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oups… my hand slipped

“She use to be my Queen.” Series part 5.  A Bellamy Blake/Roan Imagine.

“Bellamy.” You whispered as you watched the sunset on a rock. Your first day on Earth was beautiful. There were so many colors, so many sounds.  

“I can’t believe it.” He whispered as he brought you into his arms.

“Tell me it will always be this peaceful.” She whispered as she sniffed. Overwhelmed.

“I promise. I won’t let anything happen.” He promised as he brought you close.

“I promise.” Bellamy whispered as a tear ran down his face.
“What?” Roan asked with furrowed brows.

“Nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Bellamy stated coldly.

“You think you can talk to our king like that?” A guard snarled as he pulled out his sword. Kane’s hand immediately grabbed his gun.

“Don’t.” Roan chuckled icily. “You’re already on thin ice Blake. Don’t push your luck.” He finished.

“That’s pretty rich there Mister Ice King.” Bellamy chuckled drly.

“That’s it.” A guard shoved Bellamy. Kane immediately sent rounds into the air and everyone froze. Everyone filed out from the Ark. (Y/n) ran out fearing the worst. Her eyes landed on her father who was putting his gun back in his holster.

“Dad.” She asked as his eyes immediately landed on her small bump.

“(Y/n).” He said shocked. He walked and hugged her as people started murmuring about ICe Nation being in their camp.

“It’s her! It’s (Y/n)!” Someone shouted as (Y/n) turned to face the crowd.

“Traitor!” Someone shouted.

“How dare you speak to queen of Azgeda like that!” Roan growled.


“Everyone!” Jaha shouted as he stood on a platform.

“Azgeda is here to make peace.”  Kane stated.

“Is it true?”

“Is she really pregnant with Roan’s child?!”

“Yes. I am. If there’s a problem with that. Feel free to tell someone who cares.” She barked as her hormones raged. Roan, from where he was chuckled.

“That’s my queen.” He muttered with pride as Bellamy flinched.

After Kane announced that Azgeda and the people of the Ark would be working together for the time being. Roan helped (Y/n) down from the platform with no problem. (Y/n) smiled lovingly at him as his cold exterior broke for a second to smile back. Bellamy swallowed hard. (Y/n) walked with Roan inside the Ark. Clarke following them along with Abby closely. Bellamy glanced around before carefully following them. They were led into MedBay as (Y/n) placed herself on to the bed with a heavy sigh.

“I keep telling you, Roan, that I am fine.”

“Passing out while pregnant is not alright Queen.” Roan rolled his eyes.

“Wait. Passing out?” Abby asked as Clarke checked her pulse.

“He’s being dramatic-”
“How long does she usually pass out for?”

“Longest was about a half hour.”
“How far along is she?”

“About six months. What’s happening.” Roan as Bellamy’s brows furrowed.

“Is my baby going to be okay Abby.” (Y/n) spluttered.

“The main cause of dizziness in pregnancy is due to the rising hormones that cause your blood vessels to relax and widen. … During the second trimester, dizziness may be caused because your growing uterus puts pressure on blood vessels.” Abby explained. Roan took a deep breath.

“Is it going to harm me?” She whispered.

“We don’t know yet.” Abby muttered. Clarke put an arm around your shoulder. You rested your head on her shoulder.

“The best thing right now is lots of rest. Bed rest. Steady diet.” Clarke suggested.

“Bed rest?” Roan asked.

“I say for a few weeks she stays here in MedBay and we see how it goes. IF she doesn’t pass out, I suggest she be bed ridden for the duration of the pregnancy.”

“I don’t thinks that’s safe-”
“She’ll be constantly monitored by us. We can make a rotation-”
“Now hold on a minute-” (Y/n) was cut off.
“My guards are more qualified. She is carrying the future king or queen of Azgeda.”

“DO I NOT GET A DAMN SAY?!” (Y/n) shouted as they all turned to her. She huffed as she began to speak again.

“I think one day we should have Azgeda guards, then the other should be Skaikru.” She stated with finality. Bellamy chuckled quietly remembering that was the stubborn (Y/n) he loves.

