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A Distraction - Kai Parker Smut

I sat in my rolly chair in front of my desk, the only light in my warm room coming from a pink lightbulb in my lamp in front of me and the tv Kai was watching Jeopardy on.

Two in the morning and my mind was focused on literally anything but the work I had to do.

And it didn’t help in the least that Kai had taken his shirt off for no good reason and tried coaxing me into taking mine off too. I wouldn’t fall for his crap, especially in the middle of something important. Even if it was pleasant seeing him wearing only jeans and laying on my bed like a model.

“I’m bored.” He said, falling back. I ignored his sighs. “Hello? I came over so we could have fun, not so you could ignore me, sweetheart.” He said, throwing one of my beanie babies at me.

“Screw you. No one asked you to come over, if you want attention go bother someone else… sweetheart.” I gritted my teeth. Kai stifled a laugh, standing up from my bed.

“Poor honey. You’ve been at it all week, uh?” He started, his hands landing on my shoulders, forcing me to relax as he massaged me. “I’ll bet you haven’t had a break the whole time, hmm? You’ve just got all this built up emotion in you?” He cooed as he gently moved my hair to one side.

“Kai.” I sighed, my eyes fluttering closed, my pencil falling out of my hand. I could practically hear his devilish smile.

“I can help you.” He whispered, all serpentine-like, dragging me to the seventh circle of hell with every unholy touch.

He pressed his hard dick against my back, his hands running under my shirt. He leaned over to kiss me, his face upside down.

“Bed.” He suggested, his breathing a bit shallow. I nodded in my trance, biting my lip. I laid down and he took my bottoms off at the advantage, pressing kisses up my leg, holding my thighs in his arms. “Pretty.” He smiled at the sight of the little bow on my panties, pressing a kiss there as my hands entered the messy hair sticking up in all directions on his head.

He finally met my face, a pretty little smile on his lips as he pushed his mouth against mine. I felt an energy surge through me as he held me.

I rolled over on him. He pulled me close to him, tearing off my underwear. I gasped as he balled them up and threw them, causing me to pull away.

“Unnecessary. But hot.” I smiled hazily, taking my shirt off too. Now completely naked, I pulled away so he could discard of his jeans. He snaked me back on him and I moaned at the feeling of our skin touching.

“Good grief.” He moaned as I took his dick in my hands. “Turn around, sweetheart.” He swallowed. I shuffled so that I faced away from him, looking at him through the mirror mounted on the wall.

He laid back against the mass of pillows and stuffed animals, his hands running up my back. I sunk onto him, my hands finding his to grab onto as I adjusted against him.

“Oh my -” He leaned his head back as I began moving up and down slowly, his hands crushing mine.

My eyes blurred in madness as I felt his hips rise with every one of my movements, quickening our pace. I moaned out loud as he let go of my hands and grabbed my arms, slapping me up and down rapidly.

Tugging at my hair, he grunted. “Just like that, princess.” The sound of our moans and breathing filled the room, air shifting hot.

I bounced on him, my hair wet with sweat as he yelled behind me, his head thrown back in agonizing pleasure.

He stretched his legs out over the bed, curling his toes on as he grunted animalistically and bit his lip hard.

“Don’t you ever stop fucking me!” He smacked my ass hard. My breath got caught in my throat, my sobs of bliss choked as my knees began to ache. “Fuck! Oh, you god damn bitch!” He cursed, gripping my waist hard as he pushed into me one last time, frozen as he spilled into me.

I slumped and stumbled off of him, laying right beside him as he breathed deeply, his eyes closed. They finally opened once he had calmed down and his stomach relaxed. “You have officially rocked my world.” He sighed hopelessly.

