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Behind A Mask

A/N: Only a day late, but oh well, it’s the thought that counts?? Oh well, hopefully you’ll feel the love in this @consulting-dragon-slayer! Happy belated birthday, and part two should be up soon, hopefully lol!!

Lucy had no desire of finding a suitor, and yet when a mysterious stranger steals her attention at a ball Lucy learns that some masks reveal a pleasant surprise. 

Masquerade AU

Pairing: Nalu, Fairy Tail

Word Count:  5926

Rating: M (no nsfw in this part)

Part: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Lucy twirled around the grand ballroom, face kept in a pleasant smile, not too large but not too small, not too fake as to offend the man whose arm she was hovering her fingers over but not too real so that it touched her honey eyes. The classical music ended, and she curtsied to the man as he bowed to her, his name in the back of her mind but not important enough to truly remember.

This wasn’t her ball after all.

Feigning faintness, Lucy scurried away from the man as quickly as polite society would allow, hollow promises of another dance tumbling from her lips before she brought up a delicate grey lace fan and covering half her face. She walked daintily but purposefully towards a group of two other girls by the refreshments, sparkling champagne glasses in each girl’s hand. Both girls had silver white hair, an ethereal reflection of pale gold shining from the hundreds of candles hung from grand crystal chandeliers and along the walls of the room. Despite it being well past sun down the large room was well lit, yet another symbol of the status held by the people in attendance.

Lucy brushed off several more requests for dances, coming to a rest beside the shorter of the two and releasing a heavy sigh. The two girls giggled as Lucy put away her fan, gracefully allowing the material to return to it’s flattened state and twirling the fan in between her fingers, satin gloves making it more difficult to control.

“My, my,” the taller girl tittered, peeking at Lucy over the top of her glass as she took a sip, “looks like our Lucy has stolen the attention of the party,”. Blue eyes fluttered heavily coated lashes at Lucy, small smile enhanced with a deep red lip gloss, the rest of her makeup simple but impecable. A black mask with purple and silver swirls covered a slim portion of her face, silver tie disappearing into her curls. Her silver hair, while longer than other girl’s, was pulled up in a large pile of ringlets, twirling strands falling around her face and at the nape of her neck, her bangs pulled back into the collection of hair on top of her head. Her dress was a deep purple, satin bodice decorated with silvery white embroidery, an ode to the tresses on her head. It fell out from her waist in a waterfall of gathered material, same plum colour constant all the way through, with only minor decorations of jewels and delicate stitching. The shoulderless dress enhanced her already noticeable curves, bust spilling a little from the tight confines of the corset. It was honestly one of her more modest outfits, but then again it wasn’t her ball either.

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5, Han and Leia

5: Backseat of a car.

Combined with anon’s prompt: 16- Han and Leia with rain outside. It’s a really bad thunderstorm and Leia doesn’t want to admit it but she’s scared. Han knows she’s scared.

Pre-ESB and possibly a little AU/OOC, depending on how picky you want to get with me.

“I can’t fix it, not without a part.” Han cursed and slammed his hand into the front of the speeder. Leia looked at him expectantly with her arms crossed over her chest.

“Well? What are we supposed to do for the night? It’s nearly dark out, and there’s a storm rolling in.”

Han glanced up at the darkening sky. Thunder rolled in the distance and the horizon lit up with lightening.

“The engine’s busted, Sweetheart, but the roof don’t leak. We’ll push it down into that grass over there and signal Chewie. He’ll be here before daybreak.”

Leia glanced out at the roiling sky before coming to help Han get the speeder well off the road. The wind began to blow and the temperature started dropping rapidly.

“There, Princess. I’ll take the backseat, you can have the front seat. Unless you’d rather share,” he offered with a smirk.

“Shut up,” Leia demanded, yanking open the door and crawling in to the front seat. Han got comfortable across the back bench and they sat in tense silence for a few minutes. Thunder rumbled overhead and the metallic sound of raindrops pinging the roof of the speeder filled the cab. Leia shifted restlessly in the front seat.

Normally, a thunderstorm would help lull her to sleep, but tonight, with only the thin roof of the speeder between her and the rest of the galaxy, it made her nervous. Would lightning flashing off the metallic shell of the speeder attract unwanted attention? Would excessive rain flood the area, making their escape from the planet difficult? Would they be able to stay warm enough? Would Chewie be able to get the ship landed in such foul weather?

A loud crack of thunder sat her up suddenly, and a wall of wind hit against the speeder.

“Sweetheart? You okay?” Han asked. Leia drew in a shaky breath. “Come here, Princess,” he murmured, offering her his hand. She hesitated a moment before accepting his offer and crawling over the seat. It was certainly crowded—the backseat was not long enough for Han to lay flat. His knees were bunched against one side, and his shoulders were braced against the other.

Leia’s hand slipped and she fell onto Han’s prone form. His arms came up intuitively around her and they settled into one another. Han tucked her head to his shoulder. Thunder cracked outside and she tensed.

“You wanna know something funny?” Han asked in a conspiratorial tone, his knuckles pushing little circles into the small of her back.

“What?” Leia asked skeptically.

“During an electrical storm, Chewbacca’s hair stands on end.”


“Mhm.” The utterance came from somewhere low in his chest, and Leia almost shivered from how it felt against her ear. “He looks like a giant ball of lint.” Leia chuckled.

Another crack of thunder. Han’s hand splayed flat over her back and Leia was surprised to find that the contact was not at all unpleasant.

“You comfortable?”

“’M fine,” she murmured. Thunder cracked overhead and the rain continued to ping against the roof. It wasn’t long before Leia was asleep.

