sweetheart bouquet

(Considering how they’ve had Mr. Ludwig as a doctor for the last unknown amount of years, these hospital visits are very… interesting.)

Scout: This kid, HATES hospitals. Even if this nothing like Medic’s ‘infirmary’ he still has a certain distaste for doctors and things like rhyme with ‘injections’. Of course, he’ll stop most of his complaining when he sees his S/O, because now he’s a bit more nervous, worrying about the health of his S/O. He tries to make light of the situation, cracking some jokes or messing around with the less important medical equipment… But just when he starts to relax, a nurse comes in and he practically bristles like a enraged cat, immediately on guard. He calms down once the doctor’s leave.

Sniper: If his S/O is in the hospital, this guy is like a shell of himself. Very, very quiet, and looks absolutely exhausted, he’s the first one in during visiting hours, last to leave. He doesn’t bring flowers or anything, but he’s fine with just taking with his S/O, and, after a few hours of this, will start to brighten up and act like his old self again. He missed his S/O very much.

Demoman: He’s the kind that will bring board games, and will often try to drag in the nearby nurses into playing poker. Demo will probably put a chair under the doorknob to keep the doctors out, unless it’s an emergency. He’ll keep his S/O entertained during their stay, and, when they return to the base, he’ll have a small bouquet of flowers to give them, along with a welcome home kiss.

Pyro: Sadly, because the hospital has a policy on being able to see a visitor’s face, they’re not allowed in his S/O’s room… Thankfully, they have a room with a window. They’re mumbles can be heard, even up from the third floor where Pyro’s S/O resides… they also throw presents. Stuffed animals, a container full of sweets… they threw roses too, until the incident with a flaming rose and a nurse. Once their S/O returns, Pyro latches into their side and doesn’t let go for a while.

Engineer: A total sweetheart, brings a full bouquet of flowers at every visit. He’s also the most concerned, often pulling the doctor’s aside to discuss his S/O’s condition, and how he can help. While he cares for his S/O, he always makes should to ask if they need him to come the next day, in case that want to be by themselves. He’s fine with giving them some alone time, and when they come home, he’s ready to give them a big hug, kiss, and a welcome home dinner waiting inside.

Heavy: Soup. And lots of it. He doesn’t trust the hospital food, and insists on bringing his family’s recipe for every visit. He also has little faith in the doctors, and will hold them at bay until he calls Medic, confirming what the doctors are doing. Some days, he’ll just bring a book or two for he and his S/O, holding the book with one hand and holding onto his S/O’s hand with his own.

Soldier: ‘What in God’s name is THAT?!’ Were the very first words he said upon entering his S/O’s hospital room, and it was directed at the jello from the hospital cafeteria. Soldier keeps his S/O entertained, from calling the resident doctors ‘white-caped cupcakes,’ to trying to convince the elderly patients that they would get better if they did over fifty push-ups a day, to making his S/O their own medal of honor. He also keeps silent vigil outside his S/O’s door at night, though his S/O can hear his boots stomping all throughout the night.

Medic: He forgets the reason he’s even at the hospital, for a good hour or so. It’s nothing personal, but once he saw how hilariously primitive this hospital was, he promptly stole someone’s coat, and snuck around the facility to ‘improve’ some factors of the hospital. Medic quickly remembered his reason for being there, when he unknowingly went into his S/O’s room. He was very apologetic, but don’t expect him not to wonder around the hospital…. or question the doctors. Or try and take over ongoing surgeries. He visits his S/O in between adventures, making sure that the nurses are actually doing their job. He’s actually a bit bratty when the doctors tell him he can’t take over the treatment, pouting a bit and calling the head doctor several words in German. Medic really does care, and will try to make their time at the hospital as comfortable as possible… In his own ‘unique’ ways.

Spy: The first few days, there’s almost no sign of him… That his S/O is aware of. At night however, Spy is there, silently staying by his S/O’s side throughout the night. When he leaves in the early morning, he makes sure to leave a small thing of flowers for them to happily wake up to. After a couple I days of this routine, he starts showing up in person, very casual. For some reason, as long as he’s presence, all the doctor’s and nurses leave that room completely alone. Now, whether or not Spy threatened them to leave the two alone is unknown, but S/O wouldn’t be surprised. Still, he’s good company, good at conversations, nonchalantly brings gifts at every visit, and sometimes will just drop in for a moment or two, just to give his S/O s simple kiss. Upon their return, Spy is sure to make up for every other kiss they missed out on, during S/O’s time at the hospital.

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For Cas and Dean: who surprises the other with flowers on a random day?

Dean would, I think!

He’d try to play it off as no big deal, the flowers were practically GIVEN to him and really, what use does he have for flowers? None, so he gave them to Cas, it’s nothing, really…

And then, of course, as the relationship progresses and Dean gets more comfortable with it (and with himself), he’d start loving the hell out of bringing Cas flowers to surprise him.

“Hey, Cas, saw these and thought of you,” as he hands Cas a bouquet of blue-violet forget-me-nots, or cornflowers the color of Cas’s eyes.

“Happy anniversary, sweetheart,” with a bouquet of red roses.

“Thought you might like these,” with daisies. Sunflowers. Snapdragons.

Cas’s eyes just light up so much and he gets so excited about the flowers every time Dean brings him some. It makes Dean feel all warm and fuzzy and usually gets him sweet, soft kisses (which really, he can get any time he wants, but these feel special because Cas initiates and is just glowing with happiness).