Calling all Rabbits! :)

That is me in Minah Blossom Caramel skin. :D

So I know some of us already own the Minah Blossom skin from {Hello Rabbit!}. I’d like to propose a group shot some time this weekend! :D

It’ll be autumn themed, so either we go to an autumn sim or I’ll just whip up a quick autumny landscape/decor etc. We’ll see how it goes. Slap on your Minah Blossom skin and dress up in your autumn finest! :) 

I’ll be free from Thursday night (Thursday morning to most of you) but I’ll be bummed as hell because my Man will be away for another 4 weeks. So I’ll be spending that night eating crates of icecreams, lamenting my plight, sobbing into the dogs’ fur, cursing love…and whatnots. So..not a good inworld chatmate. LOL. But I shall be up and running the next day. 

Reblog, spread the word etc…and it’ll be helpful if you can let me know if you’re coming, so we can do a quick headcount and find a group pose. :D