Headcanon #1,414

When Bruce was 14 years old, he tried to commit suicide and failed. So by the city, Bruce was ordered to be put into a rehabilitation center which back fired because Bruce was then no longer access to Alfred for more than a few hours a week. He was then sent to a more strict center out in the west. On the outer rim of Kansas, Bruce was placed into a institution for clinical depression, suicidal thoughts, and other worsening behaviors. One day, while he was placed in his room alone on the top floor, Bruce found a flying boy. Soon him and the flying boy became friends. Flying boy, Clark, didn’t know what this place was but Bruce told him it was a horrible place and that he was kidnapped. He wanted to go home. So Clark being the sweetheart he was, busted Bruce out one night, stolen his father’s car, and drove all the way back to Gotham city with Bruce. Unfortunately, Bruce and Clark got caught and Clark was taken back home but Bruce was finally able to stay back in Gotham City with Alfred, seeing that there was no way to separate the boy from his butler. He got better because of Clark.

Son of Wayne

for the baew ~ ♡


Starfire didn’t wear black often. But he couldn’t help but hope that she wore the color even more. 

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@elizabethdt Here is your request, lovely! Enjoy! You sat on the bathroom floor, sobbing into your hands. Another negative pregnancy test lying by your side. You and Aaron had been trying for about 8 months now. “Y/n? Sweetheart, are you okay in there?” Aaron’s voice came from behind the closed bathroom door. “Y-yes. I’m fine,” you said, your voice faltering on the last word. “Y/n, I’m coming in.” You didn’t bother to look up as you heard him walk in and sit beside you. His strong arms wrapped around you, but he didn’t say anything. He knew. This has been an ongoing thing. You would have a passionate night - or week - be a few days late, and you’d try not to get your hopes up, you’d take a test, and it would come back negative. “I promise you, it’ll all work out as it should, my love,” Aaron said, holding you close. “But it hasn’t. We can’t…I can’t…I don’t work properly. All I want is to have kids with you. And I can’t do that…can’t do that for you,” you said between sobs. Aaron sighed. “If it’s meant to be, it will be. I’m happy, either way.” After a while, you calmed down and he made you some tea. He left for work and you went on about your day. There was cleaning to do, bed sheets to change, laundry to wash, and heartache to forget about. As the day went on, you’d gotten a lot accomplished. All the rooms were straight and dusted/vacuumed and the bathrooms had been completely washed down. The last load of laundry had been folded and you were going to sit down to a nice cup of hot tea. “Crap,” you thought out loud, “I forgot about the trash.” You got up and went around to the different trash cans in the house. You went into yours and Aaron’s bathroom and picked up the trash can that was consequently overflowing, and things started falling out of it. Cursing to yourself, you bent down to pick it all up, when you saw it. Your heart about exploded. You dropped the bag in your hand and fell to your knees as you picked up the pregnancy test you had taken earlier that morning. “Oh my God…” You whispered quietly, pushing your y/h/c hair out of your face and tucking it behind your ear. A very faint second pink line on the test had come up. “Pregnant. I’m…I’m pregnant?” You reached under the sink to grab the digital pregnancy test you’d saved for a situation like this. You had saved the cup with your pee in it for some reason, as gross as that is, and you were thankful you had. It felt like the longest five minutes of your life. You pulled out your phone to get on Facebook and Twitter for a while. You hopped up as soon as five minutes was over. You took a deep breath and looked at the test. Pregnant: 1-2 weeks Oh my. You jumped up and grabbed your purse and keys. Speeding down the road toward Aaron’s work, you thought of something. You stopped by the local drug store and grabbed a onesie that said “Daddy’s Favorite” on it, and Aaron’s favorite candy. You pulled up to Aaron’s work and took a deep breath. You grabbed the present bag with the stuff in it and walk/ran up to his office. The team knew you well, and gave you confused looks as you ran up to Aaron’s office. You didn’t even knock as you pushed the door open. “Y/n? What’s wrong?” He asked, standing up. “Nothing,” you said, smiling, “I just felt bad after you left this morning, and I wanted to make it up to you. I found something at the store that you’ve been wanting for a while, and I grabbed it up!” You walked up to him, handing him the present. He smiled as he took it, sitting on the edge of his desk. “Well? Open it!” You said excitedly. He chuckled as he pulled the bag of candy out. “Snickers, my favorite. What’re you up to? Or, rather, how much money did you spend?” You glared at him and he laughed. “Keep going!” Aaron pulled the onesie out of the bag and stared at it, his jaw slack. He looked up at you, still in shock. “But I thought…” You shook your head. “I didn’t wait long enough for the results.” You handed him the digital pregnancy test and he looked at it. Throwing the stuff onto the table behind him, he ran to you, picking you up and spinning you around. He held you close, crashing his lips into yours. “I am so happy,” he whispered against your lips. His beautiful golden-brown eyes looked deep into your y/e/c ones. You buried your face into his chest, crying happy tears. “I suppose we’ll have to tell the team now,” you said after a while. “We can wait a bit, if you want,” he said, looking down at you. “Sweetheart, I busted in here, no warning, didn’t even say hello to them, and you don’t have your blinds closed,” you say, giggling. You both looked out the window to see the team scramble to act as if they hadn’t been spying on you just now. You both laughed as he put his hand on your stomach. “I suppose we do,” he says, giving you one last kiss.

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Forgot to make a tumblr post of my upcycled rockabilly dress!

The original on the left is from goodwill, tag said anthony richards, originally size 20, 100% polyester. I took it completely apart, gave it a sweetheart bust, pulled the waist up and in, and gathered the entire skirt in to the waistline. And tossed a petticoat on underneath, because everything’s better with a fluffy petticoat


Kittyinva: 1915 sage-green and golden-yellow silk chiffon evening gown.Bodice has sweetheart neckline with shelf-bust met by a silk-satin cummerbund. Rhinestone hip buckle. From Timeless Vixen.