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My Little Fairy (Simon D x Reader)

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You were always the shy one, the “baby” of the group of friends. No one really knows why, you were acting like that since you were a young kid, you would smile and play kindly with the other kids, it wasn’t your thing to run around and make a mess like most kids.

As you got older that didn’t change. You preferred to listen to others than talking, you had few friends that you loved but not many, sine you always doubted yourself and could barely say a few phrases when you first met someone.

Kiseok saw you sitting on a bench on the park right across from his office window every day at 11 p.m to 2 p.m. and it was always the same bench and the same time. You would always bring a book and something to drink, you always looked so peaceful and happy, a ghost of a smile was on your lips, he noticed how you replied to anyone that talked to you with a smile, how you would pet the dog that passed by with their owners, how sometimes you would stare at the kids playing with a glimpse of melancholy but also excitement.

After weeks of being a weirdo, he decided to work the courage and walk those stairs, cross the street. He froze, what was he going to say to you? he couldn’t just start talking to you. As he walked with his mind completely off, he didn’t see the bump on the grass and tripped down.

“oh my god”

you said and left your stuff to run to the man that fell down kind of hard.

“are you alright sir?”

“physically yes, emotionally i want to crawl to a hole for the rest of my life”

you left a small chuckle as you looked at him. You knew those eyes, if it wasn’t for the mask you may have been more successful at recognizing him.

“we all tumble”

“not in front of the girl we wanted to flirt with

Kiseok loved how pure you were, how you would blush every time he made a flirty or dirty joke. How you would play with your fingers when you got nervous around him, your genuine smile when he complimented you. He was so used to women that tried to take advantage of him or girls that were just seeking a good night sex, he almost forgot that women that would blush and hide their face after a single kiss.

AOMG took you in as family. Even though you were younger than their “baby” Hyuk-woo they could tell that your feelings for Kiseok were 100% real, so they accepted you and enjoyed having you around.

Of course you had to be there for Kiseok’s birthday. You were happy for your man no doubt, but his birthday was one more reminder that you had a big age gap. You had just blow out your 25th birthday cake, Kiseok was turning 34 in Korea. They were plenty of times you were scared to seem childish and unattractive to him, that he would realise how much of a baby you are and leave you.

No matter how you felt, you got dressed in a A line princess sweetheart beading sleeveless short mini organza dress in lavender colour, you did your heart in loose curls and put it up in a ponytail and your make up soft and summery, you even put on heels and got to the club.

You were not happy to see a sea of women that looked much more sexier and older than you, most of them around Jay and Kiseok. Of course when Kiseok saw you, he politely excused himself and got to you. He swiftly wrapped his arms around your waist and gave you a kiss on the forehead

“Happy birthday”

“Thank you babygirl, come on and drink with us”

He saw how your smile dropped when you saw the women that were in the V.I.P area, so he made you sit right next to him and took your hand in his.

“Ladies, this is (y/n)”

None of them spoke, they just kind of nodded at you with displease and got to talking with Kiseok, completely ignoring your entire existence.

As time went by your insecurities catch up with you and ate you from inside out, you clearly stood out with your girlie dress, you felt like you look like you just left prom. All the women here wore sexy dresses that showed up their glamorous bodies, Their hair flowed down like a waterfall and their make up was done to perfection. Kiseok seemed much more interested in them than you, so you did what everyone here hoped you would do, you picked your bag and walked away without saying a word and looking at the ground.

You heard your name but didn’t turn around, you just kept walking towards the exit. You almost made it to the car until a hand wrapped around your elbow and pulled you back

“y/n, what happened? are you ok?”

Kiseok asked concerned. He thought you got sick or something, when he saw you leave the worst case scenarios bombarded his mind. Your eyes avoided his and looked at the concrete.

