JC Chasez 30 Day Challenge - Day 18

All time favorite JC song (group and/ or solo)


Something Special: My obsession with this song goes beyond reason.

[Maybe the dirty lyrics are one of the many reasons]

Group: This I Promise You

[no dirty lyrics in this one  I am so proud of myself]

sweethaerts asked:

I agree with you, I feel like there was no reason to restart the comic book universe. The only comics I'm 100% okay with is Miss Marvel because I relate to her and it's finally proper representation.

Miss Marvel is so amazing it’s the best thing on Marvel right now. Everything about it is perfect. The relationship with her family and friends is my favorite aspects of the comics. 

Tagged by @starrwars, thank you! ♡ 

1) Spell your name with songs: 

mona lisa - big sean

afire love - ed sheeran

revival - selena gomez

in the night - the weeknd

another one bites the dust - queen

new romantics - taylor swift

all my love - major lazer (feat. ariana grande) 

2) Why did you choose your url? 

because i’ve loved tony stark and peter parker ever since i can remember 

3) What is your middle name? 

i don’t have one

4) If you could be any mythical creature what would you be? 


5) Favourite color? 


6) Song you like right now? 

i love you - little mix 

7) Top 4 Fandoms: 

this is a tough one, i’m not sure! however, the things that i obsess over the most in a regular basis are marvel and stephen king (i am very serious, his books mean the world to me) 

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