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Talk about the baby leafs or literally anything - I just like seeing you post stuff bc its always quality

ok firstly I want to address that
MITCHELL MARNER is most definitely not 6'0"
like, shut up look he looks smaller than Mat Barzal in that pic of them together and Mat is 6'0"
also do u ever notice how Mitch’s smile just makes everything 100% brighter bc it’s rlly sweet and good and it makes me happy like no stop?? who let you??

Auston Matthews tho, Auston M a t t h e w s. literal fashion icon (not the hats tho pls make that not a thing), his ripped jeans r hq and I appreciate his suits so much. Also I love how he like hardly smiles but when he does it gives me a heart attack.

Willy Nylander looks 14 and my mum wants to adopt him which I relate to. His thighs get me tho who did he kill for those #SweetGams.