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Princess-worthy Ball Gowns That Define Regal Elegance―Stella de Libero
If you want to look and feel like a princess on your special day, a timeless ball gown with a touch of regal elegance is what you are looking for.  Intricate embroidery, voluminous gowns, and timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics found in these fairytale-like designs.

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Pssstt!!! Hey friend! Can you do some izuocha wedding hc's next??? :D

YEAH SURE THING! Lols I’m jumping around with the asks but this seems fun

-Midoriya promised himself that once he became the top 3 heroes of Japan East, he would propose to Ochako (he wanted to further prove himself to her) ; difficult thing was Todoroki and Bakugou were close top 3 as well.

-Before he proposed, he asked all the Class A girls + Todo, Iida and Bakugou for their opinions. Iida was the most enthusiastic of all, chopping his hands in the air while Hagakure, Tsuyu, and Ashido melted into a puddle. Bakugou swore at the sappiness and Todoroki seemed genuinely happy, smile gracing his lips. 

-Midoriya took Ochako for a “chill hike up the mountains” but was really a surprise in disguise; she had no idea that 30 minutes in, he would lead her to a waterfall, kneel down on one knee and took out the diamond ring engraved with both of their names. Midoriya did enough research to know that at exactly 3:03-3:42, the percentage of hikers go down dramatically, leaving the couple alone in peace in high likelihood (his hobby is researching so this made him extra antsy). He was right.  

-She cried as she nodded fervently as the answer; her voice was blocked from her heaving breaths and Midoriya couldn’t help but tear up as well. 

-”Izuku, do you think roses are better or lilies for the centerpiece?” “Why not both?” “But they won’t match!!” 

-Yaoyorozu literally created all their wedding invitation cards because Ochako was VERY, VERY specific to how she wanted the cards to look like. 

-Her long, pearly white gown (sweetheart neckline with a thick bow on her waist) dragged along the red plush as she wiped her tears away. Her groom was waiting in a black tux with a moss green tie and neatly slicked back hair. 

-Midoriya made a good choice in asking Iida to be his groomsmen ‘cas managing and organizing the whole reception was Iida in his finest element. 


-”Ochako, you have no idea how lucky I am to have found you.” He grinned so brightly that the bride wasn’t sure if the ring was more polished or him. Midoriya’s vows was very elaborate and well-thought out; Todoroki told Ochako after that apparently it took him 5 months of daily revision to write it. She giggled; her husband never fails to make her laugh. In fact, he only made her more and more thankful everyday. 

-Ochako’s parents love Midoriya; after all, he did tell them only about a thousand times how he would do anything to make sure she was well-taken care of. 

-Their first dance was to “Can you feel my love tonight”

-”Someone please take Kaminari home because he’s fallen face first onto the ground….Jirou, maybe?” “Fine, he’s such a lightweight, I don’t understand why he’s chugging so much with the others!” “Well it’s open bar, so I wouldn’t blame him!”

-It wasn’t until then did Ochako really noticed how tall and broad he had become. They’ve really come a long way didn’t they? From first years at UA until now. Its been almost 9 years since his perseverance and ambition caught her attention. Midoriya reflects back on their relationship as well. This wedding would’ve never happened if they decided to give up on each other. Good thing they hadn’t. And would never.


Bella by Catherine Wedding
If you want to look and feel like a stylish princess on your special day, a classic royal ball gown with a touch of glam is what you are looking for. Intricate embroidery, voluminous gowns, and timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics found in these fairytale-like designs.

Too Much

You stared at your reflection in the mirror- your curled hair fell in tumbles over your shoulders, your makeup made your eyes shine and your face glow and you wore a strapless, fitted, floor length navy gown with sweetheart neckline. You were very pleased with the results. You’d been working at the BAU for just about 6 months and tonight, the team was headed to a gala in honor of a wealthy donor. You knew this meant some quality time with your new teammates, dancing and an open bar. Not so secretly, you hoped you’d finally get Dr. Spencer Reid to notice you.

From the day you’d met the adorable genius, you’d found him unbearably attractive. The more you got to know him, the more you liked him and it was beginning to impede on your ability to focus when the two of you were alone on a task at work. While you did your best to hide it, Spencer showed absolutely no interest in you. In fact, he didn’t seem to notice your existence at all. Hopefully seeing you dressed up would attract his attention.

You heard the doorbell ring; Derek Morgan, your closest friend on the team, was there to pick you up. Everyone else had paired up, had plans or were bringing dates, so Derek had kindly offered to take you. The team had all sprung for rooms at the hotel, so no one would have to drive home that night.

“Y/N, you are a vision,” Derek’s eyes lit up when he greeted you, “if I didn’t know who this was all for, I’d let my mind wander.” Derek smirked, and you smiled in return.

