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Ashton leaving Deliah with some friends 3/11/17 and got asked by TMZ

TMZ Person: Ashton hows it goin

Ashton: it’s going well

TMZ Person: Hey Ashton what was your reaction to the fans negative reaction that you posted the pictures of Alexa.. they were like oh I hate that girl-

Ashton: Damnit get off my grill, Alexa’s a sweet girl 

TMZ Person: I love the boy scout outfit 

Ashton: I see you there

Ashton: yeaa back at ya

TMZ Person: would you tell the fans to chill out with their stuff o-

Ashton: No way 

TMZ Person: No

Ashton: their doing their thing

TMZ Person: their just doing their thing, alright alright

Ashton: yea 

TMZ Person: well you guys have a good night alright

Ashton: thank youuu, ba bye 

(Calum was also there in the back)


Suzuya Juuzou | CCG Agent | Happy Birthday to my lovely Uliana。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

Thanks for bringing us together..!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @blogthegreatrouge-SENPOII!!! ✨✨ You have been such a huge inspiration in the fandom!! Hope you have a wonderful B’day!! ;;w;;

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So, i've recently started to actually follow the classic who fandom, and I was wonderign something, where does the colin baker and crocs thing comes from? ( also how come some people hate him so much, I mean, I know the 6th doctor ain't that loved but still, colin baker is great!)

Re: the latter point, Colin is an absolute sweetheart BUT he was a lawyer before he was an actor AND he suffers no fools. So basically 99.9% of people meet darling huggy grandpa who tries for maybe three seconds to convince people he’s a grump and just fails miserably, and then you get the .1% who got to catch those hands because they did something dumb or rude and he’s ten years older than give-a-fuck.

(Like honestly, if someone comes up to us and says they met Colin and he was an ass to them, our answer is ‘What did you do?’)

But seriously, he’s just a sweetheart who likes cake and wants to watch Supervet.

As to why the Crocs stuff:

He kinda brought that on himself.

things I love

I was tagged by @chxngsey  (love you bro <3)

one song: the descent - bastille

two movies: arrival (2016) and chatroom (2010)

three series: doctor who (2005), the cornetto trilogy and voltron

four people: jung hoseok, pierre babin (he wrote a nice biography of sigmund freud go check it out), pete wentz and my english teacher (she’s a sweetheart)

five foods: rice cakes, ice cream, sandwiches, french fries and tortilla chips lol

my dear nominees: @dorki-dorki-universe , @nerdyzombiekid , @weirdlyhuman

  • Kuroko: You mean to tell me that we've been going in the wrong direction this entire time?
  • Akashi: *tries to save himself with a joke* But I'm pretty sure we were going.. WEAST! Ahaha.. ha.. ha..
  • Kuroko: *leaves*
  • Akashi: No wait! Baby! Come back! Sweetheart?! Muffin cake?!
  • Kuroko: Don't talk to me!
Jason Todd/Red Hood- Home

It’s around midnight when Jason enters the small apartment soundlessly through the window, slipping off his heavy boots and pads quietly into the living room where he finds you watching a Disney movie.

He doesn’t say anything as he flops down beside you, resting his head on your lap tiredly. He grunts a hello and you hum back, beginning to absently run a hand through his hair and he smiles.

It’s a mystery really, why you’re able to make him feel so at home. Like someone actually cares for him.

“You gonna spend the night?”

“If that’s fine with you.”

“You know you’re always welcomed to stay, Jay. But take a shower before bed, yeah? Cause you kinda smell like gun smoke.”

He huffs a laugh, cracking an eye open to see you grinning. “You really know how to charm a guy, (Y/n).”

“Oh, shut up.”

He turns his attention onto the tv, pulling a face when he sees an animated women in a bright blue poofy dress running down a long set of stairs. “What crappy movie are you watching this time?”

You scoff. “Cinderella, you idiot. It’s not like you haven’t seen this movie with me, oh I don’t know, a hundred times before?”

“Well, knowing the names of every Disney princess there is doesn’t exactly help me in my line of work.”

“Geez, Jay, such a downer.”

By the time the movies over, Jason had showered and is already asleep in your bed when you get there.

“Blanket hog,” You mutter, scooting into bed and tug on the sheet. Jason groans, turning over and glares at you.

“That wasn’t very nice, (Y/n).”

“Jason, don’t make me hurt you.”

He chuckles lowly, eyes slowly shutting as he drifts off. “Says the girl who watches Disney movies before bed,” You tsk, rolling over and huff when he scoots closer. “Did I strike a nerve? I think I did.”

“Are you always this chatty?”

“I dunno, you tell me.”

You groan, pulling the pillow over your head and you can almost feel Jason smirking. “Stop it.”

“Stop what?” He sounds amused, but you’re not having it and keep quiet until he snakes an arm around your waist and nuzzles his nose along your neck.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the badass gang leader guy who shoots people just for blinking?”

He snorts, dropping his voice an octave as he says, “Oh, I love it when you talk murder to me.”

You elbow him in the ribs and he laughs out loud, grinning widely when you turn and snuggle against his chest. “Yeah, yeah. Shut up and go to sleep before I actually murder you.”

“Whatever you say, darling.”




“Baby cakes.”

“Oh my god,” You whine, poking him hard in the chest until he winces.

“Yeah, okay. Message received, honeybun.”

A Wish Is A Dream Your Heart Makes - Part 4 and Epilogue

Word Count: 2468

Warnings: um, nothing too bad, but can’t give anything away.

Written by: @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms and @atc74

Italics will indicate a flashback or internal thoughts

Thank you all so much for all of your support for this story.

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“Dean, stop.” You held your hand out, knowing it would not keep him at bay. “Baby, you don’t want to do this.” I pleaded with him.

“Oh, but maybe I do. You know, since you left, since you made your ‘little’ confession, I have been doing a lot of thinking.” Dean pushed himself off of you, leaving you shaking on the floor.  “You thought you knew what was right for me, for us, since the beginning. My entire life I have been doing exactly what everyone else wanted. My dad, Bobby. Then I did what I needed to for Sammy. Then you come along and cast a fucking love spell on me. That one really takes the cake, Sweetheart.” Dean was pacing back and forth, hands animated, further emphasizing his point.

“The past four days have been really hard without you. But I didn’t know what I was going to do. How could I trust you again? How could I ever know if it was real or the Matrix? Is a baby that important to me or is having you enough? I never got my answers though.”

Dean sunk down to one knee, his face only inches from yours. “The real problem I have with all of this is that I really do fucking love you. But you should have asked me. Now I am faced with a real conundrum, Y/N. Do I turn you and make you mine for an eternity or turn my back so you can end me like the monster I am?”

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