Catch Me If I Fall - Dino Angst/Fluff (Gang!AU)

Originally posted by jeonwuu

Request: Okay so I got this idea but I’m not very good at writing! Can you do like a gang AU? With maybe either Jun or Dino? (Whoever you would think would be more protective) And just have a rival gang someone try to take the reader or hurt her and they will just be hella protective and make it angsty? (Its okay if you don’t do this kind of thing)

Word Count: 2898

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Member/ Group: Lee Chan (Dino) of SEVENTEEN

Warnings: Mentions of rape, violence, and death

A/N: Part 2? Tell me if you guys want it. EDIT: You guys asked, I answered. Part two is on my masterlist for all of you that sent me messages requesting it!

 Curls of smoke rose into the air and disappeared into the atmosphere. Fourteen chairs were lined against the wall and wrappers littered the entirety of the room. Each chair was occupied by a warm body, except for two. A man with a fierce expression let out a breathy sigh before tossing his cigarette onto the dirty, cracked floor. 

 “Where is he? He said he would be here an hour ago, that fucking liar…”

 “Coups! Calm your tits, bro. He’s bringing the lady today, so he probably got caught in traffic from wherever she lives. Just lay off his case a bit.”

 When anybody decided to join the ruthless gang that simply went by ‘SEVENTEEN’, their name became a secret. They would choose a nickname to go by in case the cops ever caught up with them, though a few brave souls just went by their real ones. Each member never pried for the other’s real names, because the unspoken rule was always that ‘if what we’re doing is a secret, our identities should be too.’

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One for the Road

Coin for the Ferryman, Part 1: One for the Road

Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1,777

Warnings: swearing, canon divergence (kind of), angst, character death, mild gore.

A/N: This name for this series is based off the song “Coin for the Ferryman” by Nickelback, but the plot itself doesn’t really relate to the song. It will be a 5 part series. I hope you all like it! And I hope it actually makes sense. If you would like to be tagged in this series, please send me an ask! Thank you! <3

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The drive home after a long hunt was always the hardest part for you. Sure, the monster was dead, but a few innocents got stuck in the crosshairs, as usual. And that always took a toll on you. Your fingers fiddled with the small coin in your jacket pocket as you stared out the window. You couldn’t save them all, that was against the rules. Or so it seemed.

You stared up at the road in front of you, shifting in your seat. Welcome to Kansas. You smiled at the sign. Finally. The three of you were almost home.

“Can you guys wait until we get home before we eat, or are you hungry now?” Dean asked. You knew the meaning hidden behind his question. He only asked that when he wanted to stop for food. It was rare for the older Winchester to want to stop at all, but when Dean was hungry, he was hungry.

“I could eat,” you answered as you read the exit signs. Next Exit: Food, Lodge, Gas. “Maybe there’s a diner off the next exit.”

Dean nodded before flicking his gaze to Sam. “You hungry, Sammy?” Sam simply nodded at his brother, his eyes heavy with exhaustion. Dean peeled his eyes off the road again, chuckling. “And maybe some caffeine?”

Sam laughed. “Not if I want to nap the whole way home.”

“Hey, who says I’m driving the rest of the way?” Dean joked as he nudged his brother.

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Kinks (Michael smut) DAY 7!

Warnings: BDSM!! (bondage, overstimulation, toys, dirty talk, alcohol & party/bar)

Request: Well either calum or Michael and basically they ask you what your kinks are and they gather that you like being spanked/choked so one night you get angry cause he’s all around some girl and he fucks you roughly and he keeps making you cum

Word Count: 2.5k

A/N: This is honestly so extra and, if you haven’t read the title, it’s about kinks. Check out Smutty September!

Originally posted by sexycliffconda

“Do you have any kinks, Y/N?”

At your boyfriend, Michael’s words, the water resting in your mouth goes flying across the floor. You look up and stare at him, seeing his emerald eyes glinting mischievously.

“What?!” You ask, carefully placing your glass on the coffee table and leaning further into the couch. From beside you, Michael lets out a small laugh.

“Kinks. Y’know, sex stuff?” A small blush spreads across his cheeks as he beckons you closer. You sigh, shuffling up the couch and falling into his open arms.

“I don’t have any kinks,” You say, lying through your teeth.