“Who gets first shift?”

“I’ll do it.” Clarke said.

“Do not let Bellamy Blake near her.” He ordered. Bellamy grew angry. Clarke nodded in understanding. Roan left as Bellamy hid in a dark corner.

“You got her sweetheart?” Abby asked Clarke as she nodded. Abby left as Bellamy made himself look like he was just arriving.

“I hate this.” (Y/n) sniffed. Hormones raging in her heart.

“It won’t be that bad-”

“I’m not talking about that, Clarke.” She said as she laid back.

“What is it?”
“I think I still love Bellamy.”

Heartache called Dean

Summary: The reader and brothers save a girl on a hunt, causing the reader to leave.

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Charcters:Sam, Dean, Reader and oc Abby

Word count: 2601 (sorry!)

Warnings: little mention of sex, angst and fluff (if there’s anything else let me know!)

A/n: So I dont think this is very good but it was an idea I had to get out. Its not beta tested so if there’s any mistakes I’m sorry!! Any feeback would be greatI

You rounded the corner, hearing the wendigo shuffling away from the den at the sound of Dean’s voice. He always had impeccable timing you smiled to yourself. A young blonde girl hung from her bleeding wrists. Her chin on her chest, eyes closed and a gash across her forehead. You crept over to her and checked her pulse. It was weak but it was there. Hooking your flame thrower under your arm, you cut the ropes binding her and caught her limp body in one arm. You swung her arm over your shoulders and began carrying her out of the cave. As you came to the entrance, the sunlight guiding your way, you heard the wendigo scream in pain. The brothers must have got him. Outside you lay the girl down careful not to hit her head any more than it had already been. The boys strolled out of the cave, Dean had his usually smug smile in his face and you rolled your eyes at him.

“I got him” Dean smirked

“I heard, nice job” you smiled

Sam walked over to you checking for injuries before looking down at the blonde. Dean followed Sam’s gaze.

“Whoa who’s the chick?” he grinned

“She was dinner” you laughed

“Y/N” Sam scolded

“What? She was, until I turned up” you shrugged

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  • Sam: hey gabe whats your number
  • Gabriel, literally in the middle of something of life changing importance: *drops everything and gives sam his phone number, email address, kik, facebook, skype, tumblr, twitter, instagram, msn messenger that hasnt been used since 2008, address with precise longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, daily schedule, amazon wishlist, pinterest wedding board, list of name ideas for his children and grandchildren,*
She Can’t Do This Again

@tinkbooklover said: Hey I have a prompt if you still are taking them. I was wondering if you could write something with Clarke. Like either a mother daughter or Marcus/Clarke talk about Kabby. Or both. Or like Clarke watching her mother fall in love over lots of scenes. Your choice. Just my thoughts.

I am SOOOOO sorry this is so late. Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes, guys! I hope this is okay. I love the idea of Clarke watching her mom fall in love. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I’ll write another one if it’s not good enough!!! ^_^

“Absolutely not.”

It’s what her mother had said upon hearing her daughter’s pleas to accompany them to the newfound swimming spot, courtesy of Octavia. It was a slow day around the camp, which was rare in itself, and Clarke wanted nothing more than for her mother to relax.

It wasn’t a white sand beach somewhere in the tropics like all of her Earth history books portrayed, but the water was just as beautiful, if not more.

In the end, all it takes is for Bellamy to convince Marcus, and for Marcus to literally drag her mother out from Medical.

“Did she put you up to this?” She hears her mother ask him as they pack up a few things and head out to hike an hour away from camp.

