Sweetest Boyfriend Ever.

Ako na yata yan eh. Ewan ko ba sa sarili ko kung bakit napaka sweet ko, yung tipong biglang magiging cold tapos ayaw ko naman ng iniiwanan or binabaliwala ako. Pero attitude ko na talaga yan kapag dinadatnan ako ng pag ka moody ko, oh kala mo period noh. Di ako nagkakaroon nun gaga.

Tapos ang hilig ko pa magsabi ng letse, o kaya ng pota ka, o kaya ng wala kang kwenta, pero may kasunod naman na mwa yun kaya okay lang. Ang sweet ko diba, tapos minsan ayoko talaga siya kausap. Bait bait ko forever, okay lang yun, di ako iiwan neto, tiwala lang. Mwaaaa

My boyfriend is the sweetest!

So while I was working out (day 4 - 30DS), I suddenly got a text from my boyfriend, which was quite shocking cause he was at work and it wasn’t during his break lol so I opened it immediately! He said that we’re going out to dinner this evening, it was such a sweet text message, so I’m super duper happy and I can’t wait until he’s home♥

Sweetest boyfriend ever!

So this past week I’ve been under the weather and Ryan has been nothing but comforting and supportive. He is the best and sexiest (in my opinion) nurse I ever could’ve asked for.

Today for example, I’m currently working a 14 hour shift and I woke up feeling like super shit. He decided to pack a care package full of drugs and breakfast for me and brought it to me before he went to work. I also got a lovely massage and a super quick cuddle before he left me to go to work. Now I have to wait another good 8 hours before I’m with him again tonight.

Any of my other exes would have told me to feel better and carried on with their day… See the difference! Boy, Ryan has got me severely pampered!! Oh and I finally figured out what I’m getting him for our anniversary!


so i haven’t seen him in like a week because of my studies and his work and just.. uaifvilnaif. he came to my house on the morning, when i was on my university and he left on my bed this giant hand-made sing that just said ‘I LOVE YOU - JV’ (Josue Valderrama) but like inside the letters were pictures of us, and only me, and only him, and some of TAYLOR’S (these were with quotes of some lyrics that describe our love story <3 <3) and like ITS NOT EVEN A SPECIAL DATE FOR US.

pd. if you can, please help me let taylorswift know this. she is like the mentor of our relationship.

Chuck surprised me this morning before school with this beautiful creature! He completely restored it for me. It’s a raleigh, circa 1960’s.

This explains why he’s been so stressed over ‘school’ and why he’s had to go home early so often to 'sleep and do school work’ ie: work on this bike. He’s been sneakily working on it since January.

I definitely have the sweetest boyfriend ever. <3

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He’s the sweetest Boyfriend ever. He even Sent me a video of him singing his Cover of Superman by Joe Brooks. Sorry i had to upload the Mp3 version masyadong malaki yung video version. He even rented a studio to record? wow ha. :) I Love You, Yoon! :* if only you can read this para malaman mo kung gaano ako ka proud sa'yo. :)