“You fiddled with your ear,” Michael responds, smirking widely. Your eyebrows furrow together as you shoot him a confused look. “When you lie you touch your ear.”

A silence falls across the room as Michael’s fingers trace circles over your wrist, waiting for a reply.

“Promise you won’t laugh at me?” You ask nervously, not wanting your hidden desires to leave him with a different impression of you.


You take a breath before replying, heart seeming to beat quicker than normal.

“I’m really into rough stuff. Like choking, bondage and spanking,” You admit, curling closer together as you peer around to gauge his reaction.

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I was tagged by lovely @deletaed  ! Thanks sweetheart 💖

Rule: Shuffle your music and list the first 10 songs ~

80% of my music is just kpop 😭

  1. Like OHH-AHH (JPN ver) - TWICE
  2. Full Stop - IU
  3. Unperfect Me - TFBOYS
  4. Growl (live) - EXO
  5. Angel Down - Lady Gaga
  6. OPPA - Wonder Girls
  7. Nothing Helps - ONE OK ROCK
  8. Waiting For The Moment - INFINITE
  9. Sweet Creature - Harry Styles
  10. The Inner Force - luhan

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Cold December Night

Lil’ celebratory Christmas fluff for reaching 250 followers! Thank you so much!

Wrote this while listening to this

Dean x Reader Fluff. Fluffy Fluffy Christmas Fluff.

Word Count: 667

You opened the front door, a thick blanket draped over your shoulders as you carried a huge mug in each hand.

“You ok babe?” You asked, handing Dean one of the mugs as he sat on the bench on the front porch, watching the snowfall. The street was silent as almost every house nearby had children which were undoubtedly long asleep by now in anticipation of Santa.

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Lost Inside My Head

Pairing: Dean x reader

Song: Stop the Clocks - Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

Request: I have one word: angst.

Words: 1660

Warnings: season 9/10 spoilers, death, blood, weaponry, screaming, state of paralysis

A/N: I know I said I’d post the shower oneshot, but this felt so right (‘Inside Man’ happened and I just had to)… I’ll post that one ASAP. Sorry, guys! Please tell me if this actually made you feel anything… x


Lost inside my head behind a wall, do they hear me when I call?
And when the night is over, where will I fall?
And when the fight is over, where will I fall?


When Dean opened his eyes, all he could hear was your voice. You were not screaming urgently, no - not shouting - it resembled more of a resigned whisper.

“Dean?” you addressed him, but you received no response. His gaze was fixated on something. If you had had the power to move, you would have sought to discover exactly what that was. You had a feeling that if you did, though, whatever he was looking at wouldn’t be of great importance.

“Dean, look at me” you begged him. Your vision was fading and appearing every few seconds, but you could definitely tell that Dean’s eyes were upon you now.

“y/n?” it took a moment for your husband to register the sight of you, propped up against the wall, your body limp, paralysed. Blood seeped from your stomach, creating a small pool around you, revealing that it was too late to take action and attempt to stop the bleeding now. “y/n!” he bellowed once his mind could comprehend what had happened to you.

Without hesitation, Dean sped over to where you lay, your breaths short and shallow as you stared at his face. He couldn’t focus on anything around him or on him, in him. He was too absorbed in you. He could have been dying himself. If that was the case, he wouldn’t notice.

Dean struggled with your body. He didn’t want to cause you any more pain. He managed to hold you with one of his arms, though. Another was occupied somehow, with something he didn’t have the focus or concern to think about or find out about.

“I always thought” you began. “I always thought, the last thing I want to see” you took a breath. “-on earth, the last thing I want to see during my time on earth is your face.”

“y/n, no, you’re not leaving. You’re not g- you’re not leaving me. No.” Dean shook his head profusely, scrunching his eyes shut; refusing to accept the event clearly taking place before him.

“Dean” you sighed an exhausted sigh.

When he opened his eyes, the next stage of Dean’s reaction was upon you. “Who did this to you? I’ll k-kill them, I swear, sweetheart, I’ll-” he was overtaken by sobs that governed his whole body. They disabled him from talking.