“I just want to leave”

“why? who hurt you?”

you got silent again, there was no one to blame except you. Kiseok placed his hands on your cheeks and made you look in his eyes

“tell me what’s wrong”

“it’s me ok. I am a baby, i showed up in the club like i’m going to prom, and all those girls, they are so glamorous, now look at me Kiseok. I…. don’t belong here”

Kiseok could do nothing but hug you. The reasons that made you feel insecure were the reasons that he wanted you by his side. When you showed up in that dress you looked like a fairy, he was actually worried about your age cause you were so young and full of energy, he was getting old and could not really keep up.

“I love your dress, i love your youth, i love everything about you. Do you love the old man?”

“i love you and you’re not old”

“Give me a kiss”

He requested and you pulled away from his shoulder to give him a quick peck.

“Don’t worry about those girls we got way bigger fish to fry. I want you, my little fairy to be there and no other girl will change that


Bella by Catherine Wedding
If you want to look and feel like a stylish princess on your special day, a classic royal ball gown with a touch of glam is what you are looking for. Intricate embroidery, voluminous gowns, and timeless silhouettes are some of the characteristics found in these fairytale-like designs.

Strike a Pose

(art by @cocohook38)

A/N: Double J Productions strikes again for @herhookedhero!

Happy Birthday, Jess! When I told Julie about your idea for a CS model/photographer AU, she jumped at the chance to do something for someone so very special to us! We are so lucky to call you a friend, and we both hope you love your gifts. The two dresses on the right and left are Zuhair Murad (of course) and the one in the middle was Julie’s vision of combining them both. <3

It was her first major photo shoot with her dream designer and Emma Swan could hardly contain her excitement. After thousands of go-sees, and so many doors slammed in her face, she finally got the call—or rather her agent got the call.

“Emma, are you at the building?” Regina inquired.

“Yes, I’m just walking up the stairs right now.”

“Good, now remember: I’ve told Zuhair wonderful things about you, and I know you’ll kill it. As for your photographer…” Regina’s warning tone did not go unnoticed.

“Regina, you have told me a million times about Killian Jones…”

“Yes, well, telling you and experiencing it firsthand are two different things. Don’t get distracted. Just do your job, and make them all notice you.”

“Trust me: I have every intention of showing them Emma Swan.”


Emma was ushered into a dressing room filled with designer garments, and was quickly dressed into one. It was a gorgeous sleeveless red dress with a sweetheart neckline. Intricate beading covered the bodice and the skirt; the skirt gathered high at the left hip, leaving her left leg bare. It was high enough that she was able to show off one of the silver Christian Louboutin pumps on her feet.

The style team gave her an updo with a lavish (and ridiculously expensive) diamond headband. A few strands of her golden hair framed her face and the adorned her neck with a ruby choker. When the hair stylist,whose name was Ruby, finished, she was now in the hand of Trisha for makeup. As Trisha, who insisted on being called “Tink,” was applying highlight to Emma’s cheeks, she asked, “So, first gig, huh?”

“Yeah…how could you tell?”

“Your hands won’t stop shaking,” Tink pointed out. “You’ll be do great. Zuhair doesn’t just book newbies all the time. He must have seen something in you. I’ve worked with him a lot; trust me on this.”

“Thank you. I really needed that.” Emma beamed in the mirror, the unexpected confidence boost definitely helped her mood. She looked over to see Tink uncapping a tube of lipstick. “That’s such a pretty color!”

“It will look great with your skin tone, and won’t clash with the dress.”

“What’s it called?”



Regina warned her about many things when it came to the photographer for the shoot today, one of them being his penchant for tardiness. The shoot should have started fifteen minutes prior, but there was still no sign of Mr. Jones. Standing in Louboutins for that long can make any girl cranky.

Emma was about to sit down when the door to the studio flew open.

“Sorry I’m late. Bloody traffic…”

She heard his voice before she even saw his face, and it was mesmerizing; his accent was like music to her ears. Only seconds later, she saw his face…and everything that Regina had told her over and over again left her brain. His messy dark hair fell over his face, but she could still see his piercing icy blue eye peeking through. The scruff along his chin was the perfect length, and he wore a single black diamond in his right ear. He wore a tight black tee, his muscles straining against the fitted cotton, and just as tight (if not tighter) black jeans.

