sweetest snow

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You honestly remind me of snow white so much. Not because of the nonsensical stuff about being girly and whatnot but because of your wonderful innocence and ability to be beautiful even in the darkest of times. You're crazy talented and the fairest of them all my dear

Oh my gosh????? This is not at all what I was expecting but I am incredibly flattered and definitely blushing at your kind words!! Thank you, sweetheart!! <3

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***Which Disney character would you compare me to?***

Only, lonely and 2 + the newest HUMAN

This desolation’s certain, in repentance, in red,
The sweetest something and snow-coated paint,
Coded came the name of, “progeny,”
And should a nose never lie.

The morning, the ice, becomes a canvas conglomerate “we” –
“Us,” – and a sweat, three tears or two summing blood,
Adventures ‘top treasure’s tease,
Our prior prerequisites, inscribed upon backs,
Soon followed suns, a son? Our survival, soon forfeit?

So to, the ghostly arrive, atop peeking tomb,
As pale memories flaunt headboards, “KNOCK-KNOCK!”
Orbit stars to SLAM! Making something from never. BANG!

Our newer specter, amidst a robin’s dwelling,
Chasing, “born,” nested the embedded, the two.
The “we”, the “he”, the “she,” this, them, that,
The “who,” who create mourning born seldom night.

It’s wanderlust in a wish to be spirited away,
And tequila’s but a lesson in learning to fly.

So we soar, parallel the bathing with an unfamiliar tomorrow,
Scrubbed be the hours prior, a premium, for purchased torment,
And thirst shared earliest loin –

Thrust, the  principle, veracity, falling flakes, biology
And far from any mundane reality, the withered,
Or painters of mediocrity’d ever discover.

It’s another “unending,” un-mending, another if never intended,
Our phantom with sooner the name and pleased when
Smile’s actually come the morning and disaster,
That could have been, creations nonetheless.

And perhaps it was because we never were painters,
Only writers, scribes a’muse skin to begin with,
But above all, two digits and a sum trying to
Pretend; call it playing, “god;”

Call it our newest Genesis or deepest desire, to eat apples,
To know wrong in the midst of designing something right,
A newly minted “fusion” atop an oddly old meltdown,
Only human, with altruistic intentions on lips,
And within hearts come 8:00 AM;
As glorious a vision ever’d be.

     - L.C.

Don’t imagine Chloe finding a song that Beca wrote and thinking it was for her; in reality, Beca wrote it in a drunken state for chicken nuggets and doesn’t have enough heart to tell Chloe the truth


“I broke my ankle just before we started the third season. I was- I was an idiot. I was trying to climb in… I think I’ve got a complex about being some kind of, like, medieval hero and I was a bit drunk one night coming home. I left my keys inside my flat so I tried to climb in through my second floor window… came back down with a break.”

“Baz is fine,” Agatha insisted as I climbed out.

“He’s not fine! We just found out that he was in a coffin for six weeks.”


Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

“He shouldn’t be alone right now.”

Translation: My boyfriend was imprisoned and traumatized in a coffin for 6 weeks and I need to go back and touch him and hug him and kiss him and make sure he’s real and safe……