“I’d rather you didn’t know” you told him gently. “If you don’t know already, please don’t…” you trailed off.

Dean heard your failure in finishing your sentence, and a panic he’d never experienced before shot through his veins viciously. “y/n, no, don’t, please stay with me.”, he managed to utter through the uncontrollable wrenching of his figure. It saddened you how desperate he sounded, as if there was a glimmer of hope in him that you would. It was plain to see that you were too far gone, though.

You didn’t reply. However, you gave Dean a weak smile.

The period of delirium was upon the both of you, now. “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved any woman. As much as Sam, okay? Never forget. You’re going to h-heaven, aren’t you, baby? Well, it’s where you belong. You’re too good for this world, you-“

Dean cut his own speech short once he felt your chest stop rising and falling. He hadn’t torn his eyes off your face, and it seemed different to how it appeared a millisecond ago. Your eyes had glazed over.

Even if there was something Dean could have done to revive you - CPR, called Cas down, whatever - his mind was in no state to even let anything reasonable cross it, so you were left there.

Dean took one look at your lifeless body and crushed you against his chest, inhaling your scent and feeling your skin and clothing for as long as he could before anything that was ‘you’ abandoned Dean’s senses forever. Determined to commit them to memory even better than he had when you were alive, Dean absolutely refused to let go of you. There were countless voices in his mind, screaming things, each instruction alternate from the other, but all the man could do, all he could digest, was clinging onto you for dear life. The dear life you’d just lost.

Your husband felt your body grow cold in his arms. It felt more unwelcoming by the second, and Dean couldn’t stand it any longer.

With shaking hands, Dean brushed his free hand over your face, closing your eyes. There was a surprisingly peaceful look on your countenance. Dean didn’t think he could ever share that emotion with you at that point, though, no matter how hard he could try.

That only made things worse. He couldn’t hold it any more.

Dean screamed. It was not a scream of fear, though, high pitched and unstable; it was an aggregate of despair, loss, and anger. After he was sure his throat was incapable of delivering another sound to the world, Dean looked down, seemingly ashamed…

… And saw the bloodied knife in his hand.


Dean awoke. He was in his bed, and his throat felt as hoarse as it had when he had been screaming at the scene of your death. He felt soaked in something, some kind of liquid substance, but he wasn’t quite sure what that substance was. In fact, half of him didn’t care to know.

“Dean?” Dean could tell from your voice that you were drowsy. “Are you alright? You were screaming my name in your sleep.”

“What?” genuine confusion filled Dean. “You were… You were dead.” his voice sounded emotionless, robotic, but his mind was racing.

“Dean, baby” you assured your husband. “That was a dream.”

There was no time to waste. Upon hearing those words, Dean was wrapping his arms around you and pulling you to him. He held you tighter than he ever had, as far as you could remember. Part of this was double checking you were real, that he wasn’t imagining it, that you were genuinely there with him, and part of it was due to relief.

“I’m here, Dean” you rubbed Dean’s arm slowly with your hand. You felt an unmistakable flinch from him, and the realisation that your hand had accidentally brushed the mark hit you. Quickly, you withdrew your hand from his arm. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

Dean said nothing. All he did was breathe you in.

“I’m here, Dean. I promise I’m here. I’m not going anywhere, ever.”

“I love you” was all Dean said to that. The both of you said it all the time, as a greeting, as a side note… This time it seemed like it was more of a statement, though.

“I love you too, De.” you kissed his bare chest, where your head was resting. “Well, you’re delicious as ever” you joked, in an attempt to lighten the mood. You gave him a complementary giggle, showing him it was safe to smile.

“Oh, and you’re not, gorgeous?” he gave you a low rumble of a laugh, and ran his hands down your body, only concealed by underwear.

“That must have been a very stressful dream” you mused after a few minutes of silence. “I can still feel some of the sweat on you that came from it.”

“y/n” Dean began.