He noticed her, and she felt like the only person in that studio as he sauntered up to her, his eyes raking over her couture-clad body. He held out his ring-adorned hand for her. “Well, they certainly weren’t lying about how absolutely ravishing my model was today.” He took her outstretched hand and lifted it up to his lips, placing a feather-light kiss on her heated skin. It was all Emma could do not to moan out loud. His eyes met hers, and she couldn’t breathe.

“Killian Jones, at your service.”

“Emma,” she squeaked out, “Emma Swan.”

An upturned smiled appeared on the corner of his mouth. “Swans are graceful creatures; that name suits you, love. Now, are you ready to show me what you got?”


After two hours and two wardrobe changes, the photoshoot was nearly done. Emma felt like a princess with all of these expensive gowns she was able to wear. But she hated to admit that her photographer was a huge help.

Killian really knew how to get the best out of Emma. He seemed to know her angle better than she knew them herself, which made for some amazing photographs of the garments. Emma was in her final look, a dress that was a combination of the red dress and the see-through white and black dress she wore afterwards, when Killian took his camera from his face and looked up at her.

“You were incredible, Swan. You sure this is your first big campaign?”

Emma blushed. “Sure is.”

“Well, color me impressed. Now, before we wrap this up, you mind doing a few close-up beauty shots for me?”

Emma was not surprised her asked her this. Regina told her that if he was interested in a model, that he would use that as a way of “weaseling his way into their panties” as she so eloquently put it. And while the thought was very, Emma wasn’t about to be just another notch on this playboy’s belt. “How about I take some of you instead?”

This is obviously not the reaction he expected. “Come again?”

“Well, I mean, you already have so many photos of me on your camera, I think it might be fun to get you in front of the lens for a change.”

Killian’s fingering traced around his jawline as he looked at Emma with a combination of confusion and astonishment. He then handed her his camera and walked over to the screen.

“How do you want me, love?” he asked.

Anywhere as long as you’re naked. She shook her head, berating herself for her thoughts. “Right there is good.”

Emma Swan, camera in hand an decked out in Zuhair Murad couture and Louboutin heels, pressed the camera to her eye, her finger over the button.

“Now,” she yelled, “Strike a pose.”

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Something to be Grateful For

Peter Pevensie x Reader

AN: I’m not sure if this is really angsty, but I almost cried while writing it. I hope that you all enjoy this and that it doesn’t make you too sad. Have a lovely day!


You awoke to an empty bed and closed curtains, the same way you had every morning since he vanished without a trace. But still you drug yourself out of bed for there were things do be done, and one could not spend their whole life waiting and wasting away. You strode gracefully across the room, the clapping of your bare feet on the marble floors echoing against the walls as you opened your wardrobe to choose your attire for the day. Not that it really mattered to you what you wore, but the council may begin to worry if their one remaining queen refused to wear anything but a dressing gown weeks after the disappearance of her husband and his siblings. Your hands brushed across the delicate silk of your favorite gown, one that Peter had given you for your 22nd birthday. Although this had only been a few years ago, it felt like it had been centuries since that day

“Peter why have you brought me to the gardens?” You laughed “People may start to wonder what we’re up to if we don’t show up to our own party.” You teased playfully. He smiled and raised his eyebrows at you thoughtfully.

“That may be so, but I wanted to give you something before you open everyone else’s gifts.” He said as he picked up a box that was carefully hidden behind a patch of foxglove that graced the edge of your favorite fountain. You grinned and gently took it from him.

“Well what is it then? Am I allowed to open it?” You inquired. He laughed and gestured for you to go ahead. You gingerly unwrapped the dainty ribbons that decorated the box to reveal a gown. Soft blue silk, pristine abalone buttons down the back, white lace detailing cap sleeves and a sweetheart neckline and tasteful beading across the bodice made this the most beautiful and exquisite gown you had ever laid eyes on. “Oh Peter!” You gasped “It’s beautiful! Wherever did you find this?”