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And if I may be utter Doctor Mechanic trash for a moment:

Raven desperately clinging to Abby
Abby trying to comfort Raven
Abby calling Raven sweetheart


100 Drabble Challenge - Violent (Tom and Abby)

TITLE: Violent
AUTHOR: theothercourse
GENRE: Romance/Fluff (I think…  I’m not really sure) - was going for Comedy
FIC SUMMARY: Tom’s girlfriend, Abigail’s reaction to seeing him as Caius Marcius Coriolanus at the Donmar Warehouse.
RATING: Teen for innuendos and language
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss,In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better,Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order  Day 38 in the 100 Drabble Challenge Notes/reblogs/messages/comments are love - THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


‘Abby, where are you, darling? – T xx’

‘Drowning in a pitcher of overpriced sangria, but I’m starting to think it was worth the expense. – Abby xoxo’

‘Tell me where you are, baby. I’ll come to you. I’d like to go for a swim in that sangria – T xx’

‘Are you in one piece? – Abby xoxo’

‘Of course, baby. – T xx’

Abby sent a picture of the restaurant and address of where she was in Covent Garden, a quick walk from the theatre. Keith, security extraordinaire, offered to walk with me or drive me there to ensure that I wasn’t followed, which I summarily declined. I could be stealthy when I needed to be, and I fancied the walk. I pulled my hood over my head and adjusted my scarf to over my lips, kept my head bowed, my shoulders slouched for a quick walk to my girl and my nightcap.

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Forgiveness - Part One

Summary: Your live has changed drastically since you’ve moved back to Colorado. Things have changed you life, that you didn’t even expect. And then there was Dean, coming back into your life, just when you were able to forget about him as much as you could. This is the sequel to my Punch - Series. You should read it before you read this one.

Words: 1247

Pairing: eventual Dean x Reader

Originally posted by deangifsdaily

Warnings: none

A/N: So as many of you requested, here is the sequel to my Punch series. Just gonna warn you, don’t expect it to be super long as well, but I’m always open to hear suggestions on what could happen! I’ve tagged the people who wanted a sequel and weren’t on anonymous and I’m gonna tag the same people I tagged in my punch series. Feedback is appreciated!


Not a day Dean could get her out of his thoughts. Regret filled his thoughts. Pain. He never felt that way before. Never has he been heartbroken about something for so many years.

No matter how many times he tried to contact her, he never reached her. One time her father picked up his phone, but he told dean to leave her alone. To spare her the pain she has gone through. The pain he has caused.

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In other news, over 600,00 flights continue to take off and safely land this week and thousands of sheltered animals are being adopted. Scientists are also trying to find an efficient way to bring clean water to those in need. I don’t know —- I just find that very uplifting.

The 100 ramble (Ye Who Enter Here)

  Okay, guys that was a wild ride. I think during the hiatus and first two episodes I kind of forgot about the fact, that The 100 is a show that will only bring you pain and misery and kill everyone Bellamy you love. Well they remind me about that now.  This episode was so good I want to curl up in the corner and cry untill I die from dehydration. So let’s get it started.

1. #BellamyVoiceInTheOpeningAppreciation. Good show *pets JRothenberg on the head* good show.

2. This shouldn’t be surprise for anyone, but I’m not a big fan of Clarke and Lexa relationship (no matter in which way you see them) because I just don’t like it when people manipulate each other and they both did it,  so the opening scene between them was really meh for me especially bits like “I went on all that trouble to save you”, “I know you, Clarke it’s just easier to hate me than hate yourself”, “You would have done the same”. No, Lexa just no. At least not season 2 Clarke. Now I kind of hope she will pull something like this. But still better not. I don’t want Clarke to hate herself even more.

Also I’m not sure that throwing that Ice Nation embassadore  from the balcony was really smart desicion. I mean I kind of get that it was “No one mess with heda” message. But wasn’t it also the act of war? Or maybe Lexa and Queen Elsa (sorry, I’m to lazy to google Ice Nation Queen name) just go around killing people just to piss each other, but that’s okay because that’s their thing? Idk. On the one hand that moment get me like “Holly shit, Lexa, you still got it girl, still got it.”, but one the other hand… You see there is this one thing I really like in Lexa desicion in this episode, and let’s put aside all her feelings for Clarke, I know they played I huge role in that, but that’s not my point right now. Queen Elsa wanted kill Wanheda to get her power, Lexa wanted Wanheda to bow before her to show that she can conquer that power, that she had something in her that made even great Wanheda recognise her as a leader. If any of you are Teen Wolf fans you can draw paralells to True Alpha stuff. You know when you can attain the status  by strength of character instead of taking the status by killing another Alpha. Lexa obviously tried to played it that way and that was smart. But killing that dude not so much.