“You don’t have to tell me about it if you don’t want to, honey” you knew Dean didn’t like talking about these things a lot of the time, and you respected that, to a certain extent. There were times when it was essential for him to open up to someone, Sam, you or whoever. Nonetheless, today didn’t necessarily seem like one of those times.

“No, I want to” he told you slowly. “In the dream, the first thing I heard was your voice. I turned round to look at you, and…” Dean’s voice cracked on the ‘and’. He had become close to tears in a very short space of time.

You knew that Dean would stop if he wanted, or carry on if he chose to, so you said nothing, just kissed his chest once more.

“… you were dying. You were bleeding a lot, and it was too late to put pressure on the wound or… Anything. And I rushed towards you and basically lost it.”

“Oh, Dean” you spoke very quietly.

“And you stopped breathing and when I looked down I saw the knife in my hand” Dean told you, his facial expression blank. He was so overwhelmed with emotion that he was unable to physically express it, at that point. “What if the mark- what if I-”

“No.” You told him firmly. “No. That’s not going to happen. I promise, okay?” You stretched one of your arms around Dean’s body, then. Your free hand slipped into Dean’s, and he gripped onto it. “I promise.”

“If anything does happen” your husband offered after you lay there, still, for a good while. “I want you to know that…” He seemed reluctant to go on. Was that really surprising? He wasn’t one to share deep feelings off the cuff. “… I want you to know that marrying you was the best decision I ever made.”

“I agree” you concurred sincerely. “Now, you should get some sleep.” Your voice was gentle.

“Mmhmm, sweetheart” Dean mumbled, shuffling down in the bed you shared and nuzzling his face into your chest, just as you’d done to him. His stubble tickled your skin and you giggled softly.

“Your laugh is adorable” you felt him smile into your chest. 

“Goodnight, Dean” you smiled right back.

“Night. Thanks for being there.”

“It’s what I’m here for, honey. So make the most of it, cause your dreams are wrong. I’ll be around for a while.”

Luke- In control

I was asked to do a submissive Luke, so here it finally is! I’m really sorry it took so long, but I’ve been really ill for the past couple of days and so I couldn’t finish it off until now.


Request by anon:
Can you do a fanfic when y/n is dominant and luke is submissive

Changeover for class had started five minutes ago, but rather than rushing to my next class I strolled through the nearly empty halls at a leisurely pace. History was waiting for me at the end of this corridor and I was never more reluctant to do anything that go to my history class. Usually I skipped it but my teacher and now principle said they wouldn’t tolerate it anymore. I didn’t fancy going somewhere else because everyone knew their place here, so I began playing to more of the principles rules.
‘Your bum looks good in that skirt Y/L/N.’ I rolled my eyes and turned to face Luke Hemmings, who was arrogantly leaned on a locker. He liked to think he was in control of this place but he was completely mistaken.
‘It looks better out of the skirt.’ I said in a flirtatious tone as I batted my eyelashes and played his game.
'Why don’t you bend over and show me.’ He smirked and bit his bottom lip.
I sauntered over to him. 'Oh you like to think you’re in control, don’t you Hemmings?’ I said laughing.
'Are you trying to say I’m not?’ He said, with an amusing glint in his charming blue eyes. Oh boy was he attractive with his blond hair, scruffy stubble, a black lip ring that added to the bad boy charade he was playing and those blue eyes that made many girls squeal.
'Oh I know you’re not.’ I stopped in front of him and leaned forwards his ear. 'Why don’t you come over to mine tonight and I’ll show you who’s really in control.’ I said, lowing my voice. The look on his face was priceless, but the shock was quickly replaced by his arrogant facade that I knew was just an act.
'I would love to.’ He smirked.
'Perfect. I’ll see you later.’ I said, walking away and giving him a little wave over my shoulder as I headed to history once more, as he probably headed to the boys toilets to sort out the boner he had no doubt gotten from just the thought of tonight. Oh will I teach him a thing or two. I smirked at the thought of the whimpering mess he’ll become in just a few short hours and Luke Hemmings will finally learn that his place is beneath me.

