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Wait... Jinnie's a son of a CEO?????

well, yes!! at least so it seems!! here are my sources:

and also, by the pictures/videos of jjanggu that have been posted online, it was pretty obvious that his family was pretty well off? korean houses/apartments tend to be VERY small, but jjanggu has miles and miles of house to run around in lol

and remember this interview, when he said he had two bathrooms in his home and everybody was really shook?

BUT ANYWAY, the most important thing here isn’t that he comes from a wealthy family!!!

what really matters is that he has put his heart and soul into bangtan, that he’s worked hard for years and years to become a better singer, dancer, actor, and everything, and that even if he had a comfortable upbringing, he still chose to live with his brothers and go through the same things as them even when their future was uncertain and they were going through difficult moments….

he is a real, true prince that we don’t deserve, i rest my case


Somehow I think Rian was thinking about Rey and Kylo when he was saying this, don’t you? 😉

The best part is that after this the interviewer references Han Solo as the original “best” example of a morally gray character and Rian was probably just like “DUDE YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!” 😂

That’s also maybe why Rian called Kylo a “sweetheart”…he likes the “heart of gold” in those “intriguing” “gray area” characters… ☺️

Here’s the link to the YouTube video of the interview: https://youtu.be/kYK2vfxVgf4

history meme (french edition)  →  free choice: relationships (3/?) Georges Clemenceau & Claude Monet. 

In February 1900, Clemenceau managed to reach London along with Geffroy, where Monet had been working for the past two months, painting the Tower of London. This privilege was granted by Violet Maxse, lady Edward Cecil, only thanks to Clemenceau’s support. Things turned out pretty well, and Monet, amused, wrote “Clemenceau and Geffroy just left. It was lovely to see them at last, and even though they were always around, they almost not bothered me. J.-B. Duroselle, Clemenceau.