circus tent?" 

 "I don’t know why someone would wanna be that shiny?” You laughed pointing at this bedazzled dress. 

“I mean maybe her man wants some diamond tits.” You erupted into laughter as you both started walking through the store. 

“[Y/N] I found my dream jacket!” He called causing you to turn and kneel over in laughter. 

For there he stood,in a neon blue blazer, striking a pose as you laughed. "Blue is a great color for you Dixon, all you need is a neon purple pocket square.“ You giggled as you turned back to the dresses.

 you hand resting on a mermaid dress, where the bottom looked like big bird died on the bottom. "What do you think Carl would say if I walked in wearing this?” I laughed as he smiled at the sight. 

“I think he would ask where the hell the rest of the flock is." 

"Well if we don’t find it,I’m glad…” However you stopped talking as you turned back to put the feather duster dress away, for it dropped to the floor as you looked at what caught your eye. 

 For on the rack next to you was a black lace accent, sweetheart neckline strapless white dress, with a short front and a lace train in the back, it was your dress.

 "Daryl…. I…. I found it.“ Tears slowly started to form in your eyes as you pulled it off the rack, Daryl hurrying to your side to see what you found.

 "So this is it?” He asked as you slowly nodded, “well then lets see it on ya." 

"There is no…” You giggled when you saw your best friend covering his eyes, allowing you to strip and redress in the dress of your dreams. It fit like a glove and when you had it on you cleared your throat, causing Daryl to uncover his eyes. 

“Woah.” He said as you did a full turn, “Carl is one lucky fella." 

"I can’t believe we found it Daryl.” You breathed out as you worked towards the full length mirror, and taking in the sight of you in this dress. 

“I think we need to get goin’ don’t wanna be late to your own weddin’” he answered as you collected your old clothes and hurried out the door. 

 You pulled into the camp to find Glenn, Rick, Carl, and Gabriel all standing in the dirt road, Judith sitting in the road in front of them in her light blue dress and braid. As the engine cut you heard the four year old scream your name and collide with your legs. You picked her up and slowly carried her back to the men in the street, each one had their eyes on you. 

“You found it?” Carl whispered to Daryl 

 "She’s the one who found it, I just found the shop.“ He answered as you joined the group. 

"So whose ready for a wedding?” You smiled as Carl walked towards you and wrapped an arm around your waist. 

 "You look gorgeous Miss Peletier.“ He smiled as he leaned forward and kissed you. 

"Gross Brother, stop kissin’ my [Y/N]!” Judith whined as she stuck her tongue out. 

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Mr. Grimes." 

"Well I guess it is about time to get these two kids married, would you agree Father?” Rick asked as the Father hurried towards the church. 

“Dad’s had the church filled for like 30-40 minutes.” Carl whispered as Rick grabbed his arm and started to drag him away. 

 "Ok Judith, go with Daddy.“ You instructed as you sat her down and watched her run after him, leaving you alone with Daryl. 

"Ready to walk me down the aisle?” You asked poking Daryl’s side. 

“Yea, you really do look gorgeous." 

"Thanks you, I would never look like this if it wasn’t for you Dixon.” You quickly hugged his side, his arm wrapping around you. 

“I love ya kid.” He said as he squeezed a bit. 

“Love ya too Dixon, now let’s get me married, and then let’s get drunk.” You cheered as you both started towards the church, to start your new chapter with the love of your life, and your best friend.