There was going to be no messing around tonight. I was going to give the commands from the moment he stepped foot in my house. I tugged my silk dressing gown closed and tied the belt to keep it in place. A rhythmic knock came from downstairs. I glanced at the alarm clock next to me bed. 7pm exactly. A smirk played on my lips. Someone was definitely eager.
I sauntered to my front door, making him wait. I cracked the door open.
'Can I help you?’ I asked, flirtatiously, batting my eyelashes at him whilst acting dumb.
'Don’t mess with me Y/N.’ He groaned.
I laughed. 'Who me? I wouldn’t mess with you.’ I smiled mischievously. 'Come in.’ I said stepping aside to let him through and closed the door behind him.
His eyes widened when he took in my appearance. All he could see was a black silk dressing gown hanging on my shoulders. My legs were bare.
'Follow me.’ I demanded and walked in front of him, swaying my hips more than usual as I led him to my room. His lips were on mine as soon as we got into my room.
'Sit on the bed.’ I whispered and he immediately obliged. I knew his tough guy act was just that: an act. I closed the door and walked towards him and straddled his legs. Instantly, his lips were on mine and his hands gripped my hips. I lifted my hands to his hair and tugged on the short strands. His tongue entered my mouth and I placed my hands on his chest, moving them slowly downwards. I pulled away and his lips began to leave a trail of kisses down my neck, sucking on my delicate skin slightly. My fingers reached the edge of his black top and I tugged it upwards. Realising the hint, he reached behind his head and yanked it off, throwing it somewhere behind me.
Our lips reconnected as my left hand caressed the side of his face. My other hand travelled further down and I felt the bulge in his black skinny jeans already straining against the material. I rubbed it, which caused him to moan into my mouth. I unbuttoned his jeans and slowly pulled down his zip. Still kissing him, I got off his lap and he stood up to pull down his jeans and kick them to the side.
'This isn’t fair.’ He said as he reached to unfasten my belt, but I slapped away his impatient hands and pushed him back onto the bed. 'No touching.’ I said, smirking. My hands went to the belt and I unfastened the knot, letting the silk material fall to the ground. His eyes racked my body, lingering at the swell of my breasts that were covered with a delicate black lacy material. Immediately, I reached behind my back and unhooked my bar. I smirked as he was practically drooling as he stared at my bare breasts.
I climbed back onto his lap, making sure that I briefly came into contact with his hardened bulge, which granted me another moan. His hand grabbed my hips.
I pushed him so that he was laying on the bed. 'Hands above your head.’ He looked at me questioningly. 'Now Hemmings.’ I said with an authoritative tone. He raised his hands. I reached behind me to grab the belt from my dressing gown and tied his hands to my bedpost.
I bent down and kissed his lips. Breaking the kiss, I began to pepper kisses down his neck, across his chest and over his smooth stomach until I got to the waistband of his boxers. I glanced up and raised an eyebrow.
'Please Y/N.’ He begged. I could certainly get used to hearing him beg. The pleading, needy tone was attractive on him. I slid his boxers down his legs and discarded them.
My hand slowly slid up and down his hard shaft. 'I told you I’d show you who is really in control.’ I smirked and lowered my head towards his tip.
'I usually am.’ He replied with some of his arrogance returning. My head stopped with my mouth millimetres away from his tip.
'Oh really?’ I said lifting my head up. 'Clearly you don’t want to feel my lips around your tip or my tongue swirling-’
'Okay, I’m sorry.’ He interrupted. His arrogance slipped. 'You’re in control.’ I lowered my head and closed my lips around his tip as I ran my tongue over it. I bobbed my head, fitting more of him in my mouth, which caused a moan to escape from his mouth.
'So I’m in control?’ I asked, licking up his length and closing my mouth around his dick.
'Oh yes he moaned.’
'What about at college?’ I asked quickly before going down on him again, picking up my pace as his hips began to buck.
'Oh sweetheart, you’ll never be in control there.’ He said, his voice thick with desire.
