This is a very special photo with absolutely zero editing because I just think it’s darling all on it’s own! I would like to thank Amelie from sweetfashionsl because I’ve never tried this look before and I surprised myself with just how adorable it is! I feel like a precious doll, Amelie, thank you <3 This is a sneaky preview of Hello Rabbit’s Minah Blossom skin with a shape I whipped up myself because I wanted to see if I could ;-) I absolutely have more photos and posts coming with this sweet face, count on it!

~The hair is [taketomi] Kurumi Kage01, the outfit is an ancient arcade gacha set that I just fell completely in love with..

Calling all Rabbits! :)

That is me in Minah Blossom Caramel skin. :D

So I know some of us already own the Minah Blossom skin from {Hello Rabbit!}. I’d like to propose a group shot some time this weekend! :D

It’ll be autumn themed, so either we go to an autumn sim or I’ll just whip up a quick autumny landscape/decor etc. We’ll see how it goes. Slap on your Minah Blossom skin and dress up in your autumn finest! :) 

I’ll be free from Thursday night (Thursday morning to most of you) but I’ll be bummed as hell because my Man will be away for another 4 weeks. So I’ll be spending that night eating crates of icecreams, lamenting my plight, sobbing into the dogs’ fur, cursing love…and whatnots. So..not a good inworld chatmate. LOL. But I shall be up and running the next day. 

Reblog, spread the word etc…and it’ll be helpful if you can let me know if you’re coming, so we can do a quick headcount and find a group pose. :D 


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  1. sweetfashionsl said: Oh shae what’s wrong?
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  3. xantheanneslife said: Nah. That’s just because we’re *puts on sunglasses* little angels. YEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH
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sweetfashionsl - nothing thankfully ;-) it was the last checkup after my eye surgeries from the summer and he says everything is perfect but the eye drops made my pupils huge and everything looked too bright and weird for hours after.. I hate those drops >_<

xantheanneslife - yeah, thaaaat’s it, angels ^-_-^