sweetest snow


holy guacamole we were bombarded with snow today (~10inches) and because we live on the lake we get “lake effect” snow tonight which is going to be between 2-5 more inches! we’ve been doing lots of renovations/work on our home and so we were able to stay nice and cozy inside our beautiful snow globe today :) meanwhile conner was pretty upset we wouldn’t let him outside with his new birthday toy! 

Don’t imagine Chloe finding a song that Beca wrote and thinking it was for her; in reality, Beca wrote it in a drunken state for chicken nuggets and doesn’t have enough heart to tell Chloe the truth


“I broke my ankle just before we started the third season. I was- I was an idiot. I was trying to climb in… I think I’ve got a complex about being some kind of, like, medieval hero and I was a bit drunk one night coming home. I left my keys inside my flat so I tried to climb in through my second floor window… came back down with a break.”

“Baz is fine,” Agatha insisted as I climbed out.

“He’s not fine! We just found out that he was in a coffin for six weeks.”


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

“He shouldn’t be alone right now.”

Translation: My boyfriend was imprisoned and traumatized in a coffin for 6 weeks and I need to go back and touch him and hug him and kiss him and make sure he’s real and safe……