Rapidly, I lifted my head. 'That was the wrong answer.’ I said, standing up and shimmying out of my lacy underwear. I sat next to him as he looked perplexed. 'I’ll just do this on my own.’ I shrugged, spreading my legs and running a finger over my folds. I ran patterns over my clit, moaning. His eyes were glued to me. He ran his tongue over his lips as I pushed two fingers inside and threw my head back.
'Why don’t you let me help you?’ He said. His eyes had darkened.
'And how would you do that?’ I asked innocently, as I widened my eyes.
'Bring your pretty little self over here and my tongue will do the rest.’ He said, biting his lip.
'Was that a command?’ I asked. 'Because you know how much I dislike commands.’ I said, going back to tracing circles over my clit.
'No, it was just a suggestion sweetheart.’ He replied. I shuffled over to him and ran my fingers over his mouth, which he sucked. I straddled his face and he wasted no time as his tongue ran over my folds and found my clit. He alternated between running patterns across it and sucking it. Moaning, I grabbed my bed frame to keep my balance. He flicked his tongue through my entrance. Each time he did this a knot tightened in my stomach.
'I’m so close.’ I moaned. God he was good with that tongue of his.
'Cum for me baby.’ His vibrations sent me over the edge and he licked up my juices as I moaned his name.
I crawled down his chest and leaned down to reconnect or lips. Our tongues dancing over each other as I reached down and wrapped my hands around his shaft, giving it a few pumps. I gave him one last peck before I slid further down and aligned his tip with my entrance.
He trusted up to meet my hips as they pushed down, both of us moaning.
'I’m so close.’ I panted, as I could feel the knot in my belly tighten further.
'So am I baby, cum for me Y/N.’ He said with his eyes squinting and with that I unravel myself, continuing to ride out my high. Moments later Luke was loudly moaning my name as he released inside of me.
I collapsed onto his stomach and then rolled onto his side. I reach up and clumsily untie his hands. Both of us are sweaty panting messes.
'That was so fucking good.’ He panted, snaking his arm around my shoulder. He moved his head to my ear. 'We should definitely do this again sometime.’ I could feel the smile on his voice.
'Oh definitely.’ I replied, standing up and grabbing his boxers to throw at him and his shirt.
'You wear that.’ He said before I threw his shirt to him, as he trusted his hips in the air to pull up his boxers. I pulled it over my head and pulled on some pants. I collapsed onto the bed and laid my head on his stomach, wrapping my arm around his waist as he circled me in his arms. We laid like that in silence for a bit, both of us recovering from what had happened. 'I was wrong you’re definitely in control.’ He said in a low vice. A smile broke out across my face.
'You bet I am.’ I said as I snuggled closer to him.

My Mother On Destiel Becoming Canon
  • Me: omc so excited for season 10!
  • Mom: ya know. I bet on the last episode they wont show anything. They will simply have the tall one taking a long slow drink as he puts earphones in and in the background all you hear aside from the quiet music in the ipod is thumping and muffled moans.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: *sudden realization hits*
  • Mom: you alright sweetheart?
  • Me: *shuffles into a corner and dies inside knowing that the writers would totally do that*
The Cashier

Summary:Michael works at a grocery store, and one night Gavin comes in to make a late night purchase. It doesn’t take much for the two to instantly connect, and Michael thinks that maybe working at a grocery store isn’t so bad of a job after all.

Author’s Note:So this took a much different turn than I thought it would, and it’s also a lot longer than I thought, but I hope you enjoy!

Word Count: 4,414


“Gavin, sweetheart?” His mom had shuffled into the living room where Gavin was sitting comfortably, watching a movie on TV. Her belly protruded from her night gown and she waddled slightly as she walked. 

“Yes mum?” he asked, muting the television and giving her his full attention. It was after ten on a Friday night, so it was normal for Gavin to be awake right now; ever since his mother had reached her third trimester, she had been going to bed earlier and waking up more often with cravings. 

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