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Stranger Things appreciation week // day six » favorite scene

El are you okay? 

I can’t get over Bellamy being comfortable enough to just fall asleep on the couch there with her. And Clarke watching over him like that. That was the sweetest scene ever and I’ll never get over it. 


im still crying over “i love you more than anyone” and liv’s little teary smile bc she’s literally always felt like she wasnt loved enough. sandra let her own issues get in the way of taking care of liv and gordon was an evil abuser that only used her to get at aaron. aaron’s probably the first person to tell her something like that and it. just means so much to her that aaron chose to take her in and enjoys having her there and him frequently reminding her of that and promising to be a better caregiver….its what she deserves

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Fanfic Recommendations

Jotaro/ Kakyoin Edition

Love Letters from Jotaro by yaranaikakyoin 

A fic that manages to hit that perfect balance between staying true to Jotaro’s charterization and making him act like a human being that’s capable of falling in love. The problems in the story feel very real and develop naturally from Jotaro and Kakyoin’s personalities, and the conclusion is very satisfying.

Lost In Emotion and In Any Other World by etymologyplayground 

If you want to see Jotaro get roasted by the entire Stardust Crusaders Squad, this is the series for you. Every chapter is genuinely sweet and funny, and the sequel even contains a Rohan who is sympathetic while still being the psychopathic asshole we know and love. 

Creep by Gilberts

Short, but incredibly funny. Really captures the incredible weirdness that bystanders at Jotaro’s school must experience.

Unfold by  Missing_Intestines_18

Are you in the mood for some good old-fashioned tragedy? Features a very realistic, well-characterized Jotaro who acts and reacts like you’d expect from a teenager whose mother is dying. 

Let the Good Times Roll by Nevermordor

A cute and fun Jotaro and Kakyoin get together and fall in love story that really shines in the characterization of the other stardust crusaders. In a lesser author’s hands, Kakyoin and Jotaro playing strip poker would be really obnoxious, but her Joseph does a great job of carrying on drunken shenanigans.

Kiss With A fist by Nevermordor

I personally live for Jotaro and Kakyoin being shitty teenagers, and this delivers in spades. Tired of bad Kakyoin characterizations that remove all of his backbone? This is the cure to your malaise. 

Crossed Wires by @tastewithouttalent

THE romance novel Jotaro/Kakyoin adaptation, bar none. Jotaro and Kakyoin are so sweet it verges on out of character, but it doesn’t matter. This isn’t a fic to be read for action- it’s a fic filled with the kind of grade-A pining and perfect romantic resolution that will leave you weak in the knees. Contains maybe the sweetest sex scene I’ve ever read.

All fics on this list are completed, and most are on the longer, plottier side. If other people have recs in a similar vein, I’d love to see what other people are reading. 

What’s your favorite Jotakak fic?


Please don’t let anything happen to him.

The ML fandom’s favourite love square moments


The Umbrella Scene (Yes this thing is capitalized because IT IS THE UMBRELLA SCENE WHAT DID YOU EXPECT)

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The near-kiss in the Horrificator (SO CLOSE EEK)

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The Dark Cupid Kiss (Again, capitalized JUST BECAUSE)

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The door scene thing (SWEETEST. THING. EVER. Btw is it called the door scene or what?)

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The Evillustrator meeting thing (Cause, duh, Princess)

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The Gamer thing (CUTE AF)

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The Eye Contact during the Mime (Eye Contact is capitalized because the fandom gets sooo excited over this eek)

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me while reading chapter 45 of ToD

Have I been waiting too long? Only three years…

Quick thoughts:

- It’s a bit smaller but thicker than I thought.

- The edges are sharp, I almost cut myself.

- The colors look so vibrant on paper, it’s definitely way better than any digital version you’ve seen, the art is gorgeous on print.

- It smells great.

Seriously though, it’s so good!  This is definitely worth your money! (regardless of the fact that I would have bought anything with Korra’s name on it)

Final spoiler thoughts under the cut:

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i’m gonna say this again: i love that sana x yousef have so many parallels to isak x even, because damn isak x even had lots of angst and heartbreak but they had also the sweetest scenes ever and some of the most amazing scenes i’ve ever seen, and well….they are now living together and making out in empty classrooms so… yeah. It’s just means that all the heartbreak that is coming in the future clips, because there is gonna be heartbreak, is just going to end with them being stronger than ever and happy together. and maybe i’m reaching and maybe these parallels mean nothing, maybe they are just parallels, butl et me have this. please let sana and yousef be happy together. .


Old but Gold…

Let’s pretend Culloden never happened, they are at home, in Scotland…and our lovely brand new parents are expecting our adorable little Faith, or Brianna. And they’ll live happily ever after with their 12 children.

The end

I’m not crying 💔💔💔
This is probably the sweetest scene EVER, I want to hug them so badly, it hurts