2. All the Kabby in that episode. Just yes. And honestly Kane is such a sweetheart, no wonder Abby is all “heart yeas mothfucker” at him. 

Abby: You should be chacellor this week.

Kane:No, you should be chancellor this week.

Abby [blushes]: I was chancellor last week and the week before, now it’s your turn. You’re so sweet and caring, people should see you as an example, there should be more people like you. Have you consider having kids? You know, so there could be more people like you. I could help you with that. Wanna go make babies?

Kane: Omg yes. But who’s gonna be the chancellor?

Abby: We should make elections, so people could choose.

Kane. Baby, you’re so smart. But no matter who’s gonna win we still gonna rule together, right?

Abby: Of course, power couple high five?

Kane: Power couple high five!

Could they be more ridiculously cute? Also who’s gonna tell them that if they arange real elections other people can take part too and even [gasps] win? What a wild though, right?

3. Indra is smiling, I repeat Indra is smiling! It’s almost like smiling Raven but more rare.

4. I honestly think I’m more into Gina than Bellamy is. Not that any of this even matter anymore. Ginnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sorry, we’re still not there yet. Let’s be happy for a moment and appreciate that cuteness between Raven and Gina. 

Girls, you are so great together. Why can’t we have them be friends or even more? why can’t Raven have someone nice? Was it necesarry to kill Gina? I really liked her. Why show, why?

5. Crossing fingers for some Clarke/ Roan bonding time. Am I smelling new brotp? Yes, yes I am.  Prince Roan of Azkeda and Princess Clarke from Arc. They could bitch to each other how hard it be royalty with mummy issues.

6. Blake siblings feels strikes again and it’s massive ouch. Can women who Bellamy love stopped leaving him, because they can’t stand to stay with Sky people? “If you need to leave you get that, but you always fit in with me”. 

Just kill me, would you please?

7. “Echo! Hey girl, it’s so nice to see you. Where have you been? What have you been up too? You came here to warn Sky people because you remember how Bellamy helped you and now you want to help too?” that was what I though when that horrible traitor started her act. Ugh, Echo, and I even liked you.

8.Lexa training little kids was really cute. You know, in some nice, paralell universe Bellamy, Lincoln and Lexa can open their own school where they teach kids how to fight and be bros, all three of them. Woudn’t that be nice, guys?

9. It was nice to see Sinclair again and you know what? Every persone who cares about Raven and want her to bee happy deserves world.

10. Honestly I lost it when I realise that dude was in Mount Weather. That was really scary and I wanted to cry from that moment till the end of the episode.

11. Gina my beautiful tropical fish did not deserve that shit. She did not deserve being that horribly stabbed and die suffering and coughing with blood. But you know what? Baby girl died like a hero, trying to save everyone, even knowing she’s already gone. That’s my girl. 

12. Was that the first time Bellamy and Lexa actually talked to each other onscreen? Because that was intense.

13. I wasn’t even hopping for some Bellarke interaction in this episode but here it is and I love it. I mean, obviously everything is horrible and Bellamy is so hurt and Clarke almost lose it when he tell her to come back home for her people (I might be reading way to much from this, because of course I’m biased, but have you seen her face before she said “I’m sorry”? she almost broke her mask and that didn’t even happened when she talked to Abby, only with Bellamy. This ship, I just can’t.) Things gonna hurt, my fellow bellarke shippers, but you now what? The next episode is written by  Dorothy Fortenberry. You might ask me who the hell is  Dorothy Fortenberry? I will tell you. That’s the women who gave us the gift of 2x09 “Remember me”. You know? That episode with “I can’t lose you too”, “I was being weak. Love is weakness.” That episode where they oficially confirmed  that Clarke loves Bellamy and at the same time riped our hearts and destroy them. Remember how fun that was? Yeah, I remember too. What I’m trying to say - next episode gonna hurt like a bitch but with this writer we can hope for some awesome Bellarke build up at the same time. So bring it on, the 100! I’ m ready.