“Well, no big ideas. I wish Spencer would react how everyone else seems to when a woman puts in some effort.”

“Oh princess, you are in no way just a woman. You are incredible, inside and out. The kid’s just sure he’s got no chance with you.” You smiled as Derek opened the door for you, unaware that he was speaking from experience. Derek was also Spencer’s close friend and spent hours listening to him fret about how enchanting you were, and how he was so preoccupied with you, he had once had to think to come up with the 100th digit of pi.

The ride to the hotel was short, and you were a little late so the team was already there. From their perspective, you glided in on Derek’s arm, laughing as if on a cloud. In reality, you’d nearly fallen up a step and he’d caught you and you were both laughing at the scene he had saved you from. When you got the the BAU table of the beautifully decorated- and gigantic- hall, Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi stood to greet you.

“You look beautiful, Y/N” Aaron said, smiling proudly.

“If I were ten years younger,” Rossi laughed as he kissed your cheek in greeting. JJ and Will were already dancing. Penelope had found her way to Derek and they were off to the bar, so you sat next to Spencer, who was looking at the band.

“Hi, Spencer,” you said softly, wishing he would just notice you.

“Hi, Y/N,” he turned to you, but didn’t react, “these galas are always so opulent. But it’s nice to be here with everyone”. He smiled and got up, “excuse me.”

And that was it. Spencer Reid had no interest in you. Clearly, he didn’t even want to have a conversation. You didn’t realize Spencer was on his way to Derek at the bar to explain how he simply could not handle a night of watching you glide around in perfection with no case to try and distract himself with. 

The party dragged on. You danced with Hotch a little and with Derek and with men from different departments who complimented you and wanted to twirl you around for a moment. It was all on auto-pilot. You chatted to your teammates and sipped wine and champagne, hoping to mend the sinking feeling. But after an hour or so of watching Spencer interact with every member but you- even looking away every time you caught his eye- it was too much. You didn’t want to make a scene, but you needed some space; you hated being so hung up on a guy, but this was Spencer Reid. You told Derek you would return but needed some space and made your way to the hotel’s marble lobby, where you ordered a glass of chardonnay and sat by yourself. At least away from the team and the general festivities, you didn’t have to pretend to be happy.  

You only had fifteen minutes of wallowing and wine before Spencer, of all people, was walking towards you hurriedly. 

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked worriedly, “You left so I asked Derek what happened. He said he thought I’d find you here but that you weren’t doing so well.”

“It’s nothing, Spencer,” you replied because how could you explain? Spencer sat beside you, quite for a moment. You wished he’d just leave you alone- even just seeing him worry about you was filling your stomach with butterflies that had no hope for release.

“Derek, um, said something else…” Spencer finally said, quietly, “Y/N, I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t really important.” You already knew what it was, and were plotting your transfer and maybe even Derek’s murder, “Y/N, are you upset because of me?”

“Yes,” you sighed. It came out so softly you weren’t sure if he’d heard. Looking at his stricken expression, he had.

“But…you…” he couldn’t seem to articulate so he paused. Then he said, “Y/N, you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. The only thing more beautiful than your appearance is your heart. The only thing more captivating than your laugh is your intelligence. You knock me off kilter, you make me lose focus, you are the single thing I look forward to encountering every day- you’re the reason Saturday is my least favorite day of the week most weeks!” he was speaking quickly and incredulously and you had truly never been more surprised in your life.

“But Spencer, you barely even talk to me.  You didn’t even react to this” you gestured to your hair, makeup, dress and heels, “and it was all so you’d finally notice me!” you were exasperated and confused. He wasn’t allowed to say what you’d always wanted to hear if he wouldn’t act like it.

“For me?!” you almost saw Spencer’s eyes bug out of his head and man was he adorable dammit, “Y/N, I don’t talk to you because sometimes, it feels like I can’t form the words. I get so nervous and you’re always so warm and sweet. I never thought you’d feel this way about me. I’m a nerd, I don’t date often and certainly no one as amazing as you. And I didn’t react to how you look tonight, which is stunning by the way, because you are always stunning and you should never feel like you should do anything to alter your appearance for me. Not to say that I could take my eyes off you for a second tonight, but that’s always true.” 

You didn’t want to think anymore. Your head was spinning, but you felt happy. So happy. Finally, you looked up at Spencer and softly leaned in. He met your lips halfway and you stood together, deepening the kiss. His arms found their way around your waist and yours around his neck. It was like electricity- no kiss of your life had ever felt so right.

 And that is why Derek Morgan found you both, tied up in blankets at 4am, in the hotel room he knew you were staying in, when he was finally bringing your Go Bag up after leaving the event and the after party. But you’d never know that; no matter how much he teased, he’d let you two have this one.