“I had it made by the best seamstress in the land.” He smiled down at you “Do you like it? I was hoping that you’d wear it to the ball, if you’d like?”

“Oh, I love it Peter. Of course I’ll wear it.” You reassured him “Thank you, my love.” You embraced your husband and gave him a warm and gentle kiss, feeling completely at home in his arms.

You quickly drew your hand away from the dress as tears pricked at your eyes.

“Probably better if I leave that be.” You whispered to yourself as you wiped your eyes. You opted instead for a simple brown frock that would merely state that you were professional and put together. You put your hair back into a quick braid and left to begin your day.

You began by meeting with the council and discussing treaties with the surrounding nations, something you could hardly pay attention to without the reassuring smile of your husband or the humorous side remarks from his brother Edmund. But nothing lasts forever, no matter how boring and soon enough you found yourself on the balcony overlooking the Eastern Sea. You found that this place relaxed you. The ever crashing waves on the shore gave you a bit of respite from your perpetual shroud of sadness. Your solitude, however was broken by a voice behind you.

“My lady?” It was one of your ladies maids, Amice. “I’m very sorry to bother you my lady but I just can’t seem to get him to stop crying.” You turned to face her and saw that she was holding your little son Easton. He had tears streaming down his small face and was reaching his little arms out towards you. You quickly took him from Amice and thanked her gently. As much as you hated to admit it, it had been difficult for you to spend time with your son ever since Peter disappeared. Although Easton was only a little over a year old, he already was so alike his father. While you and him shared the same hair color, he had Peter’s startling blue eyes. Peter was so excited when you told him that you were pregnant. And you had never seen him as happy as he had been when he held Easton for the first time.

“Just one more big push Y/N and you’ll get to meet your baby!” Said your nurse encouragingly. That was enough for you. All that you wanted in that moment, more than anything in the whole world was to see your child’s face. So you gritted your teeth and pushed as hard as you could, one last time. “That’s it Y/N! You did it! You have a son!” Exclaimed your nurse.

“I have a son?” You asked in wonderment as she gently set hims in your arms “Where’s Peter? I need to see him, he needs to meet him!”

“Of course love, I’ll tell him he can come in now.” She said kindly. Peter must have been listening in because before she could even move he burst through the door with a huge grin on his lips.

“I have a son?” He cried out as he rushed to your side. He eyes widened as he saw the small bundle in your arms. “Can I, can I hold him?” He asked quietly.

“Of course you can silly!” you giggled “Just be very careful, support his neck.” Peter did just as you asked as he took your son into his strong and sure arms.

“He’s so beautiful.” He whispered as tears dripped down his cheeks. “I didn’t know I could ever love someone this much.” He held him close to his chest as he softly kissed your lips “You are the most amazing woman in the whole world Y/N. I love you so much and I will always protect you and our child.” Just then your son opened his eyes and looked around at his parents. “He has my eyes!” Peter uttered with joy.

“As blue as the ocean.” You spoke.

“That’s what we’ll name him.” Said Peter “Easton, after the Eastern Sea.”

“Easton.” You whispered as you stroked your son’s face. “I think Easton’s a perfect name.”

Every time you saw him you couldn’t help but be reminded of how he would never know his father and how Peter would never see his son grow up. It was almost too much for you to bear. But as you held your son and wiped away his tears he wrapped his arms around your neck and spoke his first word

“Da da.” Easton spoke into your hair. Suddenly tears began streaming down your face. You cried for your lost love, for your son’s lost father and for the moments that would never be. You held tightly to your child as you cried, you had never needed and loved him more than you did now. For even though you had lost a husband, you still had a son. And for that you couldn’t be more grateful. Grateful that you would get to raise him into a man, a man that Peter would be proud of and a man that would uphold his father’s legacy.