P.S. I also checked and I saw that 3x05 is written by  Charlie Craig, who wrote 2x05  “Human Trials” (with epic Bellarke hug and that scene near fire where they stare at each other eyes and support each other) 2x11 “Coup de Grace” (the one when Calrke were freaking out and losing hope and giving up because Bellamy still didn’t communicate with them on the radio and when he finally did she made this face

and then was like “okay Bellamy is alive, life has meaning again, gonna save your asses, losers, babe have my back ”). and I’m not saying that there have to be some good Bellarke in 3x05 because of this, but there have to be some good Bellarke in 3x05.

Also Kira Snyder the writer of 3x06 has some small but really good and one of our favourite Bellarke moments in her episodes. Like this 

“Who we are and who we need to be to survive are very different things”

and this Unity Day flirting

and “i’m going by myself” -”you won’t be by yourself”

So I think good shipping things awaits for us in the future. Brace yourself, guys!

100 Drabble Challenge - Care (Tom and Abby)

CHAPTER NUMBER/ONE SHOT: one shot (Tom and Abby)
AUTHOR:  theothercourse
GENRE: Fluff/Comedy
FIC SUMMARY: Tom and Abigail have made their public debut as a couple at the Olivier Awards after two plus years of dating (Tattoo and Fashion). Abby gets caught up in the internet frenzy afterwards.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Based on the characters from Upstaged, In His Kiss,In Her Arms, Who Loves You, Baby?, The Road to Something Better,Regarding Abigail, Tom/Abby One Shots, All Tom/Abigail in chronological order Day 13 in the 100 Drabble Challenge

A/N 2: I swear Tabby smut next, this was getting too long. So I will hopefully get the next part up tomorrow before I leave.


Loki’s got a girlfriend – NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO

Tom Hiddleston had a date to the Oliviers. It looked serious.

Lucky bitch!

Who’s the cow with Tom Hiddleston?

Aw! She’s cute. I hope he’s happy.

I think that’s Abigail Morgan. She did a play with Tom a few years ago. I think with Ben, too.

She looks familiar. Who is she?

Tom Hiddleston brought a date, about freaking time.

She looks a right mess. What is he thinking?

Is that Tom Hiddleston’s girlfriend?

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antivancrcws  asked:

Heiress!Clarke hires BrokeActor!Bellamy to be her date to Thanksgiving and piss her parents off. (Pick fights with her dad, flirt with her mom, act drunk and propose, ect.)

Okay, I don’t know why tumblr doesn’t tell you when someone answers your ask but allvsonargents this is for you.

~                                             ~                                                  ~

“Listen, my mom can be kind of scary. Don’t let it get to you.” Clarke told her date as she rang the doorbell at her parents house. He wasn’t listening, too distracted by their surroundings. He had been like that ever since they arrived a few minutes ago, staring around like he’d never seen a garden before. Clarke could acknowledge that her house was a little bigger than most, well okay, a lot bigger, but she’d explained all of this in her e-mail.

“You did not grow up here.” Bellamy muttered, tugging on his tie. Glancing over at it, Clarke realized he’d managed to pull it crooked. Her hand automatically reached out to straighten it, that would drive her mom crazy, but then she stopped. Driving her parents crazy was the whole point of this night. They hadn’t stopped hounding her ever since she’d dropped out of med school to pursue her art. Phrases like ‘throwing away your future’ and ‘you’re too young to know what you want’ had been thrown around. That had not been a good night. Clarke hadn’t seen her parents much since then, she’d gotten her own place in the city and avoided their calls. She didn’t have much patience for their complete lack of support. 

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a thing I love: Kane calling Bellamy ‘son’ in that offhand way he does sometimes and also calling Indra ‘my friend’

like not only is it super cute but also it establishes him as someone who uses these sort of casual epithets without really realizing so what if he slipped up one day and called Abby ‘sweetheart’ or something like that I mean can u imagine